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When DejaOffice is set to sync with the native contacts, each time DJOI opens, the native sync runs. This sync is usually very fast and should not cause any problems. If you try to start a PC sync while the native contacts sync is running you will see the following error:

ERROR: "native_sync_running"

The PC sync cannot start until the native sync completes. For some users the native sync is taking much longer than expected.

1. Open DejaOffice and keep it open in the foreground for 5, 10, 15 minutes to let the native sync complete.

2. Make sure the native contact account is "On my iPhone" and not an Exchange account (this may cause very long native sync times)

DejaOffice v1.2.5 will have a better message for users to understand, and a better UI that will show users the sync is still running.

This error is more likely to occur on older devices with large amounts of contacts. See DejaOffice Contacts Storage Changes for more info.

CompanionLink Error: Unable to Connect to Remote Device

See Apple Unable to Connect to Remote Device and ERSP iPhone, iPad, iOS CompanionLink Wi-Fi Sync Troubleshooting steps for DejaOffice WiFi.