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CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 7, 2021
Grateful for Tiffany D | By Lydia
Thanks Tiffany for the great customer service. I'd been afraid to call for help, but you made the experience so clear and easy. You guided me through the rectification of my problem with calm competence. As someone who relies on Outlook for a huge portion of my work, which involved my phone, I need to have up-to-date data. Appreciate the wonderful customer service to get me back on my feet. Thanks, Tiffany.
DejaOffice (Android) - Sep 30, 2021
Great Service | By Gary S
I had an issue with a "retrieving calendar data" loop on my Galaxy S10e. One email in the morning and Tiffany had responded with a fix and it worked perfectly by noon.

Great product and great service!

CompanionLink Express - Sep 27, 2021
The BEST tech team EVER!!! | By Helen R
Following and upgrade for my ACT software to vs24, I received Companion Link Express error messages. A call to CL and in 5 minutes a return call from Michael. The BETA build for this error was installed, and I'm back in business.
This team, led by Waylon B, is SO responsive and a JOY to work with. Michael ALWAYS makes me feel like I'm the ONLY client he has to work with :)
I cannot thank this group enough for their abundant professional, knowledgeable, polite, and VERY PATIENT service to this 72 year-old gal! Not to mention the software has been stellar for my previous cell phones, and now my Galaxy S21!
DejaOffice (Android) - Sep 14, 2021
Forever Thankful! | By Greg B.
Bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Loved getting an upgraded model until I found out my backup data didn't transfer properly from my Note 9. I was sick to my stomach when I couldn't find out what happened. I called companionlink and they put me through to an experienced representative to help me get my data back. Thank God Nathan answered and explained the process to get my data back. He actually did the whole thing for me through my computer. Now I have my data back and couldn't be more happier and satisfied with a great company like them. I have over 6 years of data in my phone and would have not been able to replace it. Thanks for being so knowledgeable and professional in helping me out! I'm looking forward to trying the new computer version of the software.
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Sep 1, 2021
Restore Backup from a zipped file | By Craig R.
I have a Galaxy Note 10+, syncing with Palm 6.2 on my laptop. I lost over 1000 contacts with an errant sync. Michael contacted me and worked through it (even though I had attempted what ultimately worked)!

Michael was very patient and even gave me additional hints on the backup process, including methods of restoring.

Excellent service from Michael!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 1, 2021
Excellent program | By James A.
It's essential for me to be able to sync my Address Book, Calendar, and Notes from my desktop Outlook to my Android phone. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S21. My old Android sync software would not sync with my new phone. CompanionLink provided the solution. It works great, and after initial sync, it's blazing fast now. Very usable. I had one technical issue, and tech support was very responsive, and got me straightened out right away. Very happy with this product.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 31, 2021
syncing phone and new laptop | By Debra P.
My call was answered right away - that in itself was amazing.

Then Tiffany knew exactly what to do to get the sync working properly.

I was never more impressed with any tech service I've ever had than I was with Tiffany's. I'd leave 10 stars if I could!

DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Aug 28, 2021
Sehr gute Software | By Michael Schröder
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Programm. Der Kauf hat sich gelohnt.

I am very satisfied with the program. It was worth the purchase.
Technical Support - Aug 27, 2021
CompanionLink | By Brett Schoolnick
I used used CompanionLink for over 12 years now and they are the best at Tech support . Tiffany D in particular is spectacular!
Technical Support - Aug 26, 2021
Sorting out my problem remotely | By Harold Schogger
Conley was magnificent in helping me and sorted out my sync problem remotely and all is now OK. Companionlink is truly a remarkable programme and the support teamsalso reflects this