Troubleshooting Information Not Syncing Accurately

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Causes of Information Not Syncing Correctly

When syncing there are sometimes outside factors that may result in information not syncing properly. Many times performing a another sync or performing a sync enabling one of the CompanionLink tools will resolve the matter. Below are some of the most common concerns:

Sync Interrupted: This is perhaps the most common, if not the easiest to identify. When syncing CompanionLink is attempting to establish a connection between your Contact Manager and your Device. When your device runs out of battery, your Contact Manager notifies you of an alarm, or the connection between the two is severed for some reason the sync can be interrupted.

Corrupted Data: While not always something you can see, frequently used contact managers and their records can have minimal corruption on a record. This can cause an inconsistent sync as well. If you're using Microsoft Outlook, try running the ScanPST utility.

Another Sync is Involved: There are many third party applications that can interfere with CompanionLink's sync process. Disabling other third party software can often resolve the problem.

Only Partial Information is Syncing

When only part of the information appears to have synced it is recommended you perform a Reread sync. If the information appears properly on the PC but appears to be missing records on the device it is recommended you perform a Reread PC Data. If the alternative is true and some of the information appears to be correct on the device but records are missing from the PC it is recommended you perform a Reread Handheld Data.

Unexpected Information is Syncing

As noted sometimes another sync might be causing some difficulty getting the information to appear properly. If information was already present performing a Purge and Reload will clear the information and replace it with what is currently present in your PC database. However, if after a Purge and Reload the information is still appearing and the information is not present on the PC database please verify there are not other syncing softwares that may be syncing to the same location.