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Configuring ACT! Settings in CompanionLink


To configure your PIM in your CompanionLink Setup, select Settings under Act!:

ACT! Data

CompanionLink will fill in the most recently opened database.

To verify the current database Act! is using:

  • Open ACT, Click Help at the top > About > Database Information.
  • Make sure that the ACT database information, matches the database settings in CompanionLink.


  1. You would select this option if you wish to have all of your ACT! contacts synced.
  2. You would select this option if you only wish to have specific groups syncing.
  3. This allows you to specify which group/category new contacts from the Device will be added to.

User ID

  1. In some cases multiple users may be utilizing the same ACT! Database. In this field you can confirm which user you wish for the incoming records to be associated with.
  2. If you wish to sync all records from ACT! to your device you would select this option.
  3. If you wish to sync records for specific users, including only your own you can select this option then choose which users information you would like to be synced.


  1. Data Types to Sync - This option allows you to select which data types to synchronize. (i.e. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, History)
  2. Sync Directions - This option allows you to set the sync direction. (i.e. Act! to Device; Device to Act!; Sync both ways)
  3. Wipe Options - This option will wipe/delete all the Device data first, then reload the Device using Act! Data.
  4. Deletion Preferences - This option allows you to choose a Primary Database for deletions.
  • If you select Act! as your primary database, and you delete content on your device the content would remain in Act!.
  • If you select the Device as the Primary Database, and you delete content on your Act! the content would remain in the Device.
  • If you select Records Deleted in Either will be synchronized, content deleted in either Act! or the Device will be deleted on the other side.
5. Handling Conflicts - This option allows you to set preferences for conflicts. If a record is changed on both Act! and the device, you can set one to override the other, create a duplicate, or keep the latest change. This option is only relevant an a record has been modified on both Act! and the device before a sync has taken place.

Note - By default this option is set as "Act! is primary..." which will prevent the sync from deleting any items deleted on the device in Act!. This is usually recommended, to protect the PC database from deletions. New and/or modified records will still synchronize. You can change the settings to synchronize deleted records in both directions if desired.

Note - Always use caution with any wipe option. We always recommend you have a copy of your data backed up.

CompanionLink Advanced Settings for ACT!

For more information on CompanionLink Advance Settings and tab definitions: Click Here