How to use DejaOffice with Samsung DeX

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What is Samsung DeX?


Samsung has introduced a new feature on their Android devices called DeX. This allows you to place your Android device in a special DeX cradle that has an HDMI port. Connecting this HDMI to a monitor and placing the Samsung phone in the cradle activates DeX. This takes your phone's operating system and turns it into a Desktop layout. You can connect a mouse and keyboard and use it like any PC.

How to use DejaOffice on your Samsung DeX


Samsung DeX has access to all apps currently installed on your device. Using DejaOffice in the DeX environment requires nothing more than opening the currently installed version on the DeX home screen. All methods of sync, datasets and Shortcuts currently work with DeX.

Adding DejaOffice Shortcuts to the DeX Homescreen


Adding shortcuts to the DeX homescreen is the same process as adding Shortcuts to the Android homescreen when not in the DeX mode.

1. Open DejaOffice
2. Tap Shortcuts
3. Select the Shortcuts you want to see on your DeX Homescreen
4. Choose Done and when prompted select Add for each shortcut.

Using DejaOffice Widgets with DeX


Currently Samsung DeX does not support App Widgets by default. There is a free third party application available in the Google Play Store called Dex MAX. With this addition you will be able to use the DejaOffice widgets on your DeX Desktop.

1. Open the Google Play Store
2. Search for DeX MAX and install
3. Once installed open the app and select Widgets at the top
4. Find the DejaOffice Widgets in the list, click and hold, then drag the widget to the DeX Homescreen.
5. Repeat for any additional widgets you wish to add.

Note: DeX MAX is a third party app, we can not ensure the quality of your interaction when using third party applications.