Setup Guide - Sync iPhone and iPad via CompanionLink Secure Hosted Sync

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Before proceeding, please make a backup of your PC database.

Setup CompanionLink on your PC

  1. Download and install CompanionLink. If you have not already done so visit CompanionLink Downloads
  2. Run "CompanionLink" from your desktop or start menu.
  3. Select Apple from the first drop-down option (Select the device you want to sync with...).
  4. Select CL Secure Hosted Wireless Sync from second drop-down option (Select your sync method...), and carefully read through the prompts. You will be asked to setup an account and to enter payment details (This service is $9.95/month per device)
  5. Select the appropriate contact manager from third drop-down option (Select your PC or web database...) and follow the configuration steps.

Setup DejaOffice on your Apple device

  1. Install DejaOffice from the App Store ("search for DejaOffice") Full installation instructions
  2. Open DejaOffice and then tap "Setup Wizard" and ensure that you select CL Secure Hosted Wireless as your sync method. Enter the username and password for your wireless sync account.
  3. OPTIONAL: Configure DejaOffice to sync with the native Apple apps (within Setup Wizard).

How to sync

  1. Open CompanionLink on your PC, then click the "Synchronize" button (auto-sync is also an available option). Your data will be synchronized to CompanionLink's secure servers.
  2. Open DejaOffice from your Apple device, and tap "Sync". Data will be synchronized between CompanionLink's secure servers and your device.

We also offer configuration service. Our experts will log into your PC at a time you select. We will set up everything for you. The service is called RunStart and costs $49.