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DejaCloud is a secure hosted sync service from CompanionLink.

DejaCloud can be used to sync from PC to PC (or Mac), PC to device, device to device, or a combination of many PCs or devices. DejaCloud works as a master database to ensure that all your connected clients are in sync.

Subscription Service

With CompanionLink, you can use USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DejaCloud Sync services. USB uses a wire that you provide. Wi-Fi sync uses your local WI-Fi router. Bluetooth is done using transmitters in your PC and Phone. DejaCloud sync is done using the Internet, and a central server that is hosted by CompanionLink.

Of all the sync methods, DejaCloud is faster and easier. The reason is that modern phones "love" the internet and seek to connect and gather data from it. Security of web transmissions is fast and automatic.

All Cloud providers charge for their service. Some, like Google, avoid charging the customers by turning around and selling the data to marketing companies. Others, like Microsoft and Apple, change a monthly or annual fee for their service. These charges cover the cost of server hosting, backups, security, and maintenance. The primary cost for a cloud server is the staff time needed if the server goes down. It is a substantial cost to have staff available 24x7 for everyone who chooses to sync.

CompanionLink License Information

Purchasing a one-time license to CompanionLink includes 12 months of DejaCloud service at no additional cost. Subscription licenses of CompanionLink include DejaCloud as long as the subscription is active.

DejaCloud service is billed according to your record count. We count Contacts, Calenndar, Tasks and Notes records. We do not count History records, pictures, or attachments. In addition, the number of devices in sync is cconsidered. PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones and iPads are all considered separate devices. CompanionLink also comes with each DejaCloud subscription, and the specific version of CompanionLink you get depends on the tier of service you buy.

  • Under 500 records - Free if you use 2 devices or less.
  • DCL2 1-5000 records, 3 devices - $14.95/qtr or $89.95/2yr

CompanionLink for Outlook:

  • DCL3 5000-15000 records, 4 devices - $24.95/qtr or $149.95/2yr

CompanionLink Express:

  • DCL5 15000-50000 records, 5 devices, $34.95/qtr or $225.95/2yr

CompanionLink Professional

A DejaCloud License conveys a license to CompanionLink, so there is no need to purchase both. You can use the current version of CompanionLink with all DCL2, DCL3 and DCL5 accounts.

We have a new option for a DCL1 license. This is a special cloud-only license for people who do not use PC software or who wish to purchase their PC software separately:

  • DCL1 1-5000 records, 2 devices - 49.95/2yr

Continuation license if you already have the software or do not need PC software (Mobile Only account).

How to register CompanionLink:

You can purchase DejaCloud and CompanionLink here:

Renewing DejaCloud

If you are a pre-existing customer renewing DejaCloud, no further action needs to be taken after you purchase unless you used a different e-mail address to purchase than you used to create your DejaCloud account.

If you used a different e-mail address, match the purchase by entering your Purchase E-mail here:

How to create an account

Visit this link to create a DejaCloud account. If you have already purchased CompanionLink, you should use the same email address you used when purchasing your license:

Sync DejaCloud with your PC or web-based PIM/CRM database

CompanionLink installs on your PC and can sync DejaCloud with the following PC databases:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Palm Desktop
  • Lotus Notes
  • ACT!
  • GoldMine
  • GroupWise
  • Time & Chaos
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • Highrise

Start here and view the full Setup Guide - Sync your PC with DejaCloud.

Sync DejaCloud with your web-based PIM/CRM databases

Sync with the following web-based CRMs using DejaCloud below:

  • Google
  • Outlook 365
  • Windows Live/
  • Suite CRM

Start here to view our DejaOffice CRM Connectors

Sync DejaCloud with your Android device

DejaOffice is an app that installs on your Android device and can sync data with a DejaCloud account.

Start here and view the full Setup Guide - Sync your Android device with DejaCloud.

Sync DejaCloud with your iPhone or iPad

DejaOffice is an app that installs on your iPhone or iPad and can sync data with a DejaCloud account.

To sync an iPhone to an iPad using DejaCloud visit Setup Guide - Sync iPhone and iPad using DejaCloud.

To sync Outlook to an iPhone or an iPad visit Setup Guide - Sync Outlook to iPhone and iPad using DejaCloud.

Sync DejaCloud with your Mac

CompanionLink installs on your Mac, and can sync the native iCal and Address Book with DejaCloud. Using Apple's sync services, CompanionLink can also sync data from Outlook for Mac 2011 to DejaCloud.

Start here and view the full Setup Guide - Sync your Mac with DejaCloud.