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DejaOffice (Android) - Mar 10, 2017
Nice, when it works | By Cheri F
When this actually syncs, it is great. But, it's about 50/50. Getting customer support in a timely fashion, is quite challenging. I purchased unlimited support in hopes that it would be better. The only change is that now a live voice tells me they're too busy to help me, rather than a recording. The company has been around a while, so I would think they could grow the customer service department. But, they are still very committed to only working between 7 and 4. Who cares about the impact on the customer's business? Most definitely not the people who work for CompanionLink. Your inconvenience is definitely your own problem. When I have gotten someone at customer service, they have generally been helpful. But, it is so frustrating to get there that I wait until I have gone through everything I can think of and talked with everyone I know. If there was another service available, I'd go there in a heartbeat. I guess you don't have to provide customer service when you have not competition. But, with $2 million in reported profits, you'd think they could sneak in a few more support staff.
CompanionLink Professional - Mar 8, 2017
Tech Support Does It Again | By Guy B
I've been using CompanionLink Professional for several years (Outlook & Android). Being in Sales and Marketing I LIVE by my contacts and calendar so when something goes KABLOOEY I am totally messed up!

Tech Support has always come through (I'm a total non-techie) solved my problems in a very reasonable time, and they don't stop until the problem is totally resolved.

Really good people who care about their product, reputation, and customers.

CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 3, 2017
Great CustomerSupport | By Deborah D
I purchased a new Surface Pro to replace an older laptop. I needed help with setting up Companion Link. Thomas was so very helpful & kind. He took care of the problem quickly & efficiently. Great products & support. I have been using Companion Link for over five (5) years. Highly recommend it.
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Jan 25, 2017
Great Support | By Denise N
I'm been using CompanionLink for many years and in many plataforms - iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 and I sync the info at work, home, etc. Everything is connected and up to date...
When I get some trouble with newer operating systems I have the excellent support with Thomas - fast, patient and expert!
CompanionLink for Google - Jan 11, 2017
Stable, reliable en the perfect solution | By Henk
Using CompanionLink for Google for several years now. Version 7 at the moment.

The perfect solution to sync my Outlook, Gmail and my BlackBerry (yep, die hard keyboard user)agenda's.

Super stable, reliable and realy easy to set up. Worth every penny and more!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 4, 2017
Companionlink Sync | By Norm H
Thomas was extremely knowledgeable, very patient and thorough. One of the best high tech sessions I've ever had and Companionlink works better than ever.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 27, 2016
Seamless and Painless | By Jon W
Have used Companionlink for over 5 years now on multiple smartphones and PC's.
I can't imagine doing business (or keeping up with the grandkids' soccer and basketball schedules) without it.

When occasional problems (usually Windows-related) do arise, staff are amazingly patient and helpful.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 13, 2016
Help adding DejaOffice to new cellphone | By Phillip Gorman
Sean and Thomas did a great job helping me with my problem.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 7, 2016
Couldn't ask for more | By Jane D
Excellent customer service! Thomas rang me in the UK at 7.30 his time so it fitted in with my time zone. Fixed the problem swiftly. If only it were always thus!
DejaOffice (Android) - Dec 2, 2016
Not Locked out Anymore | By Rob N.
Being somewhat of a security freak, I applied - and forgot - a password to my Android copy of DejaOffice. I put up with not being able to access records... for a while. Kevin of the support team got back to me with the right answer.