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January 22, 2019
CompanionLink Releases Google Calendar Sync for Windows Store Outlook

December 27, 2018
CompanionLink Releases Update for Google Batch Endpoints

October 26, 2018
CompanionLink Outlook Sync Software is Redstone 5 Ready – No Update Needed

April 27, 2018
CompanionLink for Google updated for Gmail Tasks App

April 19, 2018
CompanionLink releases Galaxy S9 Sync for Outlook on PC and Mac

December 6, 2017
CompanionLink Launches Outlook Sync Fix for Google API Relation Change

November 3, 2017
How to put Google Calendar on your macOS Wallpaper

October 4, 2017
How to put your Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your Windows Wallpaper

September 27, 2017
DejaOffice CRM App Powers Galaxy Note 8 with Contacts and Calendar Widgets

September 26, 2017
How to put Google Calendar on your Windows Wallpaper

September 20, 2017
Real-time Outlook-Google Sync using CompanionLink

October 31, 2016
CompanionLink Promotes Outlook App Replacement for Android and iPhone

September 22, 2016
DejaOffice Provides Contact and Calendar Sync for iPhone 7 and iOS 10

August 30, 2016
CompanionLink releases Galaxy Note7 Sync for Outlook on PC and Mac

May 9, 2016
CompanionLink PC Android Sync Featured in New York Times

March 20, 2016
DejaOffice CRM App Provides Secure PC Sync for iPhone and Android Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes

Feb 9, 2016
CompanionLink Provides Google Calendar Sync for Microsoft Office 365

November 19, 2015
CompanionLink Releases Secure Sync Alternative for BlackBerry Priv


September 29, 2015
CompanionLink 7 for Outlook 2016 Provides Secure Sync Alternative for Android and iOS Phones and Tablets

September 16, 2015
CompanionLink Releases Contact and Calendar Sync Alternative for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro

August 27, 2015
CompanionLink Releases Windows 10 Outlook Sync Companion for Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ Phones

August 18, 2015
CompanionLink Releases Windows 10 Sync Companion for Palm Desktop

July 23, 2015
CompanionLink Connects Act! Cloud Essentials to PC Act!, Outlook, Google, Mac, Android and iPhone

July 13, 2015
CompanionLink Adds Support for Windows 10, Microsoft Office Outlook 2016, and Google

July 6, 2015
Map Nearby Contacts, Calendar Events, and Tasks in DejaOffice

June 4, 2015
CompanionLink Launches Outlook for Mac Sync for Google

May 8, 2015
CompanionLink Offers White-Label Outlook Integration to Leading SaaS CRM Vendors

April 21, 2015
CompanionLink Provides Alternative to Samsung Kies

April 14, 2015
DejaOffice Offers Highly Secure Mac and PC Connection with Galaxy S6

April 10, 2015
CompanionLink Ships the Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S6 App Suite for Outlook

April 8, 2015
Introducting Automatic PC and Mac Sync with Google for Samsung Galaxy S6

March 13, 2015
CompanionLink Launches Secure PC Outlook App in Silent Circle's Silent Store

February 18, 2015
CompanionLink Connects Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2015 to Google Calendar and Contacts

February 13, 2015
CompanionLink Adds Contact List, Categories, Tasks and Notes to Complement Microsoft's New Outlook App

January 22, 2015
CompanionLink Offers Bestselling Automatic Google Calendar Sync

January 15, 2015
CompanionLink Connects Xiaomi to PC Outlook and Office 365

January 9, 2015
Ten Business Apps for Professionals

January 7, 2015
The Ultimate Outlook Sync for Santa's Phone and Tablet

December 17, 2014
Announcing support for the new BlackBerry Classic device

December 15, 2014
Leading Advertising & Sales Consultant Recommends CompanionLink

December 11, 2014
Holiday discount for #1 Outlook sync utility

November 20, 2014
Discount to Act! CRM Clients Affected by Google Calendar Change

November 18, 2014
Free Update for Google Calendar Sync v3 API

October 24, 2014
CompanionLink supports Act! v17 with new Attachments and Pictures sync

October 21, 2014
CompanionLink Offers Free Update to Support Google Calendar v3

October 14, 2014
Share Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Family and Friends Without a Monthly Cost

September 16, 2014
CompanionLink Perfects iPhone 6 Outlook Sync with Categories, Tasks, and Photos

August 27, 2014
CompanionLink Tops USA Today's Outlook to Gmail Tips

August 20, 2014
CompanionLink Outlines 9 Ways to Sync Outlook With Android

August 7, 2014
Announcing Business-friendly volume pricing for sites transitioning from Google Calendar Sync

August 5, 2014
A cure for Google Calendar Sync Error Code 2016

July 18, 2014
The Wall Street Journal recommends CompanionLink as only Google option with phone support

July 10, 2014
CompanionLink Saves Outlook Users from Google Calendar Sync Sunset

June 17, 2014
Getting Things Done Black Belt Recommends CompanionLink for GTD on Mobile

June 16, 2014
DejaOffice App Integrates Office 365 with Android Phones, Phablets, and Tablets

May 6, 2014
CompanionLink Offers SaaS CRM Vendors a White-label Sync to Office 365, Google, and Google Apps

April 30, 2014
Top Google Outlook Sync is Free to Try and Cheap to Buy

April 21, 2014
Free transfer of Outlook and Google Contacts and Calendar to Nokia X

April 11, 2014
CompanionLink Powers Two-Way Outlook Sync with Samsung GALAXY S5

April 4, 2014
CompanionLink Tops Features and Security for PC Office Outlook on iPhone, iPad, and Android

March 17, 2014
DejaCloud Links Google with CRM Cloud, Office 365, Infusionsoft

January 23, 2014
CompanionLink Offers Turnkey White-label OEM Mobile Apps for SaaS Vendors to Connect with Legacy PC Platforms and Modern Phones and Tablets

November 27, 2013
CompanionLink Offers Quick Solution for Outlook Sync after Kies 3 Update

November 22, 2013
CompanionLink's Outlook Plugin Automates Gmail and Android Calendar Sync

November 12, 2013
CompanionLink Powers Outlook Sync for Galaxy Note 3, S3 and S4

November 6, 2013
DejaOffice Ships Mobile CRM App for New iPad Air and Nexus 5

October 18, 2013
DejaOffice CRM is Appolicious Advisor's App Worth Downloading

October 11, 2013
CompanionLink Offers Alternative for Reluctant Cloud Sync, like Chi Onwurah

October 1, 2013
CompanionLink Connects Prophet CRM to Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone

September 19, 2013
DejaOffice CRM App Connects Business to iPhone 5s and iOS 7

September 11, 2013
CompanionLink Connects Act! v16 Cloud-free to iPhone and Android

August 16, 2013
DejaOffice App Syncs Outlook on Phone and Tablet

August 14, 2013
CompanionLink Android Office App Connects Moto X, Verizon DROID ULTRA, MAXX and MINI

August 6, 2013
CompanionLink Launches USB Sync for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Phone

August 2, 2013
CompanionLink Keeps Office 365 Data Local and Secure

July 17, 2013
CompanionLink Automates Google Apps Synchronization to Outlook Contacts and Calendar

July 9, 2013
CompanionLink Pwns Outlook USB Connector for Android

July 1, 2013
CompanionLink and CamCard Catapult Customer Relationship Management on Mobile Devices

June 28, 2013
Enterprise Mobile Integration with GoldMine

June 3, 2013
CompanionLink Unleashes PC Outlook to Mac Sync

May 23, 2013
CompanionLink Injects Business Companion for Verizon's Galaxy S4

May 20, 2013
Link Microsoft Outlook to Galaxy S4 S Planner and Contacts

April 26, 2013
Galaxy S4 Life Companion Meets DejaOffice Companion Link

April 17, 2013
Two-Way Outlook Sync with BlackBerry Z10 for $24.99

March 28, 2013
CompanionLink Ships Two-Way Outlook Sync for Verizon's BlackBerry Z10

March 8, 2013
Sync Windows Phone 8 with Outlook

March 7, 2013
Google Calendar Sync Alternative with Technical Support

February 6, 2013
Two-way Gmail Outlook Sync

January 24, 2013
CompanionLink announces BB10 Sync

January 23, 2013
Office CRM on a Phablet

January 22, 2013
BlackBerry 10 to Outlook sync

January 21, 2013
Gmail Outlook Calendar sync

December 27, 2012
CompanionLink supplies affordable sync for Google Calendar

December 18, 2012
2012 media roundup for CompanionLink's Android to Outlook sync

December 11, 2012
DejaOffice CRM tops relationship management for phones and tablets

December 6, 2012
Free PC Outlook Migration to Your Holiday Phone and Tablet

November 27, 2012
DejaOffice CRM now available on Samsung Apps to Samsung devices

November 23, 2012
CompanionLink Frees BlackBerry Data to Android and iPhone

October 31, 2012
Palm Desktop Simplicity on an Android and iPhone

Septebmer 13, 2012
CompanionLink announces PC CRM sync for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Septebmer 10, 2012
CompanionLink adds Outlook Sync for LG Intuition, Pantech Flex, ZTE Concord, Kyocera Rise and Huawei Ascend

September 7, 2012
CompanionLink adds Outlook Sync and CRM App for Motorola RAZR M and RAZR HD

September 5, 2012
CompanionLink extends integration to Sage ACT! 2013

August 3, 2012
Migration and sync tool for

July 23, 2012
CompanionLink extends sync to Mac and Android

July 18, 2012
Nexus 7, outfitted for business

June 19, 2012
Priority configuration service for business professionals with Galaxy S3

June 8, 2012
Galaxy S3, Securely about Business

May 29, 2012
CompanionLink relieves cloud anxiety for business professionals...

May 24, 2012
DejaConnect USB sync for Microsoft Outlook to HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint...

May 6, 2012
How to sync the HTC One X with Microsoft Outlook...

April 27, 2012
How to Sync the NOOK Tablet with Microsoft Outlook...

April 24, 2012
How to Sync Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager to Android Devices with Microsoft Exchange...

April 8, 2012
Sync the Nokia Lumia 900 with Microsoft Outlook...

April 3, 2012
CompanionLink Introduces a New USB Sync for Android...

March 30, 2012
How to Sync Google Tasks with Microsoft Outlook...

March 9, 2012
CompanionLink Announces CRM Functionality for the New Apple iPad (3rd Generation)...

February 19, 2012
Sync the Samsung Galaxy Note with Microsoft Outlook...

February 15, 2012
Sync Time & Chaos 8 with Android, iPhone, and More...

February 10, 2012
How to Sync the Motorola DROID 4 with Microsoft Outlook...

January 26, 2012
Sync the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX with CompanionLink...

January 19, 2012
Sync Sage ACT! with Kindle Fire...

January 12, 2012
Two-Way PIM Sync for Android and Windows Phone Devices Announced at CES 2012...

December 30, 2011
Announcing CompanionLink for Windows Live and Windows Phone Devices...

December 23, 2011
CompanionLink Syncs Contact Photos to Windows Phone Devices...

December 20, 2011
Sync Outlook Tasks to Windows Phone Devices with CompanionLink...

December 15, 2011
Sync Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich Devices with Outlook...

December 12, 2011
Use CompanionLink to Sync the Motorola DROID XYBOARD...

December 04, 2011
Sync the LG Nitro HD with Microsoft Outlook...

November 17, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Sync Support for the Kindle Fire...

November 10, 2011
Synchronize Outlook to Windows Live and Windows Phone Devices...

October 18, 2011
Microsoft Outlook Synchronization with Motorola DROID RAZR Announced by CompanionLink...

October 14, 2011
CompanionLink Brings USB Sync to HP TouchPad and HP Veer...

October 5, 2011
Add Business Functionality to iPhone 4S and iOS 5 with CompanionLink and DejaOffice...

September 30, 2011
Sync Microsoft Outlook on Windows 8 Developer Preview with Smartphones...

September 21, 2011
CompanionLink Launches New Version with Support for Latest Mobile Operating Systems and Wizard-based Sync Configuration...

September 16, 2011
Want To Sync the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch With Your CRM Database? CompanionLink Can Help...

September 15, 2011
CompanionLink Unveils New Website Featuring 'Help Me Choose' Widget...

September 8, 2011
CompanionLink Synchronizes PC with Motorola DROID BIONIC...

September 6, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Mobile Sync Support for the New Sage ACT! 2012 Contact and Customer Management Solution...

August 30, 2011
CompanionLink Honored on the 2011 Inc. 5000...

August 25, 2011
CompanionLink Syncs Lotus Notes With Android, iOS, and More...

August 21, 2011
CompanionLink Offers PC Sync Support for the BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9850, and BlackBerry Torch 9810...

August 19, 2011
Syncing Palm Desktop with Smartphones and Tablets Made Easy with CompanionLink...

August 17, 2011
CompanionLink Syncs Multiple Outlook Folders with Mobile Devices ...

August 11, 2011
CompanionLink Makes Syncing Sage ACT! with Android Simple...

August 9, 2011
CompanionLink Releases 'A History of Mobile Productivity' Infographic...

August 3, 2011
CompanionLink Offers CRM Sync Support for the HTC Wildfire S...

July 27, 2011
CompanionLink Offers PC Sync Support for the myTouch 4G Slide...

July 24, 2011
CompanionLink Announces CRM Sync Support for the Motorola Titanium...

July 15, 2011
CompanionLink Enables Contact Sync From Microsoft Outlook to Google+...

July 12, 2011
CompanionLink Software Named a Sage Gold Development Partner of the Year for 2011...

July 1, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Sync between Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop and the HP TouchPad...

June 29, 2011
CompanionLink Ranked 18th Fastest-Growing Private Company in Portland...

June 24, 2011
CompanionLink Offers CRM Sync Support for the HTC EVO 3D...

June 23, 2011
DejaOffice Surpasses 100,000 Active Installs on Android OS and iOS Devices...

June 15, 2011
CompanionLink Featured in the Portland Business Journal...

June 12, 2011
CompanionLink Announces CRM Sync Support for the HTC Sensation 4G...

June 9, 2011
DejaOffice to Appear on CNBC...

June 7, 2011
CompanionLink Gives Free Phone Support with Every License...

June 2, 2011
Multi-User Synchronization for CRM Databases, Android, iPhone, and iPad...

May 26, 2011
CompanionLink Synchronizes Motorola DROID X2 with CRM Databases...

May 24, 2011
CompanionLink Releases 5x Faster Sync Between Outlook and Google...

May 17, 2011
CompanionLink Connects Zoho CRM with Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry Devices...

May 15, 2011
CompanionLink Announces CRM Sync Support for the Samsung Infuse 4G and the HP Veer 4G...

May 13, 2011
DejaOffice for Android Adds Powerful New Grouping Feature...

May 11, 2011
CompanionLink Delivers Wireless Sync Options for Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry Devices...

May 9, 2011
CompanionLink Delivers Free Phone Support and Two-Way Sync with Google Contacts and Calendar...

May 6, 2011
DejaOffice to Appear on Fox Business Network...

May 5, 2011
DejaOffice Delivers Sage ACT! Productivity To Android and Apple Devices...

May 3, 2011
CompanionLink Doubles Revenue and Portland, Oregon Staff During Recession...

April 28, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync for Samsung DROID Charge and HTC DROID Incredible 2...

April 26, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer...

April 20, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync for the Sidekick 4G...

April 15, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for LG G2x...

April 7, 2011
CompanionLink Announces New Social Media Presence...

March 29, 2011
DejaOffice for Android Receives Significant Updates...

March 17, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for HTC ThunderBolt...

March 11, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for the Apple iPad 2...

March 1, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Compatibility with

February 24, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for Motorola Xoom...

February 22, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for Motorola Atrix 4G...

February 17, 2011
Reference Guide for Switching from BlackBerry to iPhone Published by CompanionLink...

February 14, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Compatibility with Highrise Web-Based CRM...

February 13, 2011
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync Support for HTC Inspire 4G...

February 10, 2011
CompanionLink Uses Wi-Fi Connection to Sync PC Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Categories with Verizon iPhone...

February 9, 2011
CompanionLink Offers Secure Hosted Wireless Sync for Sensitive Data...

February 3, 2011
CompanionLink Adds Business Focus to Verizon iPhone...

January 28, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with Google...

January 26, 2011
Reference Guide for Switching from BlackBerry to Android Published by CompanionLink...

January 13, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Secure Hosted Wireless Sync for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry...

January 7, 2011
CompanionLink to Support Outlook Sync with Android Phones and Tablets Announced at CES 2011...

January 6, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Hands-Free Wi-Fi Sync for Android and iPhone...

January 5, 2011
CompanionLink Announces Secure USB Sync for Android...

December 16, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with Nexus S...

November 29, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with Nokia Symbian Phones...

November 10, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with the DROID Pro...

November 10, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with the Galaxy Tab...

November 8, 2010
CompanionLink Supports Outlook Sync with Windows Phone 7...

November 3, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Sync Software for Time & Chaos...

October 26, 2010
CompanionLink Announces New Sync Software for Microsoft Outlook...

October 6, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Microsoft Outlook Sync with the T-Mobile G2...

September 28, 2010
Sync ACT! with Android using CompanionLink...

September 24, 2010
Forbes and NY Times Recommend CompanionLink's BlackBerry Sync with Outlook 2010...

September 7, 2010
CompanionLink Delivers Microsoft Outlook Sync for Gmail's New Calling Feature...

September 1, 2010
CompanionLink Software Announces Compatibility with Sage ACT! 2011...

August 25, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Sync with GoldMine 9...

August 23, 2010
CompanionLink Offers Two-Way Sync Between ACT! and BlackBerry 6 Devices...

August 17, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Microsoft Outlook Sync with Sony Ericsson Xperia X10...

August 16, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Microsoft Outlook Sync with Dell Streak...

August 12, 2010
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync with BlackBerry Torch 9800...

August 12, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Microsoft Outlook Sync with DROID 2...

August 10, 2010
CompanionLink Releases DejaOffice Version 1.6.2 for Android...

August 6, 2010
PCWorld Reviews CompanionLink for Outlook to Google Sync...

August 4, 2010
CompanionLink Software Releases Version 4.0...

July 19, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with the Samsung Galaxy S Series...

July 15, 2010
DROID X Does Outlook Sync With CompanionLink...

July 9, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Two-way Sync between Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager 2010 and the Latest Smartphones and Tablet Devices...

June 23, 2010
CompanionLink Announces PC Synchronization with Apple iPhone 4...

June 17, 2010
Subscription-free Wireless Sync Between ACT! by Sage and Phones...

June 4, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Outlook Sync with HTC EVO 4G...

May 26, 2010
CompanionLink Releases Sync for Apple iPhone and iPad With Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-Bit...

May 24, 2010
CompanionLink Releases RIM BlackBerry Sync for Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-Bit...

May 20, 2010
CompanionLink Announces PC Synchronization With LG Ally...

May 16, 2010
CompanionLink Announces PC Sync for Palm Pre Plus on AT&T...

May 14, 2010
Introducing DejaOffice for Android-Powered Devices...

April 29, 2010
CompanionLink Announces Desktop Synchronization With HTC DROID INCREDIBLE

April 27, 2010
CompanionLink Releases Sync for Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-Bit

April 20, 2010
CompanionLink Offers Two-Way Sync Between ACT! 6.0 and the Latest Smartphones and Tablet Devices

April 12, 2010
CompanionLink Announces ACT! Synchronization With Apple iPhone OS 4

April 9, 2010
DejaOffice for Apple iPhone OS 4 to Include Calendar Compatibility, Call Logging, and Task Reminders

April 3, 2010
Introducing DejaOffice for iPad and iPhone...

March 24, 2010
CompanionLink Supports Two-Way Wired and Wireless Synchronization With HTC HD2...

March 22, 2010
CompanionLink Works With Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange...

March 11, 2010
CompanionLink offers desktop sync for Motorola CLIQ XT...

March 8, 2010
CompanionLink offers desktop sync for Motorola BACKFLIP...

March 5, 2010
Free whitepaper on Outlook to Android sync...

March 3, 2010
CompanionLink syncs Microsoft Outlook notes to Android phones...

February 25, 2010
CompanionLink announces synchronization between desktop and Motorola DEVOUR...

February 15, 2010
CompanionLink offers leading ACT! to iPhone wireless synchronization...

February 5, 2010
CompanionLink to introduce business apps for iPad...

January 25, 2010
CompanionLink syncs desktop with Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus...

January 22, 2010
CompanionLink ships Exchange Calendar sync for Nexus One...

January 20, 2010
CompanionLink syncs Nexus One with Outlook BCM...

January 8, 2010
How to view Android contacts by last name...

January 5, 2010
CompanionLink will sync PC data to Nexus One...

December 31, 2009
CompanionLink releases secure USB sync for Droid...

December 8, 2009
ACT! by Sage to Droid sync...

December 3, 2009
CompanionLink announces USB Droid sync...

November 4, 2009
Sync Outlook Business Contact Manager with Outlook and Exchange profiles...

October 10, 2009
Announcing USB sync with Palm webOS phones...

September 1, 2009
Announcing Support for ACT! by Sage 2010...

July 14, 2009
RunStart Remote Configuration Service Helps Customers Sync...

June 22, 2009
CompanionLink provides alternatives to Microsoft Exchange sync...

June 10, 2009
CompanionLink Desktop PC Synchronization Available for Palm Pre at Launch...

April 8, 2009
CompanionLink Desktop PC Synchronization Available for Palm Pre at Launch...

April 3, 2009
CompanionLink will sync Microsoft Outlook to Palm Pre using Google...

March 31, 2009
CompanionLink connects Lotus Notes with Google and Google Apps...

March 23, 2009
CompanionLink connects ACT! by Sage with Google and Google Apps...

February 16, 2009
CompanionLink works seamlessly with Google Sync (Beta) to connect Outlook, Google and phones...

January 20, 2009
Introducing two-way sync between Lotus Notes 8.5 and the latest smartphones...

January 19, 2009
CompanionLink to extend two-way sync with Palm Pre and Palm webOS...

December 10, 2008
CompanionLink for Google synchronizes Lotus Notes with Google...

December 8, 2008
CompanionLink for Google synchronizes Palm Desktop with Google...

November 17, 2008
CompanionLink for Google a powerful alternative to Google Calendar Sync ...

November 10, 2008
CompanionLink Releases Complete Microsoft Outlook Sync with the T-Mobile G1...

October 22, 2008
CompanionLink releases Microsoft Outlook Synchronization with Google Android Phones...

October 22, 2008
CompanionLink Software the first to introduce two-way data synchronization with Google Android...

September 29, 2008
CompanionLink Software releases two-way synchronization with Palm Desktop 6.2...

September 16, 2008
CompanionLink for Google nominated for 2008 Best Software Award by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine...

September 10, 2008
Microsoft features CompanionLink for Outlook Business Contact Manager synchronization...

August 25, 2008
Introducing GroupWise to iPhone synchronization software...

August 21, 2008
Introducing Lotus Notes to iPhone synchronization software...

August 12, 2008
Announcing CompanionLink Express for the new ACT! 2009 (11.0)...

June 19, 2008
Introducing iClink - wireless CRM sync for Apple iPhone...

February 7, 2008
Introducing enterprise sync for ACT! and Exchange...

January 30, 2008
Announcing wireless synchronization with BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS devices...

August 21, 2007
Announcing CompanionLink Express for the new ACT! 2008 (10.0)...

July 3, 2007
CompanionLink Releases Apple iPhone Synchronization for Mobile Professionals

June 6, 2007
CompanionLink Releases Japanese Version Of Google Calendar Synchronization

May 31, 2007
PC Today Magazine Features CompanionLink's Google Calendar Solutions...

March, 14 2007
CompanionLink Introduces Discounted Site License Pricing...

February 22, 2007
CompanionLink Integrates With Google Apps Premier Edition...

December 12, 2006
CompanionLink Unveils One Step Migration Solution For Google...

November 30, 2006
CompanionLink Announces Support For Outlook 2007 With Business Contact Manager...

October 31, 2006
Chaos Software selects CompanionLink to synchronize contact management data...

October 26, 2006
CompanionLink releases whitepaper on low-cost mobile solutions for SMBs...

September 18, 2006
CompanionLink announces support for new BlackBerry Pearl and all other RIM devices...

September 5, 2006
Announcing CompanionLink Express for the new ACT! 2007 (9.0)...

September 5, 2006
CompanionLink Software unveils DejaDesktop PIM software for the Nokia 770...

August 29, 2006
CompanionLink Software Announces Real-Time IBM Lotus Notes Synchronization...

August 28, 2006
CompanionLink Software Announces Real-Time MS Outlook Synchronization...

July 5, 2006
Bynari selects CompanionLink to synchronize their Outlook Insight Connector...

June 5, 2006
CompanionLink supports new Motorola Q and all other Windows Mobile 5 devices...

May 30, 2006
CompanionLink unveils Google Calendar synchronization

CompanionLink for Outlook
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CompanionLink for Outlook
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CompanionLink for Outlook
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