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DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Mar 18, 2022
Excellent Product, Excellent Support | By James S.
I have been using CompanionLink for many years. I transitioned to it from Palm and then transitioned to Outlook. I have a history going back to 2001 that CompanionLink has enabled me to maintain. Moreover, the support is efficient, effective, professional, and prompt. Great product!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 12, 2022
Act sync w/multiple Outlook clendars | By Doug C.
Tech. Support rep.Thomas M- is the best! Knows what he is doing and was able to understand my problem and solved easily.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 7, 2022
What a relief! | By Debra P.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 24, 2022
Great program | By Dixie C
I have been using Companion Link for some time now and it is a perfect program for my personal life and my work.
Very easy to set up and use.
I give this program a top rating.
Thanks guys for you excellent product.
Cairns QLD Australia
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Feb 23, 2022
Works great, been using it for years. | By Steve R
I'm hooked on the old Palm 4 desktop software and wanted it also on my phone. I know it is old, but it works great, has locked entries and does just what I need to do. This software gets the Palm info on my iPhone and works great. Every time I had an issue (switching to a new computer mostly!), the support staff helped me fix the problem. Great support staff! Called me back! Five stars, hands down! Bravo!
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Feb 22, 2022
Great Service - Great Product | By Kate W
I've used CompanionLink since it interfaced with Palm Pilot. I really like the ease of use, the multiple platform support. The way you can make an appointment and link it to a contact. All so seamless. Tiffany D in Support is EXCELLENT we worked together on solving duplicate contacts on Android, iPhone, iPad and got them all to talk to each other with the same amount of contacts. I really appreciate talking to someone that REALLY knows the product on all platforms.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Feb 14, 2022
Super service Great Product | By Chris C
Used ACT for 15 years and was being forced into subscription model that I didn't want. Sales rep Wayland showed me Deja CRM and it was the perfect alternative and met all my CRM needs and I could host it locally for a one time flat fee. I have used Deja Office and Companionlink for years so it was a natural transition. The best customer support in the industry! 5 stars!
DejaCloud - Feb 9, 2022
major amazing | By cynthia U
Now i have been a customer for many years 5 devices when suddenly 2 stopped syncing. I reentered the user name and password multiple times and kept getting password has changed reenter the new password. in literally 2 seconds Michael said did you use autofill as it adds a blank. that was it an invisible space.
i have the 10 minute rule if you can't fix it in 10 minutes raise your hand because support knows what to do and he did.
CompanionLink Express - Feb 8, 2022
BEST Company support EVER | By Helen R
I have used Companion Link products for 15 years. The staff is SO supportive, professional, polite, pleasant and MOST OF ALL - PATIENT. In my 70's and there are days that technology could put me under a cloud. Michael, Thomas, Waylon and the WHOLE TEAM are such a joy to speak with and ALWAYS find the solution to any issue I present to them. They ALWAYS return my calls and/or emails. YOU CANNOT go WRONG with Companion Link!
Technical Support - Feb 8, 2022
Top Support | By Roger W
Thank you very much for your help!