"Palm Library" error when using CompanionLink and Palm Desktop on Windows Vista or 7

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The "Palm Library" error with CompanionLink is very specific. It is stating that CompanionLink is unable to open a specific data file.

Traditionally Palm has put data files under the Program directory "Program Files". Under UAC, with Windows Vista and Windows 7, this location is no longer legal by Microsoft rules. The file we are failing to read is named in the error message similar to the following:

C:\Program Files\palmOne\address\address.dat

CompanionLink is UAC compliant, and so it cannot see this file because UAC restricts access to the Program Files directories. Palm Desktop does not comply because it is too old, and it is still able to have files in an area that is now restricted.

It is easy to move the files to a non-restricted location. Please do the following:

  1. Open Palm Desktop, and go to the Tools, then select Options...
  2. There should be a box labeled "Data directory". Change this to a location not restricted by UAC (e.g. "C:\PalmData"). Note, if the directory you choose does not yet exist, you must first create it
  3. Click OK, then close Palm Desktop

Changing this setting will automatically move your data files (i.e. you will not lose any data), and also create registry keys that CompanionLink needs in order to find the files, thus resolving the error.