Error 400 Contacts API Deprecated - Migrate to People API to Retain Programmatic Access to Google Contacts

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This page covers Google Error 400 - Unable to Connect with Server. Click Here for Google Error 400 - Invalid Request.

Google has begun introducing errors for Contact Sync using the depreciated Contacts API. The error will appear as "Error Code 400: Contacts API is being deprecated. Migrate to People API to retain programmatic access to Google Contacts. See"

CompanionLink and People API

CompanionLink is ready with the new People API. Use the following guide to switch to the new People API to resolve this error:

Note: This only effects Contact Sync, so if you are syncing only Calendars or Tasks, you will be unaffected.

Note: CompanionLink 9 or above is required to continue syncing contacts to Google, if you do not have a license for CompanionLink 9 or above you can purchase one here

Switching to CompanionLink from a Competitor

While CompanionLink has been ready for the People API change since the announcement, our sync competitors might not be as quick to fix the issue. CompanionLink is offering a 10$ discount for converting to our Google and Outlook sync solution.

  • For a Free Trial of the latest version of CompanionLink for Google click the following link for our Downloads Page.
  • To claim your 10$ discount:
  1. Use the following link to Buy CompanionLink for Google.
  2. Enter Product you are switching from in the "What Motivated You to Purchase" box.
  3. Enter "THANKS" in the Affinity Code Box.

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