Synchronizing DejaOffice with the Android applications

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DejaOffice stores data in a separate database than the Android contacts and calendar applications that came with the device. You can synchronize DejaOffice with the Android applications (the native contacts and calendar apps) so that you can utilize features like caller ID and voice dialing, along with any other 3rd-party software that works with the native contacts and calendar.

Enabling the synchronization between DejaOffice and the Android Applications

To turn on the synchronization between DejaOffice and the Android contact or calendar applications, open DejaOffice and go to Settings > Sync Settings > Tap to select 'Sync with Android Contacts (Calendar) App'.

Selecting an Android account (DejaOffice, Google, Facebook, Phone)

Contacts and calendar data can be stored under one of many "accounts" in the native Android contacts and calendar apps. Most devices will display a local phone account, a Google account, and a dedicated DejaOffice account.

You can select any of these to sync the DejaOffice data with, but we recommend using the dedicated "DejaOffice" account (found in DejaOffice 2.2 or higher). The DejaOffice accounts are similar to the Google or Phone accounts but with some key advantages.

  • Using the DejaOffice accounts will dramatically improve sync times
  • Contacts in the DejaOffice account are linked and can easily be edited in DejaOffice with one tap from the Android contacts account (NOTE: This does not apply to all Android devices)
  • Caller ID and other native Android contact/calendar functions still work as they did before
  • No risk for your contact/calendar data syncing to the "cloud" or Google.

The DejaOffice account is recommended. For new users in DejaOffice 2.2.7 and higher the DejaOffice account is set to the default contacts account.

NOTE: When uninstalling the DejaOffice app, all contacts and calendar events associated with the DejaOffice native account will be removed from native Android contacts/calendar apps.

Switching to the DejaOffice account from another account

To switch to using the DejaOffice account when using a previous build of DejaOffice, follow these steps.

  1. Open DejaOffice and go to Settings > Sync Settings
  2. Under "Sync with Android Contacts app", look for "Contact Account"
  3. Select "DejaOffice" from the drop-down.
  4. Repeat these steps for "Sync with Android Calendar app"

NOTE: The DejaOffice Android contacts account requires Android OS 2.0 or higher (calendar account requires Android OS 4.0 or higher)

Not all contacts show in Android Contacts or my contacts show duplicated

If your contacts aren't showing correctly in the native Android contacts app or in DejaOffice and are either missing or are showing duplicated find help below.

Synchronizing new records from the Android contact and calendar applications to DejaOffice

When you create a new contact or calendar record in the Android contact application, the contact must be assigned to the account selected in DejaOffice.

When to use the Read Android data feature

If you are using the DejaOffice native contacts/calendar accounts this option will not appear. Adding and changing records are only done in DejaOffice and those changes are updated automatically in the native accounts.

After you enable the synchronization with the Android applications, the "Read Android Data" icon will appear on the home page of DejaOffice.

If you synchronize directly to a PC application via USB, Wi-Fi or our Hosted Wireless synchronization:

You will not use this icon in your regular synchronizing. In special instances, you may be instructed by support or the knowledge base to use it for troubleshooting.

If you synchronize via Google over the air with the Android applications:

You will need to tap on "Read Android Data" to prompt DejaOffice to read the Android applications. Information added directly to DejaOffice will automatically sync to the applications without any action.