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DejaCloud - Aug 10, 2017
DejaCloud review | By Harry S
I recently upgraded my CompanionLink software and started using DejaCloud.
I am synchronizing between two computers, as well as an iPhone and an iPad.
DejaCloud is very fast and accurate. All my data in one device updates the others quickly and easily. This is an excellent new way of keeping multiple devices updated.
Also, I like that my data is backed up in the cloud,which gives me important security.
Good job CompanionLink.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 8, 2017
The best linking product ever. | By Bill G
I started using CompanionLink for Outlook around the time it was introduced. Based on my experience with the product and the developer, I couldn't possibly recommend anything else. One of my major thrills about this product is that it can sync across so many channels: WiFi. Google. DejaCloud (its own dedicated cloud server). Office 365.

In the very rare instances in which I've had a question or a problem, Companion Link technical support reminds me of what technical support ought to be. They practically answer the telephone on the first ring and follow-up until the issue is resolved. If only a certain Big Software Company did customer support so well...
DejaDesktop for Windows - Aug 8, 2017
Great enhancement | By Al B
I'm very impressed with the DejaDesktop Calendar. I particularly like the flexibility of selecting what’s displayed on the desktop. It is also presented in such a way as to not be a distraction yet readily accessible. Great enhancement for DejaOffice.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 26, 2017
Founder | By Bryan Franklin
I'm trying the the sync product and I am 100% satisfied. I will be buying and reselling the product.

PS: The Tech Support is superior!
Technical Support - Jul 11, 2017
Up n running fast & correctly; Hooray Thomas | By Milo S.
While I do wish my question about how to get the DejaContacts to overlay the native Contacts had been a little more intuitive (could anyone figure that out without support?), I give big props to Thomas for holding my hand through the whole process, asking just the right questions (knowing that one unchecked box here or there could have messed things up), and being patient with me to the end of the recreation of my connection between Outlook, Deja, and native Contacts. So glad to see names next to my texts again!
DejaDesktop for Mac - Jul 10, 2017
I like it! | By George S
Lets me view my schedule without opening Outlook. Very handy.
DejaDesktop for Windows - Jul 10, 2017
Works for Outlook | By Marty M.
Installed easily. Confusing set up. Shows on both my monitors.
DejaDesktop for Mac - Jul 10, 2017
Works | By Tabetha P
CompanionLink for Google - Jul 6, 2017
What would I have done? Thank you Thomas!! | By Linda
My entire data base was messed up and phone numbers lost.... Thomas was so patient with me, followed up, made sure everything was back in order, transferred it to my phone....
Job well done!
Thanks Thomas!
CompanionLink Express - Jun 15, 2017
Thomas is amazing...major issue w ACT/Outlook | By Greg L.
I was having major (at least to me) issues with ACT/Outlook/iTunes/iPhone. Way beyond my comprehension. Thomas M. had so much expertise and more importantly, so much patience. He also actually sent me follow up e mails and called me back. He provided me with better customer service than I would have ever expected. Good job, Thomas!