Tech Upgrades to Modernize Your Business

Staying up to date is hugely important no matter what industry you are in as this allows you to stay competitive, streamline your business and satisfy the changing needs and expectations of your target customers. Those that fail to modernize will inevitably get left behind, but it can also be hard to stay current when there are so many developments and trends changing in every industry. Technology is one of the most effective ways to stay current, especially in a time when many astonishing developments have taken place in the tech industry. With this in mind, here are a few tech upgrades to make that will help to modernize your business.


First, you need to make sure that you are current when it comes to cybersecurity. It is unfortunate, but this is an enormous and growing problem that affects businesses of all sizes and in all industries so you need to make sure that you have the best possible protection in place with antivirus software, a VPN, firewall, password managers and other cybersecurity solutions.

Remote Working Tech and Tools

Remote work was steadily becoming more common prior to the pandemic, but is now considered the new normal with many businesses planning to stick with remote work even once the pandemic is over as it can bring many perks for all. In order to take advantage of these benefits, a business needs to have the best remote work technology and tools available, including screen sharing software, video call software and anything else that will help to make remote work easier for staff.

Cloud Migration

Cloud computing can bring a wide range of benefits to a modern-day business, including reduced IT costs, access to virtually limitless computer resources, easier collaboration remotely and reduced IT maintenance. So, it is easy to see why so many businesses are migrating to the cloud. What is cloud migration? This is the process of moving your digital assets from old infrastructure to cloud infrastructure and it is an important way to modernize that could transform your business and improve daily operations.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a type of tech that is becoming widespread and is no longer just seen as a futuristic type of technology in sci-fi movies. One of the best aspects of AI is that it can be used in so many ways, so getting to grips with this technology can help your business greatly and allow you to improve many areas. A few of the best uses of this type of tech include:

  • Data analysis
  • Process automation
  • Chatbots
  • Streamlining logistics
  • Predicting behavior
  • Improving marketing

Any business looking to modernize and stay current should consider these tech upgrades. Technology is one of the most effective ways to modernize a business and can help firms to succeed in several different ways, but it can also be challenging to keep up to date when there are so many impressive developments constantly being made. Starting with these will make a big difference and help your company to stay current.

How To Be Effective In Managing Your Expenses While You’re Out Traveling

When you are traveling, your whole routine gets disrupted – It can be difficult to stay organized. Although many of us associate traveling with taking time off, going on holiday and enjoying ourselves, others are required to travel constantly as part of their jobs.

When you travel as part of your work, you may be required to pay for everything yourself and keep track of your expenses so that you can claim your money from the company at a later date. This can be a headache considering that you are doing your job that has required you to travel, and also have to keep note of everything you spend your money on, not only to ensure that you can receive it back, but also making sure that you do not spend more than you should. In this article, we will advise you of how to be effective in managing your expenses while you’re out traveling, by keeping track of where the money goes and also by ensuring the amount spent remains as low as possible.

Understand Your Company’s Expense Policies

If your job requires you to travel often, whether you work for a company or are self-employed, you will have to submit expenses that are associated with the job that you do. It is crucial that you understand your company’s policies around expenses and reimbursement when you travel. Although this may sound like an obvious tip, not everyone knows exactly what type of expenses the company will cover and what the process of claiming your expenses entails, particularly if this is a new job for you. This is essential if you want to increase your efficiency and ability to manage your expenses while you’re traveling.

Keep All Evidence

You cannot forget that most companies will require evidence to go with the expenses claim submission to prove that you have indeed made that payment and that it was necessary as part of your time away for work. This evidence comes in the form of receipts, itineraries and invoices. Always ensure to keep all of these documents as well as make notes of where you spend the money and how much. This may seem a difficult chore at first, but it will quickly develop into a habit that will significantly improve how efficient you are at managing your expenses.

Put Evidence into Different Categories

We have discussed the importance of keeping your receipts safe. No matter how long you are away for, it is very likely you will have many different receipts for a diverse range of categories. It is a good idea to have different folders or envelopes, where you can keep all your receipts, invoices and any other evidence separate. This will make a significant difference when managing your expenses.

Get an Expenses Tracking App

Keeping track of your expenses is not an easy task when you are away. The experts behind Keeper Tax suggest using a mobile expense tracking software so that all the information is kept safe and in one place. This will make it much easier to manage all expenses and to submit the claim to your employer. Most of these apps even enable you to add the receipts and evidence of expenses so that it is less work for you.

Submit Your Report ASAP

Doing the expense report can be overwhelming, particularly when you are not organized to begin with. For this reason, many people end up losing money due a poorly written expense report or they simply find it easier to lose the money completely rather than submitting an expenses claim at all. This is why it is so necessary that you are organized from day one at managing your expenses, as it will ensure that you can submit this as soon as possible. You do not have to aim to have it done on the same day but at least within 48 hours.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important tips when managing your expenses, is to be organized and to plan ahead as much as you possibly can. This cannot be stressed enough. If you know that you will be away, make sure that you have an app where you can input your expense and keep track of these, ensure that you remember to get evidence with every expense, and that you separate them as we discussed above. The better prepared you are, the more efficient you will be when managing your expenses.

Managing your expenses can be demanding when you are away. When it comes to money, companies often want to ensure that they are not being tricked and that the expense made was essential. Make sure to follow some of the tips above, which will hopefully support you to effectively manage your expenses while you’re out traveling.

What Can You Do With a Self Directed IRA?

The prevailing belief towards getting wealthy and accumulating strong self-worth is through hard work. While this may be true to an extent, the real way to build wealth is by creating multiple streams of income and earnings. Investing is one of the quickest ways to start setting your future self up for bigger gains and a better life.

How exactly do you start investing? Well, one of the safest options around is a Roth IRA, which works as a retirement account of sorts, but obviously, it is a little more complicated than that. There are also self-directed IRAs that have their own unique advantages, and here are some of the things you can do with a self-directed IRA.

More Portfolio Diversification 

Investing in many different retirement plans or other investing portfolios limits you to a select few assets. Common ones include mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds. While these are usually safe and proven ways to help build your money, there are so many more options out there to focus only on these few. Being able to diversify your portfolio with rare Earth metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum), REITs, land trusts, start-ups, equity, and emerging assets like cryptocurrencies helps create a much broader and potentially more lucrative long term investing. Self-directed allows you more freedom to choose what to invest in.

More Control Over Investing

Just like you have more control over how to diversify your portfolio, you can expect to be able to grow your knowledge of investing and financial literacy regarding assets as you continue to grow your self-directed IRA. Learning the basics is always important for opening a Roth IRA, but you also need to understand that you have to do it yourself eventually. Financial advisors are great at what they do, but the information is out there, and learning while you invest is always an option that is available.

As a word of caution, investing is not a game, and people can lose a lot of their money when they take risks that are emotionally driven instead of backed by knowledge. It can be incredibly hard to build wealth when you are investing without knowledge, so self-directed lets you have more control over what you do and how you learn, but it does not mean your investments will always go up.

Long Term Wealth Planning

Back to the beginning, making your money solely through income will be able to sustain you, but it will never get you rich unless you are earning a doctor’s salary, so for that, you need to invest. The same applies to building wealth that you can pass down. Generational wealth, as it is called, is lost after just two generations because there is no educating the youth of a family on the power of things like compound interest. Being able to set up your grandchildren one day with a strong portfolio of investments should be something to consider now while you have the time, or at least pass it down to your own children eventually.

Building generational wealth can be done with other types of investing accounts, but a self-directed IRA has an interesting benefit. There is a provision that allows the tax-free gains from the IRA to be passed down, which helps set up your beneficiary with the growth you made. Over a long period of time, the right assets can lead to the planning that helps a family become sustainable and self-dependent with their money.

Better Protection of Assets

It is somewhat of an oxymoron to say that a self-directed IRA provides better protection for your assets, but there is a reason to make that claim. While you are in charge of your investments and there is no hand-holding from a financial advisor or brokerage firm to help you, you are able to move around your assets to protect from downturns much easier than some other types of accounts.

During an economic downturn, your stocks may be stuck losing value, and selling them would be a bad way to reposition yourself. With a self-directed IRA, having a diverse portfolio that allows you to shift your assets around provides some extra protection against volatility. Of course, it requires savvy investments in the first place, but having multiple exit strategies is better than being funneled into net losses for your assets.

Using a self-directed IRA is not for everyone, but it does allow you to do some interesting things with your investments to grow your wealth and your future generation’s wealth. Now that you know some of the things you can do with a self-directed IRA, you can make a better choice on what type of investing account to choose.

Should you Buy the New iPhone 12 or Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S21?

With the recent release of the new Apple iPhone 12, many personal tech connoisseurs are wondering if this year might be the year to actually wait on their new iPhone purchase, in favor of the Samsung release in several months. 

Just released in October, the iPhone 12 is a spectacular device. The Samsung S21 has a (possible) January 2021 launch date, rather than mid-February as is usually the norm and promises to be beyond even what we’ve come to expect from Samsung.

Apple users and Android users tend to belong to loyalist tribal camps, making it difficult for users to change devices after years in one tribe — but, could this be the year? The year 2020 has thrown everything else upside down, so why not your phone preference too?

Let’s take a look at the specs of both and see if the S21 is worth waiting for.


It looks like the S21 Ultra will have a display between 6.7 and 6.9 inches, and will measure 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm (10.8mm if you include the extra camera bump), making it slightly smaller than the S20 Ultra before it.

When it comes to valuable screen real estate, the iPhone 12 Pro has 6.1 inches, falling slightly behind the Galaxy S20 and far behind the sew S21 model. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 is also outstripped by Samsung’s unbelievable 120Hz screen refresh rate, giving the Galaxy S20 (and presumably the S21) a super smooth visual experience.

You can test the quality of the new screens by playing the vibrantly-colored casino games and your other favorite mobile games too. It’s a good idea to try each out for yourself but if I had to bet, I’d put my money on the S21 being the superior mobile gaming phone for sure. 


For the amateur photographers and selfie-lovers out there, the camera specs of both phones are probably not going to be different enough to sway you one way or another. The iPhone 12 and S20 (previous model) were so darn close that they’re pretty much matched for quality.

The Samsung S21 Ultra has a rectangular camera array to accommodate four camera lenses. The Ultra also has a larger camera bump, presumably to provide space for the increased hardware. This makes sense since there have been rumors among the leaked images that the S21 will possibly offer two optical zoom lenses, offering 3x (S21) and 10x (Ultra) zoom.

The Secret Weapon

Samsung has just announced a major breakthrough in the development of RAM for mobile devices, and it could make it into the Galaxy S21 due out in the early part of next year faster than any of its contemporaries.

The company says it’s begun the mass production of its new 10-nanometer 16GB LPDDR5 RAM chips, built using a new technique called extreme ultraviolet technology. According to Samsung, these new chips are so fast that they can transfer 51GB of data in as little as one second. Incredible.

Historically, despite less RAM, iPhones have outperformed Samsung smartphones, even with 4GB or less. The new iPhone 12s are anticipated to have to feature 4GB of RAM and the iPhone 12 Pro models are rumored to be equipped with 6GB of RAM. This new ultraviolet technology might be what finally pushes Samsung over the top and changes the equation.

Naturally, you can expect to see this kind of technology in rival smartphone makers popping up in the near future but for now, it appears to be the secret weapon that Samsung has in store for its January product launch. 

Overall Design

These two phones are excellent pieces of hardware and will do everything (and more) that you might need a phone to do. The easiest way to decide which route to go is to compare the two side-by-side with the most popular data points. 

  • The Samsung S21 has a larger screen size than the iPhone 12.
  • The cameras on both devices are comparable (although the S21 Ultra might have some tricks up its sleeve).
  • The RAM on the Samsung S21 is more than double what the iPhone 12 offers.
  • The Samsung S21 offers incredible 120Hz screen refresh, far above the iPhone 12.
  • The prices of both devices are very similar, even as you scale up in storage, features, etc.

It definitely looks like the Samsung S21 is a winner, although it hasn’t yet been released and there could be some kinks that still need to be worked out.

The Verdict

Buying a new smartphone has become a very personal endeavor. We carry these devices with us everywhere, we stare at them for hours each day, and some of us even have minor panic attacks when we think we’ve misplaced them. Smartphones are almost another limb for some of us. 

That’s why the decision of which phone to get has to be left up to personal preference and based on the specs that are important to you. If January 2121 seems too far away to wait and you need the new iPhone now, however, you should definitely keep the S21 on your radar for next year’s upgrade. 

Top 5 Online Businesses You Can Create

If you ever wanted to start your online business, this is the time to do it. We live in strange times, with this epidemic forcing us to adapt and shift our businesses away from traditional models. Even gigantic corporations are announcing that after this lockdown is over, most of their employees will continue working from their homes. Small or medium firms are having the hardest time so everybody is starting to change their way of thinking by joining the online business community.

For those who are just starting their businesses, or contemplate on fulfilling their online business idea, here are some trends you may choose to follow.

1. It’s A Good Time To Be A Freelancer

There is nothing like being an independent entrepreneur who works at his own pace. Whether one wishes to start a blog or provide graphic design services, being your own boss is the best way of doing business. One must understand that there is some huge competition among freelancers these days, no matter what kind of skills one possesses. This is especially true today when everybody seems eager to move every business idea online.

Let that be a reminder to choose your field carefully and organize your business like you are running some private brand of sorts. Whether you offer products and services, your reputation is your biggest asset. Creating a great-looking personal website is a good place to start. Here, one can list a portfolio of his accomplishments and show his skills to the rest of the world.

2. Go Viral Or Go Home

As social media is taking over our traditional ways of communicating, many folks figured how they can accelerate their revenue stream with these channels. Quality content attracts millions of viewers who in turn generate a lot of cash for those able to produce such content. This is a unique opportunity for all creative minds to cash in their original ideas by literally making their imagination profitable. 

Cooking channels or DIY videos are old news, as there are hundreds of those rising like mushrooms after heavy rain. Distinguishing yourself is the name of this game, so crash courses, craftsmanship videos, or animated short clips are taking over this market. Places like YouTube are no longer sites where people post their funny cat videos, but the viral core that can make your online business flourish. 

3. Online Business Ventures

We can testify that mobile gaming is taking over, especially these days when social distancing is ruining a traditional casino experience. The best mobile casinos might be hard to find, but thanks to our detailed reviews, you will be playing your favorite games before you know it. Online gaming sites are the fastest growing business in the world and knowing how to pick the right ones will save every player a lot of hustle. 

Opening an online store is a different story than an online casino, but the principle is the same. Making one’s business visible and providing quality service is a priority. When selling a product online, it doesn’t have to be your product at all. One only has to make his website popular, and by attracting a lot of online traffic, he can take advantage of affiliate marketing deals. Successful companies will be more than happy by making you their representative.

4. Become An IT Expert

All that computing or coding must be maintained somehow by expert professionals. If you are more interested in what makes a website than owning one, maybe a career in IT is what you are looking for. One who wants to start a blog needs a top-notch website, but the one who knows how to make one is running this game. This sector offers unlimited opportunities for those captivated by a world of coding and programming. 

One can learn these basic skills almost for free, as there are numerous sites that offer free or premium content available. Once you excel, make these skills profitable by becoming a freelancer or an online lecturer yourself. You will be surprised how information spreads quickly, and how easily one can cash in his knowledge. 

5. Communication Is An Essential Skill 

This may surprise you, but most of the folks outside Europe or America do not see English as a universal language. In reality, most people in Asia do not speak English at all. This creates a great vacuum plus a demand for online teachers. One does not have to be an academic professor, he just needs to speak any language fluently and have that ability to pass his knowledge. 

We are trying to say that one does not have to be a programming expert, but possessing some basic skills can be enough if those skills are in demand. One can turn an online business idea into a success with ease if he put some work into it. Teaching some language, giving dating tips, or making a traveling blog may be your thing as long as you excel in it.

The world of online businesses leaves much more to be explored, and creative ideas are flourishing every day in this global community. Who knows what can we expect with an introduction of virtual reality or quantum computers? What is important is that we are continually evolving in this field, thus spreading knowledge or information across our globe. It will not be so hard for an eager, young entrepreneur like you to find his place in this exciting new world.

How Internet Services Replaced Traditional Entertainment

With the advent of technology, it is important that we understand why people and their interests are already shifting to the web as their near-exclusive form of entertainment. It is certainly one of the best innovations that have been discovered in recent years.

Part One: The Reasons


If you have Internet, you would not need a bulky television set or physically go to an entertainment center or a Las Vegas casino to pass the time. With the Internet at our disposal, we can just sit in front of our computers and spend hours watching our favorite movies and television shows or even playing our favorite card games.

The Growing Demand

This holds true with the emergence of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. They even show no signs of stopping there. Most of the major television networks have already started developing their own streaming platforms to keep up with the competition. They have begun to recognize the appeal of online streaming vs. network television.

The Health Crisis

Also, in today’s pandemic-ridden world, nobody is allowed to go out of the house for the time being. This is why people have started to adapt and watch movies and TV shows online. It has been proven to be much more convenient and cheaper to do so.

Part Two: Answering the Ultimate Question

The question is, how have we reached this point? Is it a good or a bad thing?

The answer lies in the reasons behind why we watch programs and where we watch them. Do we watch programs online because we want to be entertained? Or do we watch it because we want to escape our reality?

Once we find the answers to these questions, then we can figure out whether we’re doing is a good a bad thing. The same thing applies to casino gaming online. We need to ask ourselves if we are doing this just to get entertained and pass the time or if we’re doing it to escape our current reality.

The Role of Social Media Promotion and Ease of Access

In social media, we see a lot of advertising materials that point to two various streaming platforms as a form of entertainment. This is advantageous because you wouldn’t have to look beyond your favorite Facebook or Twitter page just to get information on the streaming sites. There also are free visual content websites that you can explore for sure.

This is why monthly subscriptions are not an issue for some people. You can just easily download free content like your favorite movies and have a field day watching it over and over again.

Online Casinos: The Main Difference

However, finding the best online casino is really a big problem nowadays. It is best to read online casino review to make the right choice. If you want to participate in an online casino game, you would have to make an initial deposit. This is what sets streaming services apart from online gambling sites. They cater to a lot more individuals from various age groups. It also allows individuals to find online review content that would be pandering to their own tastes without having to deal with legal repercussions down the line.

If you want to find out more about these different types of casinos including real money casinos, why don’t you try and search for CasinoCanadaReviews online review. On this website, you can find all the information you need regarding the best online gambling sites that you can find on the web.

One advantage that you can get from playing online casino games vs. online streaming as a form of entertainment is that you will be able to win real money if you decide to go with the former as your source of entertainment.

This is why many adult players tend to go with gambling as their source of distraction. They will not only pass the time, they will also have the chance of winning a huge amount of cash as well. It is that only something that is worth thinking about especially if you’re strapped for cash.

So it’s a matter of finding your motivation for watching online streaming sites and playing online gambling games. Once you’re able to find your reason for doing it, you will certainly not have difficulty enjoying what you’re trying to do. You may even end up influencing others to join you when it comes to watching Netflix or watching your favorite movie on Apple TV.

Similarly, you will not have difficulty finding someone to play with in an online casino. All you have to do is make sure that you log in and everything else will follow for sure. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a shot. You will not go wrong with any of these entertainment platforms for sure. In fact, both are highly recommended.

The Conclusion

These are just some of the reasons why people choose to stay at home and engage in online entertainment. It is far more convenient and easy to do. You wouldn’t even have to pay for expensive internet services just to get entertained. It is extremely affordable and enjoyable at the same time.

Try it now and you will see what I really mean.

Why Monitoring The News Helps You Trade Stocks Better

The negative connotation that people have with TV and news is not unfounded. There is a lot of misinformation, propaganda, and ‘empty calorie’ content that’s constantly being introduced to watchers. But amongst all this, there are still things that are worth watching the news for. Taking things a notch further and predicting how the stocks will turn out is the sign of a successful trader. Watching things randomly on the TV is not going to be helpful, which is why accurate monitoring is required. We’ll be mentioning a few reasons that make monitoring the news a key player in improving your stocks trading game.

Understanding the News Effect on Wall Street

News isn’t just used for understanding the new trends in a market, but it can be used as an indicator that can actually sway public opinion more than many people think. If stock traders have been expecting a considerable rise in the stocks of a certain company then a rise has been reported, there are two scenarios that are expected to happen. The first one is if the stocks have risen but not to the level that the market was expecting, which will actually cause the stock price to drop a little bit, and traders may wait for its price to reach a lower level before purchasing again. If it has risen to a level that pleased the traders, it may continue rising as investors start purchasing its stocks. News can help traders in picking certain stocks, but they are not the final indicator that should be used to make the final decision. Picking good companies and sticking with them is a good strategy when a trader has faith in the stock they’ve chosen.

Using the Anticipation to Your Favor

Professional traders not only monitor the news, but they try to anticipate them as accurately as possible. Since news outlets use known financial sources in the market, it is possible to stay ahead of other traders who always wait for the news to know what to do. You can use government reports, such as those released by the Bureau of Labor and the US Census Bureau. This process can take some time because you will need to be able to anticipate the news by watching a lot of them and tracing them to their sources. It is much easier to use software that is specifically optimized to help you stay on top of the news. Reviewers of Bezinga Pro swear by the useful tools that most types of traders can make use of on these kinds of platforms. You can utilize software to bring you news from the very same sources that the biggest financial outlets use.

The Impact of Good News and Bad News

The negative news is always an indicator that investors or traders will start selling their stocks before it reaches a non-profitable price for them. Similar to a sinking ship, people gradually start jumping off it unless it is finally miraculously afloat. Stocks aren’t necessarily sinking ships because it’s possible for a stock to easily make a comeback, but plunging down is usually followed by an unfavorable explanation and it’s more than enough for traders to stay away from it. Whether it’s a bad earnings report, a scandal, a shift in the executive hierarchy, political implications, or similar events that translate to potential uncertainty, they can cause a serious decrease in the price of stocks.

Positive news is often a good indicator of a company’s stocks. While it doesn’t always have to mean that the stock price is going to instantly rise, it can indicate good potential in the upcoming days. Individuals are going to hold on to their stocks and new traders will take up interest by purchasing stocks.

Knowing When Bad News is Good News

Good traders know not only the difference between good news and bad news but also when they aren’t being as straightforward as they seem. As a trader, your good news is probably the bad news of other traders. A hurricane can cause a sharp decline in the price of utility stocks, in addition to insurance stocks as well. On the other hand, home improvement and repair services stocks are going to rise for a while. You need to be able to know how to read between the lines to see which stocks are going to rise and which are going to fall instead.

Successful investors are constantly monitoring the news of the world and different industries to gain insight into the right stocks that they can invest in or trade. There is no doubt that this stage comes after being able to read the market carefully and accurately. Give yourself some time to understand the market to be able to analyze the news and use it to your favor.

16 Best Movie Maker and Editor Mobile Apps

Making movies and videos on your phone saves a lot of time. If you are an influencer who loves to travel while uploading content on the road, you will always look for a perfect video maker for your phone. With an increasing number of features, smartphones can create some fantastic videos. 

Graphic design and videos are the best way to convey information to even the laziest of audiences. They need something simple and creative to help them understand whatever the subject is talking about.  Be it your vlog or a simple video of the dance, make use of editing applications  to get the best results. In the section below, you will discover 16 best movie-maker apps for your mobile phone –

1) Film Maker Pro

This app is free, and it lets you cut, trim, edit and makes whatever video clip in your phone. Some various features and effects will help you convert the videos into Hollywood style tones and editing. It features an audio splitter, editor and mixer to give you all the advanced features too.

2) Videocreek

Looking for a tool that has everything you need to edit your videos? Well, here is something that includes from effects for your video clips to in-built music library of up to 1300 audios. It also features a library of templates to create unique intros and outro for your YouTube videos.

3) FilmoraGo

If you have been editing on the computer, there are chances that you might’ve used the same software. Well, congratulations as now you can use it on your mobile phone today. It is packed with the same features to help you cut, crop, merge clips with unique effects to make your videos look much more relaxed.

4) Movavi

The application is best used for an iPhone or iPad user as it has wholesome features for that. You can change the speed, length, and flow of a video clip easily with it. It also allows you to add effect work on any of the clips separately. You can add transitions, change colours, add music, and various other advanced features.

5) Video Editor 

This tool is packed with the best voice adjustment feature and also includes insider tools to merge videos with perfection. There are over 80 filters for videos to add a new vibe to all your videos. You can easily trim and combine all your clips in this tool without a miss. It will give you a plethora of options to make incredible movies for your audience.

6) TikTok

Being the hottest topic on the internet right now, this app has some fantastic features. From funny short clips to long and exciting clips, this tool can provide anything and everything. If you are planning to create vertical videos, this is the tool that can help you with amazing effects and features.

7) InShot

It is the oldest Movie Maker on the internet today packed with amazing and unique features. Additionally, it also lets the user edit videos and music with in-depth features for advanced editing. You can add great filters and various sound effects with voice overs for your videos.

8) Alive

Alive stands by its name by providing video tools to add life to any video clip. People often use this minimalistic app for short videos and even Vlogs on their mobile phone. It has a great community and support system that helps fix bugs and lags. Moreover, it also has tremendous effects on your videos. 

9) Magisto

There is an interesting concept with this video maker. It lets you pick the editing style you prefer, and according to that, it will help you choose your effects and audio clips. You can come across various stock videos to add in your videos for free. It is a great tool to create incredible videos for your channel.

10) Quik

With Quik, you can edit and merge in various video clips at once for fast and swift editing. There are multiple effects you can choose to create videos that are engaging and great. Create your editing vibe with this software for best results.

11) Adobe Premiere Rush

It is a small package of everything that you can do on your PC. Rush allows you to assemble audios, edit motion graphics, use templates, add fonts and customize them, and change the speed of a video clip. 

12) PixArt

Starting from adding pre-made templates, this tool has fantastic tools to change music, add transitions and subtitles to any videos. It makes up for a perfect YouTube video for your channel as made previously with Picsart video editing software.

13) Splice

Splice is the tool if you want desktop-like features on your mobile phone. There is nothing complicated as per, and this simple app can mix up audios and video clips for a perfect combination. 

14) VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a Movie Maker that lets you create professional videos with unique editing tools. It also includes a lot of templates and additional effects for your video clips. Change colours and create cinematic tones with this tool.

15) Apple Clips

Apple Clips is software only for iOS users, and you can easily create viral videos with this software. It allows a user to convert their face into an emoji face to produce funny and interactive videos. You can also add captions and emojis to your live videos with this app.

16) PowerDirector

Are you planning to make amazing cinematic videos? It is your go-to tool as it has incredible blending techniques, and it allows the usage of masking on clips to blend. Moreover, it can help create titles and various transitions for your videos. It is widely available for both Android and iOS.

Top 5 Best Online Businesses to Start during the worldwide lockdown

There have certainly been few other years since 2020 in living memory, with people across the globe having to adjust to previously unfamiliar phrases. Social distancing. Lockdowns. Or new working concepts, like meeting via zoom rather than in person. But this situation hasn’t all been an imposition. Many have taken advantage of the break from the nine-to-five routine to consider other options. The necessity of going online has inspired entrepreneurs to spring up everywhere. Here are five ideas for Internet businesses with terrific potential.

Online dating

It may not be the easiest business to set up, but it certainly has the potential to be the most lucrative. Online dating has taken the world by storm since the first commercial sites were launched a couple of decades ago. The key to making a success out of this venture would be identifying gaps in an overcrowded market. How about mature dating niche? Refer to a review platforms of dating sites for over 50s to get an impression of how typical outlets operate. If you can bring panache, originality, and creativity to this area of dating, perhaps targeting this niche area in a way that introduces a unique twist, it could prove successful. The key ingredients should be well-designed pages, a strong brand, a fully-realized monetizing aspect, and harnessing social media for free advertising.


There are many virtual retail outlets already, with obvious examples like Amazon or eBay. Rather than just digging out the occasional item from the garage or loft to put on eBay auctions, you could strive to make this more of a formal enterprise. Do you have a particular hobby or passion that you could transform, setting up an online shop to attract worldwide customers? All you need is imagination and dedication. Whether you’ve been stashing football programs or collecting DVDs or albums over the years, most of which are gathering dust, if you can put an online shop together with engaging and well-written content, this could grow legs.

Affiliate marketing

The beauty of affiliate marketing is this is an online business where you don’t have to invest in stock or advertising. Becoming an affiliate involves identifying a product that is already being sold, then offering yourself as a third-party platform to shift these products. Services like Amazon are always looking for mini-marketers to collaborate in selling their products on intelligently-designed platforms. Or identify an area you are keen on blogging about anyway, using your expertise to draw in customers. You’ll get a percentage of sales through commission.


Most of us have read headlines about Vloggers or YouTube stars – individuals who have accumulated huge followers simply by discussing particular topics with authority, then plugging products. This is a difficult area to get into, but if you can crack the unique attributes that make Vlogging such a mesmerizing spectator activity, there’s no reason why you couldn’t go on to carve your own slice of this pie. As with any web enterprise, the key is having captivating content. There are little overheads. All that is required is imagination, a degree of charisma, and perhaps some luck, too!

Freelance writing

A huge side-effect of the worldwide lockdown is more and more people going online. New websites are popping up all over the place, but no matter how competently-designed these might be, they will survive or expire solely based on the strength of their content. So sites will always be looking for content providers, and you can charge accordingly. You could easily set up your own freelance writing business when demand gets high enough.

Backing Up Your Data? Here are Your Options

Here’s the thing, if you are using a computer for storing pretty much any sort of information, you must ensure that your data is being safely stored and backed up. This doesn’t mean that you are paranoid or anything like that, just that you are aware that an unexpected event like hard drive failure, a virus, or file corruption could wipe out some really important things.

All of that being said, you really shouldn’t overlook backing up your data, but you should also be aware that there are some dos and don’ts, as well as a lot of different options that can easily get you overwhelmed. That is why, in this article, we are going to explain different options, as well as their pros and cons that are going to make backing up a lot easier.

Cloud Backup

Storing your data in the cloud is pretty much the latest trend when it comes to backup technology, and for good reasons. Data that you store on cloud services is always at the tip of your fingertips, wherever you are, it’s going to be accessible from any device. That is connected to the internet.

There are a lot of benefits that backing up via cloud offers, one of the most prominent ones being accessibility and safety. Most of the cloud backup services are heavily encrypted, offering two-factor authentication as well as usage of the personal key. Another great thing to consider is the fact that having your data on a cloud means that it’s offsite – ensuring that your data doesn’t get lost due to different disasters.

The only downside with online backup is that it tends to be slower, especially if you are backing up a lot of data.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives are one of the most common storage mediums for a long time. These drives are extremely easy to set up, they are relatively cheap, provide multiple different storage size options, and are portable – all of these are great assets. Also, one of the best properties of external hard drives is the fact that they can store a lot, and we mean a lot of data. 

However, just as all the hard drives in our computers, they are prone to failure over time and extended use, which is something that you don’t need to worry about if you are backing up on a cloud. 

Also, such drives always pose a risk of being lost or damaged, and eventually, they are going to run out of storage space because their size is fixed. External drives, like any type of equipment that is stored on-site, can also be destroyed in a disaster like a power surge, a fire, or a flood.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A NAS device utilizes an array of storage drives to create redundancy and, ultimately, larger combined storage space for you to back up your files. A NAS device is connected to the network for shared access between different individuals, which makes it a great option in case you want to share files with different people around you.

The storage drives that are used in NAS are usually sold separately from the device itself, so it may be a bit more costly and inconvenient to set up. However, NAS devices offer better data redundancy, as well as drive failure protection in real-time and performance using RAID configuration. 

It should be mentioned though, some NAS manufacturers tend to provide inferior software that can be buggy and just not efficient. This can easily lead to different issues during backup, like storing files with the wrong modification date/time stamp on them, making it harder for you to find what you are looking for afterward.

USB Flash Drives

There are a ton of options out there, and yet, USB flash drives don’t seem to be getting out of fashion even after all these years. This is mostly because, well, they are great at doing what they are intended to do – store and transport data. Even nowadays, some people prefer USB flash drives for storing their most important data.

USB flash drives are portable, inexpensive, and really durable. They are good for transporting your data between different locations manually but efficiently. However, you should have in mind that they are also prone to being lost or stolen, so plan accordingly. It should also be mentioned that they have a low storage capacity when compared to other backup options.

In the end, different people have different preferences, and that is completely fine since there is no one right answer when it comes to things like this. Even if you end up trying different things before settling for the best option, that’s also fine. The only imperative thing is that you take the time to do your research to make as informed a decision as possible.