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CompanionLink for Outlook - May 10, 2022
Best ever support | By GERALD S.
Companion Link is THE program I use most on my PC and cell phone. Got a new phone. The program did not work. Trevor guided me through and got the program working. I felt I had won the lottery. Trevor was patient and professional. He is what I call a very valuable employee. He rates a WELL DONE and a raise.
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Apr 25, 2022
Switch from ACT! to DPCO | By Daniel B.
After using various generations of ACT! database software since 1992 and having been informed that this software requires an annual subscription fee, I finally decided to say "goodbye" and made the switch to DejaOffice for PC & CRM for Outlook. I contacted the folks at Companion Link and learned that they now have a Database Software which can be downloaded as a direct replacement to ACT!. I was very impressed how quickly the tech support agents of Companion Link was able to upload the DejaOffice software into my Windows 10 PC and remotely check all the necessary links in order to make this a smooth and seamless transition from ACT! to DPCo along with the Outlook and iPhone sync interface. Their support was not only a very pleasant experience, but it was also very professional and expedient. Yes, there were some glitches and the folks at Companion Link made sure that some minor issues were fixed quickly. Complements to the entire Companion Link staff and keep up the good work.
DejaOffice (Android) - Apr 22, 2022
Tiffany just spent a good amount of time | By Dianne B.
Thank you Tiffany!
DejaOffice (Android) - Apr 10, 2022
Trevor's Technical Support Was Fantastic! | By Brian R
I cannot thank Companionlink enough for the great technical support assistance that I got from Trevor who helped me solve an important mystery. For days I could not figure out why my brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra showed a different contact count than my Dejaoffice contact count. I tried everything, syncing over and over again and nothing changed the situation. Finally, Trevor helped me with the settings of the Samsung phone and he did a bit of research himself to ultimately discover what the problem was! I so appreciate his patience and support to bring back my sanity! I am so impressed with the availability of Companionlink professionals ready and willing to serve their clients who have subscriptions with their products! So few App / software companies provide this awesome free service and I've been with the Companionlink family for a very long time (well over a decade) and they never cease to amaze me! Keep the great work up!

Brian R
Clarksburg, Maryland
DejaOffice PC CRM Pro - Apr 1, 2022
ACT to DEJA Office What Took Me So Long! | By Tom L
I transitioned from ACT 22 to DEJA Office
CRM earlier this year. I had used ACT for over 20 years.

I imported over 1,000 ACT contacts with "all"
their activities (calls, events, tasks, etc)
going back to the year 2000. I was really surprised at how easy and complete the process was and the few questions I had were promptly and fully addressed by CompanionLink's very competent and courteous support staff.

The CRM software is excellent and the real
time sync feature (HP to Pixel 6 Pro) works
flawlessly, and it is super-fast.

Thanks to all including Nathan, Thomas, and Wayland) you guys deserve 5 Stars!

TL, Albuquerque NM
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Mar 18, 2022
Excellent Product, Excellent Support | By James S.
I have been using CompanionLink for many years. I transitioned to it from Palm and then transitioned to Outlook. I have a history going back to 2001 that CompanionLink has enabled me to maintain. Moreover, the support is efficient, effective, professional, and prompt. Great product!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 12, 2022
Act sync w/multiple Outlook clendars | By Doug C.
Tech. Support rep.Thomas M- is the best! Knows what he is doing and was able to understand my problem and solved easily.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 7, 2022
What a relief! | By Debra P.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 24, 2022
Great program | By Dixie C
I have been using Companion Link for some time now and it is a perfect program for my personal life and my work.
Very easy to set up and use.
I give this program a top rating.
Thanks guys for you excellent product.
Cairns QLD Australia
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Feb 23, 2022
Works great, been using it for years. | By Steve R
I'm hooked on the old Palm 4 desktop software and wanted it also on my phone. I know it is old, but it works great, has locked entries and does just what I need to do. This software gets the Palm info on my iPhone and works great. Every time I had an issue (switching to a new computer mostly!), the support staff helped me fix the problem. Great support staff! Called me back! Five stars, hands down! Bravo!