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The Express, Professional, and FA versions of CompanionLink allow you to create Profiles to sync with multiple devices over WiFi or USB.

CompanionLink Express allows for two (2) profiles, while CompanionLink Professional and FA can be configured for up to five (5) profiles. If you already have CompanionLink you can purchase a discounted upgrade to Express, Professional, or FA here.

Profiles are used to sync two or more devices using WiFi or USB. If you sync using the DejaCloud service, Profiles are not needed. DejaCloud links to multiple devices with one Profile. To sync your device with multiple databases, please refer to the Category Manager section of our Wiki.


Managing Profiles

To access the Profiles menu in your CompanionLink Setup, click the Profiles dropdown at the top of CompanionLink on the PC, then select Manage Profiles.

Adding a New Profile
  • To add a new profile, click Add
Deleting a Profile
  • To delete a profile, select the profile you wish to delete and click Delete
Renaming a Profile
  • To rename a profile, select the profile you wish to rename and click Rename