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Why Duplicates Occur

Duplicates can often occur when there is existing data on both the PC and the device before performing your first sync.

Other times, it may appear that your data has duplicated when it actually has not. Many devices, like Android, allow for multiple database "accounts" in which contact and calendar data can be stored. You may have existing data in one account, and CompanionLink may sync your PC data to a different account on the device, causing it to appear as if there are duplicates. More info about the appearance of duplicates in the Android contacts accounts

Duplicates can also occur when using more than one sync tool. Please ensure that you have disabled any other sync software you may have installed on your PC. We also recommend disabling any other automatic sync your device may provide, such as synchronization with Google.

Common interfering sync services

Below is a list of common interfering sync services. Please note that this is not comprehensive. If you are ever unsure about a service, feel free to contact us and ask about it.

Native Sync

If you are syncing to the native Contacts or Calendar apps on Android or iPhone and certain services are enabled as well, they can cause your data to duplicate.


  • Verizon Cloud - Only present if you are a Verizon customer. Open the Cloud app. Tap the three bars in the upper left, then tap "What to Back Up." Disable the backup for contacts.
  • Google - Open DejaOffice, then go to Settings, then Sync Settings. If the Contact Account or Calendar Account is set to a Google account, you must disable the contact account's sync to Google. To do this, go to your phone's Settings, then Accounts (or Accounts & Sync). Locate your Google account and turn off the sync for Contacts and/or Calendar.


  • iCloud - iCloud must be disabled if native sync to Apple Contacts or Calendar is enabled. Open your iPhone's Settings, then Account and Passwords. Under Accounts at the top, tap iCloud. Turn off Sync for Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders as needed.


If you are only syncing to Google but are getting duplicates, do a Security Checkup [1]. Under "Check your account permissions" verify that Microsoft or other services that may be coming into contact with your Calendar or Contacts are removed. If you are unsure about a service, contact Technical Support and inquire.

Act and Outlook sync

If Act's integration with Outlook is turned on, and CompanionLink's sync between Act and Outlook is also enabled, duplicates will occur. You must turn off Act's integration with Outlook.

To disable Act's integration with Outlook, go to Tools, Preferences, E-mail & Outlook Sync tab, then Outlook Synchronization Preferences and be sure this is disabled for any data types CompanionLink is syncing.

How to remove duplicates from your device

To remove duplicates from DejaOffice for Android and/or your Android device visit the link below.

To remove duplicate entries from other devices, use the Wipe all records feature in CompanionLink. This feature will clear all data from your device and perform a fresh sync from the PC. To perform a Wipe all records sync, open CompanionLink, select Options, and click Wipe all records. The next time you sync, the data on the device will be wiped and replaced with a fresh set of data from the PC.

In some circumstances, CompanionLink's Wipe all records sync may not be able to fully remove duplicates from your device, or your device may be storing a duplicate set of data in a different account. Please refer to our detailed instructions on how to remove all records from your device.

How to remove duplicates from your Computer

If you have made a backup of your PC database, your best bet is to restore your backup and sync using a Reread PC data.

You can use CompanionLink 7.0 to remove duplicates from ACT!, Outlook, Exchange, or GGL using our Remove Duplicates With CompanionLink Guide.

Alternatively, if no backup is available or the backup is out of date, there are ways to manually clean up duplicates. Please see our how to remove duplicates from your PC or Mac guides for help with duplicates in Outlook, ACT or GoldMine.