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This is an overview and troubleshooting guide of alarms in DejaOffice.

DejaOffice for Android

DejaOffice Android Alarms.png

Alarms in DejaOffice for Android generally work well. We have been noticing an increase in issues on users of Android 12 and 13, this is mostly due to more aggressive closing of background apps in newer Android versions, like many other apps: if DejaOffice is not running in the background, it cannot generate the alarm. Follow this guide to fix that and other alarm issues you may be experiencing:

  1. Look in DejaOffice > Alarms, you should see a list of the alarms you have set.
  2. Most likely the issue is that DejaOffice is set to optimize, ie the Android system will close the app when it is not in the foreground. If the app isn't open in some capacity, it can't generate alarms: DejaOffice_Alarms_with_Samsung_App_Optimization_Power_Saving
  3. In DejaOffice > Settings > Alarm Settings:
    1. Ensure "DejaOffice Alarms" is set to "Ring in DejaOffice", note if you cannot set this setting, you need to enable notifications permissions for DejaOffice
    2. If you want notification sounds: Check both Volume buttons and make sure they are not muted
    3. Tap and Hold "Sound and Vibrate Settings" > Recreate Notification Channels
  4. In DejaOffice > Settings > Alarm Settings > Sound and Vibrate Settings:
    1. Make sure all DejaOffice notifications sliders are enabled, including the one called "Silent" and "All DejaOffice notifications" on the top
    2. Go to each option and make sure it is set to default (or alarm) and not silent. You can leave "Sync" as silent
    3. Try enabling "Override Do Not Disturb" for each entry
    4. Finally it is possible that your alarms are set to a bad sound, you can try changing the sound of each alarm and see if that helps. Even if you do not use alarm sounds (ie vibrate only), having it set to a bad sound can still cause issues.

DejaOffice for iOS

DejaOffice iOS Alarms2.png

Alarms on iOS generally work well. There are some settings in DejaOffice > Settings > Alarm Settings to determine the sound that plays, if a sound plays, etc Note: Due to how iOS works, when the DejaOffice app is running we can control what sound is played, however when the DejaOffice app is not running, iOS controls the sound that plays. If you want to change the notification sound that plays when the DejaOffice app is closed this can be done in the Apple Settings app > Sounds and Haptics > Calendar Alerts

DejaOffice PC CRM

Alarms in DejaOffice PC work well. There are some settings you can adjust to determine if the alarm plays sound and other options, this is in DejaOffice PC CRM > Settings > Alarm Settings Note: You cannot change the sound the alarm plays.