Contacts show duplicated in DejaOffice or native Android contacts

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Duplicates in both DejaContacts and Android contacts

If you see 2 or more of the same contact - duplicates - in both DejaContacts and Android contacts use the Merge Duplicate Records feature in DejaOffice found in Settings > DejaContacts Settings.

This will merge all duplicate contact in DejaOffice and then sync these merged records to the native Android applications.

Alternatively, if you are syncing DejaOffice with your PC with CompanionLink, and the PC database is not duplicated, verify that your PC database's records are up to date. Then sync with wipe and re-read.

To do this, click Options at the top of CompanionLink on the PC, then click Re-read PC data on next sync. Next, go to Settings > Settings on the left side > Applications tab > Wipe contacts on handheld before sync. Once you run a sync, this will remove all duplicated Contact data from both DejaOffice and the contact account in the Android contacts that DejaOffice is syncing with, and replace that with the correct contact data on the PC.

Duplicates in Android contacts only

If you see 2 or more of the same contact - duplicates - in the native Android contacts app, but not in DejaContacts, each contact is most likely in a different account. You can simply display only one account to no longer see duplicates.

Android OS 5.0 and above:

  1. Open the Android Contacts app (not the DejaContacts)
  2. Select More or the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  3. Select Settings > Contacts to Display
  4. Select the DejaOffice account (or whichever account you've selected in DejaOffice under Settings > Sync Settings > Contact Account)