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DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Feb 22, 2022
Great Service - Great Product | By Kate W
I've used CompanionLink since it interfaced with Palm Pilot. I really like the ease of use, the multiple platform support. The way you can make an appointment and link it to a contact. All so seamless. Tiffany D in Support is EXCELLENT we worked together on solving duplicate contacts on Android, iPhone, iPad and got them all to talk to each other with the same amount of contacts. I really appreciate talking to someone that REALLY knows the product on all platforms.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Feb 14, 2022
Super service Great Product | By Chris C
Used ACT for 15 years and was being forced into subscription model that I didn't want. Sales rep Wayland showed me Deja CRM and it was the perfect alternative and met all my CRM needs and I could host it locally for a one time flat fee. I have used Deja Office and Companionlink for years so it was a natural transition. The best customer support in the industry! 5 stars!
DejaCloud - Feb 9, 2022
major amazing | By cynthia U
Now i have been a customer for many years 5 devices when suddenly 2 stopped syncing. I reentered the user name and password multiple times and kept getting password has changed reenter the new password. in literally 2 seconds Michael said did you use autofill as it adds a blank. that was it an invisible space.
i have the 10 minute rule if you can't fix it in 10 minutes raise your hand because support knows what to do and he did.
CompanionLink Express - Feb 8, 2022
BEST Company support EVER | By Helen R
I have used Companion Link products for 15 years. The staff is SO supportive, professional, polite, pleasant and MOST OF ALL - PATIENT. In my 70's and there are days that technology could put me under a cloud. Michael, Thomas, Waylon and the WHOLE TEAM are such a joy to speak with and ALWAYS find the solution to any issue I present to them. They ALWAYS return my calls and/or emails. YOU CANNOT go WRONG with Companion Link!
Technical Support - Feb 8, 2022
Top Support | By Roger W
Thank you very much for your help!
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Feb 7, 2022
A very reliable product | By Mike S
Have been using CRM products for nearly 30 years and now, being retired, still need a contact & diary system which will synchronise my PC, phone and tablet reliably. Déjà Office does that admirably.
The only time I have needed technical help was at the initial start-up and conversion from ACT. With the help of Tech Support this was done almost entirely by email and worked out well.
The only new facility I would appreciate is an optional two-stage alarm on a single diary entry, the timing between them to be adjusted. This is to make up for the failing memory of a retired salesman!
CompanionLink for Google - Jan 26, 2022
FINALLY | By Linda E
After a (pandemic, knee replacement & beyond) year of no synching of calendar & contacts between my laptop and Android phone, I finally had time to call support for help. Tiffany D. helped me resolve what I hope will be the final chapter in a very painful 18-month span. She slowly but surely walked me thru some changes. Now to enter appointments from a PAPER 2022 CALENDAR I finally had to buy and see (fingers crossed) if everythig syncs.
DejaCloud - Jan 24, 2022
CompanionLink Deja Cloud Setup | By Frank B.
Thomas M. was a terrific help in redirecting me to a simpler synchronization process. I have been using CompanionLink for years and it has served me well. After explaining the problem synching my Outlook files, he was extremely helpful and patient taking the time to lead me through a series of steps to a much easier feature that greatly simplifies synching files with my phone and tablet. Thank Thomas.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 19, 2022
great support from Tiffany | By Vahe E.
Tiffany helped me resolve several issues with CompanionLink for outlook. She was persistent and owned the problems. She took time to addresses and answer all of my issues and questions. Great job.
CompanionLink Express - Jan 11, 2022
Companion Link Install and Set up | By Harvey T
I needed to have my laptop repaired which forced me to have it wiped clean and then restored.
I am not a computer person and rely on Technical support people to walk me through the process. Tiffany D was wonderful. Patient with a person like me who is not computer technical AT ALL!!
We walked thorough each step and got the Software program up and running again.
What great service, Thanks Tiffany