ERSP: Offline verification for CompanionLink 4.0

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[AB45039] In CompanionLink 4.0, build 4040 we released a verification option for individuals who are unable to connect to our registration server because of firewall, proxy or other internet security measure.

If you are using CompanionLink 4.0 with a build lower than 4040, please update to B4040 or higher from here:

With the new system, when you attempt to register you will receive a message prompting you to enter a keycode. If this message does not appear, disconnect your PC Network entirely (unhook the network cable). Then go to Verify. It should now display the offline registration screen.

Please take note of the Computer ID number that is displayed. Connect your PC back to the internet or go to another computer that is connected and navigate to the website below:

On this page please enter your registration information as well as the Computer ID you noted earlier. Select to Request Keycode. A keycode will be sent to your email. On the computer you are attempting to register enter the keycode you received and select Ok.

For more information and an image based troubleshooting guide please visit the website below: