Reinstall CompanionLink on a new computer

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This guide will help you re-install CompanionLink on a new PC.

To install DejaOffice PC CRM - Go Here.

To install CompanionLink for Mac - Go here.

The latest version of CompanionLink works great with Windows 7 - Windows 11.

Please note for USB and Google Sync you will need the Latest version of CompanionLink Build 9054 or higher.

Reinstall CompanionLink


For a video guide to Installing CompanionLink Click Here.

  1. Click Here to download the latest version of CompanionLink.
  2. Once downloaded, click the downloaded setup file and click Install.
  3. Select Yes on the Windows UAC popup.
  4. Select OK to Finish the installation.
  • Note: On some machines, the UAC message does not popup automatically, be sure to check the Windows Task bar for the Blue and Yellow shield.

Register CompanionLink after you Install

Follow these steps on the Registration screen in CompanionLink 8 or CompanionLink 9:

  1. Open CompanionLink
  2. Click Register on the bottom left.
  3. Enter the first and last name of the license holder
  4. Enter the email address used for the purchase
  5. Please make sure the 'Purchase ID' field is blank
  6. Click 'Verify'
  • Note: If you have a currently existing License for CompanionLink you do not need to purchase it again. Click Here to Verify an Existing License.

Configure CompanionLink

Check one of our Setup Guides to get CompanionLink reconfigured to sync with your mobile device.

Android Phone or Tablet

iPhone or iPad

Moving DejaOffice to a new Phone

If you have a new Phone, Click Here for our guide to moving DejaOffice on the Mobile.