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For help with installation, initial configuration and sync instructions, please view our Setup Guides.

Before you start

Ensure you have the most current build of CompanionLink (and DejaOffice) installed.

CompanionLink updates -

DejaOffice updates (Android) -

DejaOffice updates (Apple iOS) -

DejaOffice updates (Windows Phone 8) -

DejaOffice updates (BlackBerry 10) -

General Troubleshooting

Device-specific Troubleshooting

Android devices

Troubleshooting DejaOffice for Android (all sync methods)

Android - Troubleshooting DejaCloud Sync

Android - Troubleshooting DejaConnect USB Sync

Android - Troubleshooting Mass Storage Mode USB Sync

Android - Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Sync

Android - Troubleshooting Google Sync

Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

Apple iOS - Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Sync

Apple iOS - Troubleshooting Google Sync

Troubleshooting DejaOffice for iOS (all sync methods)

BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry - Troubleshooting USB Sync

BlackBerry - Troubleshooting CompanionLink Secure Hosted Sync

Windows 8 Mobile devices

Windows 8 Mobile - Troubleshooting WiFi Sync

webOS devices

webOS - Troubleshooting USB Sync

Troubleshooting sync with Google

CompanionLink for Mac

Database-specific Troubleshooting



Palm Desktop