As Featured in Forbes in 2019 - Multi-User PC Based CRM - Adds Scheduling, Followups, History and Mobile Sync for your Sales and Customer Service Team. The Best PC based CRM lets you track Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Sync to Android and iPhone. Free US Based Telephone Tech Support! Buy risk-free with a full money-back guarantee!

DejaOffice PC CRM Express

Fast CRM for your PC, iPhone and Android

Sync Outlook with Android - Week View

On premise CRM for Detail Oriented Business People

DejaOffice gives you the Security and Control of a full featured Customer Manager that stores data securely on your PC.

  1. Enter Time/Dated Notes for your Contacts.
  2. Easily see custom fields and history at a glance.
  3. Configurable Dashboard gives you a quick view of your day.
  4. Create Database Queries to automate your reports and lookups.
  5. Track Deals, Projects, and Accounts.
  6. Organized History and Next Actions.
  7. Store Contact Attachments for later reference.
  8. Automatic import of Outlook Emails to Contact History
  9. Deals (Opportunities) Reports and Sales Funnel
  10. Import Contacts, Contact Notes, Activities, and History from Act! and Goldmine

CRM and the PC were born together. For many people, no other platform can be as productive as sitting at your keyboard with a fast tool to manage your daily customer obligations.

You answer the phone and look up the customer to see their history. If your system is fast, you have already scanned your last few emails and order history before their first sentence is done. If they ask for something, you start a new note to record the conversation.

Now if you are using a clunky browser-based CRM, your conversation is halfway over by the time you look up, move to notes and start typing. With DejaOffice, once you know the hotkeys, you can look up the customer and create a new contact note in 4-5 seconds, all on one screen, with no refresh.

Then you have your follow-ups. Make a new appointment, make a few tasks, and email your customer a confirmation email. Maybe 20 seconds for that. It’s all saved now. And you can grab the next call.

Salesforce, Hubspot, and Oracle are all based in Silicon Valley; a place where the power and internet never go out. We should all be so lucky! With no internet, DejaOffice is still just as fast and effective! You can write orders and organize your day while your competitors search for a pencil.

The promise of the Cloud has never materialized. Cloud-based CRMs are not cheaper, faster, or more secure. Instead, they are bloated and expensive, slow, and you cannot call anyone for technical support. Here at CompanionLink, we just do not get it. Do you drive a dump truck to the supermarket? Why should you pay monthly for customer management with an internet browser?

Moving from your old CRM to DejaOffice is a process we call “Migration”. We work hard to make the migration process easy. We recommend our RunStart service, which is just $69 and will save you hours of hard work. Our technician will log in to your PC, ask you a few questions about configuration, and move your data. For many people, the complete migration takes less than an hour. Our fee covers multiple follow-up calls as you learn and adapt to the new program.

DejaOffice does another thing that no Cloud-based CRM will do – have effective Smartphone Apps. Cloud vendors are lazy. They make an App that gives a Web-View for your phone. However, they never really integrate with the phone; if the phone is out-of-range, you cannot view your data. (Why is it even called your data is stored on someone else’s computer?) With DejaOffice for iPhone and Android, your data is securely stored on the phone and available whenever you need it – even if it is outside of wi-fi or broadband range.

We know you have questions. Call us today. We are happy to pick up the phone and give you the details.

Here are some things that DejaOffice Will Not Do:

  1. DejaOffice will not replace your Email app – most people use Outlook or Thunderbird email with DejaOffice.
  2. DejaOffice is not an email prospecting or pipeline management tool. Instead, it is a contact manager for your existing clients and contacts. There are many prospecting tools available, but most are web-based.
  3. DejaOffice does not connect to accounting, receivables or payables systems. Our Deals module integrates with Quotewerks, another great PC-based tool.

DPC Features

Sync to your Cell Phone -
Automatically Sync to DejaOffice on your phone - Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Ring Alarms, Access Maps and Directions
Contacts, Calendar,Tasks and Notes -
Unlimited number of Contacts, Calendar Items, Tasks and Notes. Easily Search for any Contact based on Name, Company Name, Any Field, File As and on a custom field value (like Account Number)
Contact Notes with Date
Contact Notes field with optional Date label for each note.
User Defined Custom Fields
Define 10 Custom fields to store Account Number, Purchase Date, Customer Interest, Sales Region or anything else you need. *DejaOffice Express and Pro allow 20 custom fields.
Day View, Week View, Month View, Calendar List
Basic Calendar functions for Day, Week, and Month views. Recurring appointments, multi-day events, color categories
Grid view with Custom Columns
Easily see your Contacts or Tasks as a grid, allowing easy import, export and batch operations. Select contacts and past them into Excel. Easily import Contacts from any Web Based CRM.
Print List, Detail, Labels
Print Contact List, Contact Detail, Day View, Month View, Task List, Notes.
Create Document Templates for Print and Email
You can create Mail-Merge forms for Email and Print using Document Templates. Make life easy by sending standard responses out to new customers.
Automated Marketing through Email and MS-Word
Use your CRM for Automated Marketing through Email and MS-Word Printing.
Private, Masked and Hidden Records
Mark any Contact, Calendar or Task private. Settings to mask or hide private records. Make sure no one sees your private data. Encrypt your whole database.
Automatic Backup
Automatically backs up every day or every week. Easy to move or restore backup.
Easy Migration from your Contact Manager
Import Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes from Palm Desktop, Google, Outlook.

DPCO - Plugin for Outlook

A Side Panel on your Outlook Email
When you read an email - the Outlook Plugin shows you the matching Contact record, phone numbers, notes and history.
Create an Appointment or Task from an Email
Easily drag and drop an Email to create a new Calendar Event or Task
Schedule a task for another Person
Create a task and assign it to another person on your team.
Move an Email to Customer History
Store any email to Customer History - save the text body forever.

DPCX - Express Features

Accounts, Groups and Secondary Contacts
DejaOffice makes it easy to handle Accounts, Groups and Secondary Contacts An Account is a company record to which several Contacts belong to. A group (distribution list) is a set group of people that you email or market to regularly. Secondary Contacts are contacts that have a relation to another contact, like a Customer's Child record, or a Business Assistant record.
Easy Migration from other CRM tools
Import Accounts, Tasks and Communication History from Microsoft Business Contact Manager. Import Contacts, Activities, and History from Act! and GoldMine.
Scan Outlook Email to History
Automatically scan inbox and outbox to build Contact History automatically.

DPCP - Pro Features

Multi-User Shared Files
Set up a Multi-User Database on a shared on-premise server. Set individual passwords. Each record can have an "owner" and can control visibility for other users.
Multi-User Scheduling
A dedicated view that shows everything your team has scheduled for the day; Appointments and Tasks. When someone is absent you can easily drag and drop to assign the Appointment or Task to someone else.

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On your phone we feature DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync from the App Store. DejaOffice synchronizes to Native Accounts for Contacts and Calendar.

People Purchase DejaOffice to:

  • Run Small Business
  • Easily Migrate to a PC based CRM
  • Securely store their CRM on their PC
  • Own the CRM with a perpetual license
DejaOffice PC CRM Express
Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.83 out of 5 based on 77 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $149.95

Portable License

Your license is for you, not your PC. When you buy a new computer, you do not need to purchase a new license. With CompanionLink you use your email address to register the software on a new computer.

US based company

CompanionLink is located in Portland, Oregon. Our servers are based in New Jersey to take advantage of proximity to international fiber network. Our servers are high technology and really fast!

RunStart and Premium Support

With CompanionLink you can call us at (503)243-5200 for support, Monday through Friday, 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time. For those with special needs, use our RunStart Service gives you a one-time hands on session with a top tier technician. Our technician will log into your computer, set up the sync, and ensure you are completely satisfied with the solution. If you want this service regularly, use Premium Support for a full year and up to five service tickets.

What makes our software unique

  • Free US-based telephone support
  • Full support for Categories and colors
  • Supports contacts, calendar, tasks, notes
  • USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, DejaCloud, and Google sync
  • Works with Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Full contact notes, contact pictures, alarms
  • Automatic data encryption on device

Helpful Resources

My Brain
By Silvio R.
on Mar 22, 2024
I used a Palm device for years. I kept everything in it that could be of use. When Palm retired, I was left adrift. Until Deja and Companion Link saved the day. I was able to import 10 years of Palm data and restore "my brain".

WiFi sync was not good, but no that good. Then I discovered the Bluetooth sync and it has been downwind ever since.

Thank you guys and gals. You have been there when I have needed it.
Bon organisateur
on Feb 7, 2024
J'ai commencé avec Palm Desktop, puis ai utilisé Companion Link et maintenant DejaOffice. C'est un changement important pour moi : les données peuvent être cryptées et l'application est très complète et intuitive. Merci.
Excellent Planner
By Ed M.
on Dec 6, 2023
I was an avid fan of the electronic Franklin-Covey planner back in the day and then they quit supporting it. Since then, I have been struck with Outlook, which I strongly dislike but is at least free, because the other planners I tried did not cut the mustard (and they were expensive).

In the new Outlook, Microsoft has made it clear they will no longer support the few features I prefer so I was motivated to start looking. Having used DejaOffice/CompanionLink software for years with excellent success and support, the PC CRM Standalone seemed worth the time to try.

Boy, am I happy! This Franklin-Covey style planner works better than I had hoped. The setup was very easy and successfully transferred all my data without issues. It is a pleasure to use. Best of all, it is a one-time expense.
Great Product and great Technical Staff.
By Stephen M
on Sep 15, 2023
I have been using DejaOffice PC CRM for about two years and have found it to be very user friendly, and I am quite happy and satisfied with the product. It is also a pleasure communicating with the company because I found its Technical Staff to be ready and willing to assist with any concern that the customer may raise with them. Their Technical Staff Nathan, Thomas M., and Tiffany D. have provided valuable and professional help including updated release and debugging. I would recommend CompanionLink and DejaOffice PC CRM without hesitation. Great Product, great company, and great technical staff.
on Oct 18, 2022
Super service Great Product
By Chris C
on Feb 14, 2022
Used ACT for 15 years and was being forced into subscription model that I didn't want. Sales rep Wayland showed me Deja CRM and it was the perfect alternative and met all my CRM needs and I could host it locally for a one time flat fee. I have used Deja Office and Companionlink for years so it was a natural transition. The best customer support in the industry! 5 stars!
A very reliable product
By Mike S
on Feb 7, 2022
Have been using CRM products for nearly 30 years and now, being retired, still need a contact & diary system which will synchronise my PC, phone and tablet reliably. Déjà Office does that admirably.
The only time I have needed technical help was at the initial start-up and conversion from ACT. With the help of Tech Support this was done almost entirely by email and worked out well.
The only new facility I would appreciate is an optional two-stage alarm on a single diary entry, the timing between them to be adjusted. This is to make up for the failing memory of a retired salesman!
tech support Companion standalone
By Janet N
on Nov 18, 2021
Tiffany was fantastic. Took long time to identify and fix problem but Tiffany did it! Even called me back next day to be sure it worked.
I appreciate and recommend Companion Link to everyone because of the tech support! Tiffany is among the best of the best.

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