CompanionLink Support Center

Registering CompanionLink

How to Register

Follow these steps on the Registration screen in CompanionLink. You can access the registration screen in CompanionLink by clicking File > Register. (PC only, view instructions for Mac)

  1. Enter the First and Last name of the license holder.
  2. Enter the email address you entered when you placed the order. (If you ordered using Paypal, your paypal ID is your registration email.)
  3. If there is a number in the Purchase ID field, please delete it.
  4. Click the Verify button.


You can install CompanionLink on up to three computers for which you are the primary user.

Your computer will need an active internet connection for registration. If you are experiencing trouble registering your license, please make sure you are using the same name and email address used to purchase the software. Contact our sales department if you are still experiencing trouble with registration.

"Evaluation has expired" Message

If you receive a message stating that your evaluation has expired, click the Register button to permanently register your license. You will not have to re-install the software, and any configuration changes you have made so far will be saved.

You can also request a 14-day extension by clicking the 'Extend' button. Extension requests are processed during CompanionLink business hours.

Using CompanionLink on two or more computers

You can install CompanionLink on up to three computers for which you are the primary user. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install CompanionLink on each additional computer (it will install as a trial version). You can download from
  2. Register CompanionLink on each additional computer. Steps to register are listed above.
  3. Configure CompanionLink on each new computer. (Your configuration will not automatically transfer from one computer to another.) For help getting started, view our Setup Guides.
  • Please be aware CompanionLink will not allow you to register more than 3 computers under the same license during a one month period.

How to register CompanionLink for Mac

Registration steps are similar in CompanionLink for Mac. Once you install CompanionLink for Mac, open the software. In the Mac's menu bar, click "CompanionLink", then choose "Register CompanionLink".

Clmac register1.jpg

Enter the same name and email address that you used to purchase the software, then click Verify. Your software should now be registered.

Clmac register2.jpg