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Is this a different device?

"This database belongs to a different device. Is this a different device? [Yes] or [No]"

Each Android device has a unique ID number. When DejaOffice creates a database is records the device's ID in the database. If you move the database from one device to another (or move the SD card from one device to another) you will receive the message above.

[Yes] This option will update the DejaOffice database with the new device's unique ID number

[No] This option will not change the ID number in DejaOffice.

This message will not delete or change any other data on your device and should only display once after moving a DejaOffice database.

If you receive this message more than once and have not moved the SD card or DejaOffice database from your device, please make sure to update to DejaOffice v1.12.0 or higher.

An SD card required to synchronize and store data

For DejaOffice to synchronize and store data, your device needs an SD card. Most devices come pre-installed with an SD card. If you are receiving this message, DejaOffice has failed to detect an SD card in your device. Try the following:

How to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card

Make sure your device can mount its SD card to the PC

Please connect the USB cable to your PC before hitting the sync button

1. Try a different USB port or a different USB cable

2. Make sure your device is set to the correct USB connection mode for USB Sync: Android USB Device Specific Notes

3. Disconnect the USB cable, reboot your device and try reconnecting the USB cable.

Invalid SQLite Version

If you are receiving an "invalid SQLite version" or "invalid device database" message, you need to delete the DejaOffice database, then run a fresh sync in CompanionLink with the "Wipe all records on Android before sync" checked in the Options menu. More info.

Unable to access SD card. Un-mount your phone from the PC and change your USB Connection to "Charge Only"

This means that DejaOffice is unable to read the database, most likely because the SD card where the data is saved is mounted to your PC (for transferring files). Mass Storage or Disk Drive mode should be turned off before trying to access data in DejaOffice.

Timezone has changed. Do you want calendar events to shift due to the timezone change?

See DejaOffice: Time Zone Shift.

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