Keep business data updated on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, PC, and Mac

DejaCloud keeps contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and categories updated.
Includes PC/Mac software.

DejaCloud is a secure business cloud service that keeps contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, categories, and contact photos updated across devices on every major computing platform - Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and Mac. Instant synchronization ensures a change to your data on one device triggers an update across all of your other devices.

You can also synchronize with PC and web applications like Microsoft Outlook, Act!, IBM Notes, Salesforce CRM, Infusionsoft, and many others.

DejaCloud comes with the DejaOffice CRM mobile app for your device. The app integrates your data with features like Caller ID, maps, email, and text messaging. Data is held on your device for offline access and a quick user experience. No loading or lag time like you get with web-based data.

DejaCloud is a business-class service that does not sell, mine, or advertise your data like other large cloud services. We believe your business data is only yours.

"I have more than 10,000 contacts synchronizing, along with all the tasks, calendar items, etc. It works better than anything else I've tried."

Brian Tinkler
President, Orion Technical Services

Business CRM data updated on all of your devices.

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Your data on all of your devices

Sync Microsoft Outlook, Sage ACT!, Lotus Notes, or any of the other business CRM software that we support. Your subscription to DejaCloud gives you a license to our CompanionLink desktop product. Install it on your computer and set it to use DejaCloud. This keeps your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, categories, and contact photos synchronized between your computer and your devices.

Keep phones and tablets in sync

Install the DejaOffice CRM mobile app on your devices and configure it with your DejaCloud credentials. Watch your data instantly appear on your devices in seconds. You now have the freedom to update information on any device without worrying about updating your other devices.

DejaOffice CRM is your mobile CRM manager

DejaOffice CRM can be used to store contacts, manage appointments, organize tasks, and make notes. The app adds powerful business productivity and relationship management to your device.

Your data is yours (only)

We believe you own your data. We do not sell, mine, or advertise your data. Our customers are business professionals who are willing to pay for a service that respects data privacy. We do not mask or have other sources of revenue. We make money by selling products that keep your data synchronized in a secure way.

Popular cloud services have become data collection farms where advertisers see and use your data. DejaCloud is proud to venture in the opposite direction where only you own and see your data. If you ever choose to leave our service, we will even delete all of your data upon your request.

Last modified: Aug 1, 2022 9:35 am