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DejaOffice (Android) - Jun 19, 2024
Deja not synchronizing additional calendars | By Ralf K.
I have one main and some imported calendars in my PC view. The imported calendars even though they seem to be added do not get synchronized into the Android.
DejaOffice PC CRM Pro - Oct 10, 2022
meh | By Martinb
Okay, this Windows version product works, it's convenient; but it has many small limitations. Instructions in popup windows are in tiny print my Windows10 OS can't zoom. I've found the installation procedure very complicated: still can't get synced with my Android phone. I want to put simple shortcuts on my Windows desktop which open Contacts and Tasks and Calendar, but my only option SEEMS to be reduced-size DO pages, not shortcut icons. And these pages are "always on top," so they hide other desktop shortcuts I create in other programs. I wish the program allowed more customization like deleting or hiding fields in Contacts I won't ever use. It'd be great if I could create small spreadsheets in Notes for keeping track of spur-of-the-moment data. I'd like to have 'sub-folders' and 'sub-catagories' . . .
CL support is responsive, which is a plus, but emails conversations are daunting.
For now, my rating is 'meh,' at least for my needs. The program is a bit better than Palm Desktop (4.x), but not as functional or graceful as Palm Desktop (3.x). I’m sure DO can and will do more to meet my needs; I just wish there was a easier way to get there.
CL response: To Zoom use Ctrl-Scroll like a web browser. Be sure to check our Guides and Features page to get to know the product
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Jun 25, 2021
Good concept, sync disappointing though | By Christian Baumgartner
I like the simple concept of the CRM, but I'm disappointed with the unstable implementation of USB-sync which behaves erratically and doesn't live up to my expectations. I will uninstall the software and head back to Outlook
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - May 7, 2020
Getting better | By John F
Been using CompanionLink with outlook and palm for many years. Had problems with outlook and decided to try DejaOffice PC CRM standalone (DPCS). Have been using for several months now. It is functional, not fancy - which is ok for me. I have run up against regular glitches; must update consistently. Online resources for self-help for PC CRM are also lacking. HOWEVER, customer support has been prompt and effective.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Jun 7, 2019
Works okay but still some glitches | By Chris S
I have a busy day and when I fill in an event the time frame is not accurate reflected on the calendar. After a while it looks like a big blob. This does not happen in Palm. There is a lack of ability to customize the calendar. The phone version and syncing seems to work well. If you want a CRM and you are not a busy person I would recommend this product otherwise I would wait for more improvements.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - May 7, 2019
In The Works | By Dan
I have to assume that allot more features are coming for this program. The Android is great but the PC version should have at the very least the features of the android. Maybe it was released to early. Will probably purchase once it's the equal to Android.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 22, 2016
Only syncs sometimes | By David R
I have tried everything, activating realtime sync, sync every xx time... but misteriously some events that I reate exacty in the same way as others, do not sync.