DejaOffice PC CRM Product Roadmap

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DejaOffice PC CRM Product Roadmap

DPC has now been launched, this is a Roadmap Page



DejaOffice PC CRM Sync Setup Guide - Setting up our newest product: DejaOffice for Windows PC.

For a quick demonstration of DejaOffice PC CRM, check out our video introduction Here.


DPCS - $49.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Synchronizes from Palm Desktop, Outlook, Outlook.Com Google (2 profiles) - Buy Now

DPCG - $49.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM for Google - Edit your Google Contacts/Calendar from your PC Desktop. Built in support for multiple calendar scheduling (schedule multiple people from your PC). (1 profile) - Buy Now

DPCO - $99.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Plugin for Outlook - Features an Outlook Add-In inside the Outlook. History. Email Window - Buy Now

DPCX - $129.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Express - (Act!, IBM Notes) (3 profiles, OL), Deals, Histories, Reports. - Buy Now

DPCP - $199.95 - DejaOffice PC CRM Pro - Multiuser - 5 user license $50 per user - Accounts - Edit reports. Beta Mar 15 - Release May 1 - Buy Now For 10 users buy quantity 2 etc.

Essential Features of DejaOffice PC CRM

  1. Apps pinned to PC Desktop - pin Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to your PC desktop.
  2. Contact Phone Number – Shows local time for Contact, Pops dialer on your cell phone
  3. Tasks - Option of Franklin Covey Priority style
  4. Tasks/Schedule linked to a contact without an invite
  5. Task/Schedule completion prompts for follow up
  6. MemoPad - Useful Notes
  7. Record View Screens for all Applets (Outlook does not have view screens, one screen for full view)
  8. Drag and Drop emails to create Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Drag from Outlook or Google.
  9. Contacts view shows next contact (future), and history (emails and appts)
  10. Button to make a dated Contact, Calendar, Task or Memo Note
  11. Templates – Speed data entry using Templates for standard appointment or task types
  12. Group scheduling (Calendar only) create schedules for multiple people
  13. Contact User fields, up to 9
  14. Expenses
  15. Deals (Opportunities) with close date and percent for monthly reporting.
  16. Ctrl-scroll to zoom individual windows. Ctrl-0 to reset zoom on a window.

Product Roadmap - Future Updates

NOTE: These are goal dates and are approximate. Features will roll out when they pass our internal development and testing process.

  1. DONE B1068 Jan 28: DPCO - Outlook Plugin go to beta- DPC will live in your Outlook Email Window.

  2. DONE B1083 Feb 28: Record Privacy. Mask Records and Hide Records like old Palm Desktop.

  3. DONE B1093 Mar 11 Database Encryption options. Both of these will work like DejaOffice for Android.

  4. DONE B1083 Feb 28: Import from CSV. At the very least, import may require "Outlook Export" format; i.e. use the Outlook fields and headers and that will import to DPC (all versions). Alternately, use a SQLite database viewer to import. We use DB Browser

  5. DONE B1085 Feb 28: Reports and Printing - Printouts from Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, daily logs, labels.

  6. DONE B1093 Mar 11: - Settings to modify "custom 1" label for Contact custom fields

  7. DONE B1085 Feb 28: Simple reports will be supported in all DPC versions.

  8. DONE B1098 Mar 26: Tasks showing on bottom of Day/Week view Franklin Planner Style.

  9. DONE B1098 Mar 26: - Contact Pictures.

  10. DONE B1098 Mar 26: - Attachments to Contacts and Events - Add an attachment to Contact, Calendar, Task, Deal, Expense.

  11. DONE B1110 - BCM and GoldMine Compatible Accounts view in Contacts List.

  12. DONE B1110 - Email Templates - Add a form email with Title, Body, Attachments and BCC so that you can send form emails quickly to any contact. This is for PC, Android and iPhone versions of DejaOffice.

  13. DONE B1113 - Send batch emails to contact groups.

  14. DONE B1117 - Send batch emails to linked contacts, to a category of contacts.

  15. DONE pending release B1119: Revised Outlook Add-In - more self contained.

  16. DONE B1171 Multi user scheduling - fill out Calendar and Pinned Calendars to easily schedule multiple people where each has their own calendar on their phone. Sync via Google or DejaCloud sync.

  17. DONE B11xx Standard Contact label formats for Avery 5160 (33 labels per page) and other sizes.
  18. DONE B1191 Email History - Automated system to read Inbox and Sent emails into History items.
  19. DONE: B1199 20 Custom fields. Current release has 9 custom fields for Contacts. Requires DPCX and DPCP only.
  1. Jan 2020 - Contact Query, Mail Merge Documents (for MS-Word)
  2. Jan 2020 - Calendar/Task Edit: Streamline Edit - Friendly date, Quick Next, Shorter and Wider.
  3. Jan 2020 - Contact View - Always able to Add/Edit note.
  4. Jan 2020 - Pinned Window - Resolve popup/edit modes better wider.
  5. Feb 2020 - Revised Contact View for Express/Pro - Gain some real estate on view screen.
  6. Feb 2020 - Review/update Account and also Secondary Contacts - Express/Pro mode only.
  7. Feb 2020 - Deals Display and Reporting
  8. Feb 2020 - Purchases - Maybe as a History item, or maybe as a Past Deal?
  9. Feb 2020 - Bold/Underline/Bullet list mode for All note fields.
  10. Mar 2020 - Review/update Account and also Secondary Contacts - Express/Pro mode only.

December 2019 Update

We are currently working through our feature request list. We have about 200 small items we will be adding over this period.


  1. Templates - Template manager to add templates to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks etc. as in DejaOffice for Android. A template fills in fields for particular contact types, or appointment types.

  2. Contact Filters - Define a filter for Contacts - so you can send an Email or Labels to a filtered group (Note you can currently choose a category and this will work for that category).

  3. SMS Messages - Send SMS text to a contact from your PC.

  4. Batch SMS - Send Batch SMS/MMS to contacts from your PC.

  5. MailChimp API - Easily import/export to popular mail manager.
  6. Proposed May 2020 Price Changes - DPCS - $59.95 (up $10), DPCX $149.95 (up $20), DPCP - $199.95 for 3 users, and $299.95 for 5 users.