Found an Android device, but unable to connect to DejaOffice

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The error may also read, Found an ADB device, but unable to connect to DejaOffice.

This message indicates that CompanionLink was able to communicate with your device and that the proper drivers are installed and working, but DejaOffice is not responding to CompanionLink.

1. Update CompanionLink and DejaOffice.

2. Disconnect and Re-connect your device.

  1. Disconnect the device from the PC.
  2. Open DejaOffice.
  3. Re-connect the device with DejaOffice open in the foreground.

3. 'Exit' and re-open DejOffice

  1. Open on DejaOffice
  2. Tap "Exit"
  3. Re-open DejaOffice

4. If the "Exit" option does not work, 'Force close' and re-open DejaOffice.

  1. On your Android phone, go to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications
  2. Tap on DejaOffice
  3. Tap Force Close
  4. Re-open DejaOffice

5. Restart your Android device.

6. Make sure your phone is NOT set to Mass Storage mode and is NOT mounted to your PC as a disk drive.

NOTE: You can check by pulling down the top notification tray. On most phones, the USB connection type shown here should be set to "Charge only" (if available), or "MTP", "Media", "Camera" modes.