How to Reset CompanionLink Sync after Act! v21 database import

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If you have recently updated Act! and a new database was created, use the following steps to set CompanionLink to the new Act! Database location.

Correcting the ACT! Database Location

  1. Open CompanionLink on the PC.
  2. Ensure you are in the Act! Profile at the top of CompanionLink.
  3. Click Settings on the left and click Settings on the left under Act!
  4. Select Browse next to the Database Location field and select your current Act! database.

If you are unsure of the new database location, use the following steps to verify its location in Act!:

  1. Open Act!
  2. Click Help at the top.
  3. Select About.
  4. On the right click Database Information.

Under PAD File, you will find the path of the Database Act! is currently using, copy this path into the CompanionLink Database field.


After selecting the new Database file, we recommend running a Purge and reload of the device to ensure the Act! data is synced fresh to the device from the new source. To enable a Purge and Reload, use the following guide: Performing a Purge and Reload

  • Note: After one full sync, the Wipe boxes will automatically uncheck.

Multiple Act! Syncs in CompanionLink

If you have Multiple Profiles in CompanionLink for other syncs with Act! you will want to repeat the above process for each profile.