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1. We don't sell, advertise, or farm your data.
2. You own your data. You own the copyright to it.
3. Our servers are secured to restricted accessors.
4. On Android you may choose Data Encryption. On iOS your data is securely stored.
5. On iPhone and iPad your data is securly stored according to Apple best practices.
6. USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync methods do not store any data on our server.
7. Using DejaCloud sync; we can delete all of your data upon your request.

CompanionLink and DejaCloud Privacy Policy

Updated May 25, 2018


This Privacy Policy applies to anyone who visits our webpage, purchases a product, or subscribes to a service provided by CompanionLink Software, Inc.
If GPDR applies to you, please read and accept the CompanionLink Data Processing Agreement.

Data We Collect

CompanionLink does not sell the above data to other companies. We reserve the right to market to CompanionLink Customers about a partner's products.

Data From Others

CompanionLink does not purchase lists and does not sell to lists.

Cookies and Beacons

If you get an affinity or discount code for a product, we store that as a cookie in your browser for 30 days. This credits the referring party with the sale.

We use external services which track landing pages and web page movement as is standard for our industry. The services we use are StatCounter and Google Analytics. These services commonly use anonymized information to track return visits.

Our site tracks IP address for GPDR specific content. If your IP is in the EEA, some of our pages will have EEA specific content. This is to enhance our compliance with GPDR and we do not store this information except as noted under Data We Collect.

We do not currently use beacons in our email or on our website.

We do not currently use browser Location.

We do not currently use cookie based advertising or location based advertising.

Storage Locations



CompanionLink sends marketing emails to people who have tried our products, and to people who have purchased our products. Our marketing is strictly by email, we do not use telephone for marketing.

Legal Disclosures

We may share your data if required to by law enforcement or government authority.

While CompanionLink has become the grandfather of all sync companies, operating continuously since 1987, it may come to pass that we sell the business. We will bind the new entity to follow this Privacy Policy until at least two-years after the change in control.

Contact Information

Contact our Data Protection Officer at with any questions or to resolve complaints.

    Wayland Bruns, CEO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
    838 SW First Avenue, Suite 530
    Portland, OR 97204