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CompanionLink for Google - Outlook to Google Sync Setup Guide

Configuring CompanionLink for Google

1. Once CompanionLink for Google has been installed, open the program and select Settings on the left.
2. A Google sign-in page will appear. In this box please enter your email address and click Next.
  • Be sure to enter the full Google email address.
3. In this box please enter your Gmail password and click Sign In.
  • Please note if you use Google's 2-Step verification process you may need to use a different password or enter a code Google will send to your phone. For more information about this please visit: Google 2-Step Verification Information
4. Click the Allow Access button in the bottom right to finalize the Google Login.
5. Click Ok in the bottom right and press the Sync button to start the synchronization.

If you still have questions or issues, please contact our support either via Email here or Phone at (503) 243-5200 (Monday - Friday 7 AM - 3:30 PM PT).

To have our skilled technicians set-up your sync for you, check out our RunStart or Premium Support options.

For Advanced Settings using CompanionLink for Google, please check our Advanced Settings guide here.

Using Tasks in the Google Calendar

Google's updated Task system allows you to quickly add tasks to the Google either via the Web Calendar or directly from your Google Email page. By default Google Calendar sets the Tasks to a Reminder calendar. To manage Tasks in the Google Calendar you will need to change the Reminder Calendar to the Tasks Calendar.
1. Sign into your Google calendar here.

2. On the left, place your mouse over the Reminders calendar and click the three dots.

3. Select the Switch to Tasks option.