How to get started with DejaOffice Direct Sync on Android Phone and Tablet

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Installing DejaOffice for Android Phone and Tablet


You will first need to download the DejaOffice app on your Android device.

  1. Find and open the Play Store on your device
  2. Select the Search icon on the bottom right
  3. Type "DejaOffce" and tap search
  4. Select "DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync" tap "Install".

Welcome to DejaOffice


After first installing DejaOffice app it will open to the Setup Wizard to help you get started.

1. Select Full Featured CRM to get the best experience from your Data using the DejaOffice App.
2. If you want to sync directly to the Native Android Contacts and Calendar App check Here for the guide on using the Direct Sync Mode.
  • Note: You can change these options at any time by selecting Settings > General Settings > CRM Style.

Check out the Setup Wizard Video Guide here.

Selecting the Sync Method


In this screen you can choose your Sync Method:

  1. DejaCloud Sync (Recommended) - Choosing this Sync Method sets DejaOffice to our DejaCloud sync. Tap Next, and enter your current DejaCloud Email and Password. If you do not yet have an account, select the "Create DejaCloud Account" option.
2. USB Sync - No further Settings are required on the DejaOffice side.
3. Wi-fi Sync - No further settings are needed on the DejaOffice side.
  • Note: Selecting Wi-fi sync will display your phone's current IP address. This will be needed by CompanionLink on the PC for sync.
3. Bluetooth - No further settings are needed on the DejaOffice side, but you will need to Pair your Phone with your PC using the Phone\PC settings.

You can change these options at any time in the DejaOffice Settings, under Sync Settings and select Sync Method. See the bottom of this page for guides on setting up the PC side.

Native Sync Settings


Enabling the Native Sync is what will place your data directly into the Native Android Contacts and Calendar App. These must be enabled to see your data in the native apps.

1. Sync to Android Contacts App - Enabling this setting syncs Contacts into the Native Android Contacts App.
2. Sync to Android Calendar App - Enabling this setting syncs Calendar into the Native Android Calendar App.

To sync to these Native Apps, DejaOffice does need permissions to access them, when you enable either native sync, if you see a prompt to "Allow Access" for DejaOffice, select Ok\Allow.

Completing the Setup


Select Done in the bottom right and you are ready to Sync.

For sync methods other than DejaCloud you may need to configure CompanionLink on the PC to complete the link. For help with the CompanionLink Setup on the PC, please use one of the following Setup Guides. Be sure to select the same Sync Method you chose in DejaOffice:

1. Sync with Android via DejaCloud
2. Sync with Android via Wi-Fi
3. Sync with Android via USB
4. Sync with Android via Bluetooth