How to restore Palm Desktop using the CompanionLink Palm Backup folder

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Attention: This guide is outdated, use this guide.

Acquire the data from the CompanionLink back up folder first

  1. Open Companionlink Setup
  2. Press CTRL-SHIFT-D (opens Companionlink Directory) (Note: This will not work if Palm Desktop is open.)
  3. Open the Palm Backup Folder
  4. Select the folder that has your Palm Desktop user name
  5. Right-click and copy the file that you wish to restore (each file is dated for the day that it was created)
  6. Paste the file to your desktop
  7. You will need to rename the file with the correct extensions:
  8. For Address.001 = rename to Address.aba
  9. For Datebook.001 = rename to Datebook.dba
  10. For ToDo.001 = rename to Todo.tda
  11. For Memo.001 = Rename to Memo.mpa

Import the data into Palm Desktop.

  1. Open Palm Desktop
  2. Select the data type you wish to import (AddressBook, DateBook, Todo, or Memos)
  3. Select file
  4. Select Import
  5. Select Desktop
  6. Select the appropriate file to import