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CompanionLink Professional - Apr 21, 2020
excellent customer service | By Eric B
I just received great customer service from Renee C. in technical support. She seemed to genuinely care about the problem I was having and helped me resolve it, I would give her 5 stars!
CompanionLink for Google - Apr 20, 2020
Superb Support | By Don H
My tech was Renee C.
She emailed me within hours. She provided me options for getting my program working again.
I followed her instructions and they worked.
Thanks Renee!
Technical Support - Apr 14, 2020
Customer service | By Chris L
Conley H. provided some of the best customer support that I have ever encountered; lucid and fast. I am very impressed.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 13, 2020
Great product, great service | By Ariel L
I just switched from an Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone and wanted to ensure that I could still sync my Outlook to my phone as I did before. CompanionLink is a very good route for this purpose. I did have some problems with the setup, but Renee C provided me with a detailed list to things to do to remedy my specific problems. So not only is the product great, but the service is first-rate!
DejaCloud - Apr 5, 2020
Outstanding support | By Phillip L
Customer support at CompanionLink gets a 12/10 from me – it has been a pleasure to deal with Renee C who has been so patient and determined to solve the problem I experienced, which she has. I know first-hand about looking after clients – I too have worked in a service business for the last 40 years. BIG thank you Renee!!
Technical Support - Apr 1, 2020
Excellent support | By vicki h
I received a fast response and a fix that worked perfectly. Thanks so much Renee for being cheerful, polite, and caring.
DejaOffice (Android) - Apr 1, 2020
The Way Customer Support Should Work | By Ricky C
Even under difficult cirmcumstances, my call was answered quickly. After explaining my situation, Renee walked me through what I needed to do and my problem was fixed much faster than I expected. As a former PalmPilot junkie, DejaOffice is the only comprable product in terms of ease of use, and I am thankful for the support they offer.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Mar 30, 2020
Tech Support rocks! | By Sandra J.
Renee from Tech Support answered my question fairly quickly. Her suggestions worked and got DejaOffice working on my phone the way it should. A very big thanks for a great product and excellent support.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Mar 27, 2020
Issue resolved quickly! | By Nicole V
Renee was wonderful to work with! Very knowledgeable & helpful. I greatly appreciate your assistance!
DejaOffice (Android) - Mar 26, 2020
Great support - issue resolved! | By Diane B
So happy to have my issue with DejaOffice resolved by Renee C. Besides the technical support, it was a pleasure talking with her during this stressful time.