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DejaOffice (Android) - Jun 22, 2022
It's like having OutLook in my pocket! | By Bruce R.
I've been using CompanionLink (PC) with DejaOffice (Android) since 2013. DJO's appearance and functionality are uncannily like my PC's OutLook. The Premium Support is absolutely superb and wholly worth the annual fee. Their technicians promptly answer the premium support phone line and are truly expert. They listen very well and they can link to my PC when needed. Hey guys and gals, keep up your excellent support.
Technical Support - Jun 16, 2022
Great Support | By Harry J.
I had to call today because no matter what I did I couldn't seem to get rid of all the duplicate entries in my contacts.

The Tech I got. Trevor was really excellent. He patiently worked with me for well over a half hour, having me change settings I didn't know existed until we finally resolved the problem which turned out to be corruption in my Outlook database.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 13, 2022
Truly great & quick problem solving | By Stan P
I have been a devoted and dependent business and personal user of CompanionLink for many years. i tried all the other alternatives but after many PC crashes have always been able to retrieve my info and sync my calendar/contacts/email most easily with CompanionLink. When my laptop finally died and i had a major problem connecting and transferring my data to the new one Thomas M. took control, solved both my outlook problem and restored my link to all my data. And did it in the most efficient and pleasant way possible.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 10, 2022
"Michael" Great Job! | By Brian K
We covered soooo many topics that heretofore I didn't understand that once again I am determined to switch from Outlook to DejaOffice PC (?)
We finally got my device and PC to sink properly as well.

Well done!
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Jun 8, 2022
Best experience I have ever had | By Jason R.
The team at CompanionLink Software listen closely to feedback about problems and improvements to their DCPS program and have been steadily adding small tweaks and updating the performance of the product to meet my needs.

I know it is difficult to make a universal product but their efforts to continuously enhance it based on discussions on what can be done and to find alternatives creates the best experience I have ever had using a software product.

Thomas M. has been my point person for some time and his devotion to customer service is excellent.
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - May 26, 2022
Great Product to migrate 22 years of Palm | By Mark C.
Back in 1999 I bought my Palm Pilot, then Tungsten T/X & had been using it ever since. Since the Palm Desktop hadn't been supported for years I knew it was time to migrate 22 years of data from my Palm Desktop to "something else". When I found Companion Link I had several phone calls & e-mails with them so I knew that I would be OK migrating all this data over: Calendar, Notes, Tasks & contacts. So after I got everything cleaned up I took the big jump to migrate to the DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone as well as have all the info in my Samsung Android cell phone. Their software Companion Link worked perfectly and save me hundreds/thousands of hours of having the hand enter things... No other product on the market (after I researched so many) does what they sell. Many Kudos for a Great Product & the Excellent Customer Support they provide, either over the phone or via e-mail. Excellent Company!! Thanks, Mark C.
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 16, 2022
Great Support By Tiffany | By Geoff H
I've been using Companionlink since 2014 and I just purchased my 4th version - Companionlink 10 because of the great support by Tiffany. I've been using this product for nearly 10 years and recently upgraded but was having problems with it crashing. Tiffany returned my e-mail with an offer to help and quickly got in touch. Within a short time, she found the problem, had me address both settings and an errant calendar issue and vrrrroooommmmmmm - I was back up and running.
Thanks very much for giving me the continued confidence I have in your company and product. Your reputation is built and solid with having folks to support us like her. Thanks Tiffany! Sincerely, Geoff H
DejaCloud - May 16, 2022
Outstanding Support!!! | By Arne S.
I am amazed by the technical skill and knowledge of the team at CompanionLink. Their understanding of the multiple programs they support and the interactions between these programs is incredible. They support me on the ACT!, Outlook, and my iPhone. Keeping the same data in sync on multiple platforms automatically is terrific.

The support team makes a highly sophisticated product work at peak efficiency.
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 10, 2022
Best ever support | By GERALD S.
Companion Link is THE program I use most on my PC and cell phone. Got a new phone. The program did not work. Trevor guided me through and got the program working. I felt I had won the lottery. Trevor was patient and professional. He is what I call a very valuable employee. He rates a WELL DONE and a raise.
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Apr 25, 2022
Switch from ACT! to DPCO | By Daniel B.
After using various generations of ACT! database software since 1992 and having been informed that this software requires an annual subscription fee, I finally decided to say "goodbye" and made the switch to DejaOffice for PC & CRM for Outlook. I contacted the folks at Companion Link and learned that they now have a Database Software which can be downloaded as a direct replacement to ACT!. I was very impressed how quickly the tech support agents of Companion Link was able to upload the DejaOffice software into my Windows 10 PC and remotely check all the necessary links in order to make this a smooth and seamless transition from ACT! to DPCo along with the Outlook and iPhone sync interface. Their support was not only a very pleasant experience, but it was also very professional and expedient. Yes, there were some glitches and the folks at Companion Link made sure that some minor issues were fixed quickly. Complements to the entire Companion Link staff and keep up the good work.