Not all contacts show in Android Contacts, phone does not show all contacts

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Once in a while the native Android Contacts app may lose its Contacts. This is a fairly common issue with the Android Contacts app rather than DejaOffice, but if it happens to you it can in most cases be resolved with a couple simple steps.

  • Note: The "Native" Android Contacts app has a soft limit of around 8000 contacts, if you have more contacts than this in DejaOffice, they may not sync to the Android Contacts app very well.

Ensure the "Native" Contact Sync is Enabled

The Native sync must be on to populate the default Android Contacts app. To check this:

  1. Open DejaOffice.
  2. Tap Settings and Tap Sync Settings.
  3. Make sure the "Sync with Android Contacts App" option is checked.

Note: you also want the Contact Account to be DejaOffice.

Read Android Data


If the Sync with Android Contacts app option was enabled, try these steps to force a sync to the Native Contacts App:

  1. Open DejaOffice and press the Read Android Data button.
  2. When it completes check the "Native" Android Contacts App.

You should see Text Message ID and Call History populate with names if this was successful. If you are still missing contacts in native (and they are in DejaOffice), you can also try tapping and holding the Read Android Data button and selecting "Reread all data".

Tips for over 8000 Contacts in DejaOffice

As noted the Android Contacts app can have issues when the contact count is over 8000. Here are some tips for larger data sets. In the DejaOffice Settings then in the Sync Settings check these options under the "Sync with Android Contacts App":

  • Set the Native Sync Direction to "One Way - DejaOffice to Native".
-Setting the Sync one Way from DejaOffice to Native can be a bit smoother.
  • Ensure the "Sync Notes" is disabled.
-The Native App only supports about 1000 characters in the contact notes field. DejaOffice will still have all contact notes.
  • Make sure the "Sync Birthday and Anniversary" is unchecked.
-The Android Contacts will attempt to generate a birthday/anniversary for every contact with this field populated, this can slow things down.
  • Make a Category for just the contacts you want to sync to the Native, then set the "Sync Selected Contact Categories" to this category.
-By filtering the contacts syncing to the Android contacts this can allow the sync to complete correctly.

Using the above settings it is possible to sync larger contact counts to the Android Contacts App. You might need to use the "Read Android Data" steps from above after adjusting these settings.