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CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 13, 2020
Category Help using Outlook 365 | By Richard L
Renee did an awesome job proving info on how to fix my outlook 365 when using imap where catagories are not available.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 13, 2020
Awesome support | By Effy B.
Renee was very detailed and took the time to explain things step by step. I appreciated that she respected my time by providing the maximum amount of details in the steps provided. In addition to being quickly able to identify the problem. Thanks Renee!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 11, 2020
Renee was wonderful - just like your product | By David F
Renee' C is knowledgeable, professional, pleasant, thorough and efficient. She went above and beyond by writing me after our call to follow up on an additional useful adjustment. Genuinely one of the best experiences I have had with tech support with your company. Thank you Renee'
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 11, 2020
Renee answered all my questions | By Ken R
I was trying to get my new phone to sync with CompanionLink. Renee was very patient and walked me through the steps necessary to get my calendar up on my phone. In addition, she took the time to send an email with a couple other suggestions to make my experience with companionLink even better.
Thank you Renee
Technical Support - Mar 10, 2020
Renee C is Great Support | By Stephen A
Renee C has been very helpful getting the Companionlink apps to work as designed.
She is courteous and knowledgeable.
Thank you, Renee.
CompanionLink Express - Mar 6, 2020
Renee' C is FABULOUS | By Helen R
What an extraordinary tech service consultant. Renee' C is. Knowledgeable, professional, charming and a sheer delight. She went above and beyond to ensure that my calendar sync for past events populated again properly. She provided "personal" follow-up with 3 emails with additional information as a resource should I require it after-hours. Genuinely one of the very best experiences I have EVER had with tech support in any company. Thank you Renee'
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 6, 2020
GREAT support! | By Jim V
Tech Renee was awesome. Prompt, very courteous, knowledgeable, and likeable! I wish all the tech support people I have to deal with were as competent as she was. Credit to CompanionLink to have her on your staff.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 2, 2020
Wonderful tech support from Renee | By Richard T
After an abrupt failure of my system ssd, I called to get a fresh install of Companion Link for Outlook. I expected to have to pay a fee to upgrade to the latest version. To my surprise, Renee sent a link to installation of my previous version. Problem solved at no cost to me. Thank you, Renee!
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Mar 1, 2020
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone Feedback | By Alan R
Having used another program for many years, I am realizing how much more information I can review at one time (especially with the recent update allowing more direct Notes access), and how dynamic the lookup is for information in the profile AND the notes. That's not even to mention the dynamic synch with all updates automatically populating all of my devices. Outstanding.

Please keep the very useful updates coming.
Technical Support - Feb 25, 2020
Note to Most Senior of Managers | By Steve R
Clone Renee!
My appreciation of her understanding and ability to work with your program and in general little black boxes and old gray attitudes cannot be understated! I've been for the most part enjoying my Outlook/Companionlink linkage for more than a few moons. Yet, I'm still learning all the options and yes, there have been hiccups, but your support kids (Yes, I'm old! Go Fortran! And take COBOL with you!) like Renee have been great. I rely FAR too much on my phone and your database and when I'm in a bind, I find great solace in knowing Renee and friends are there. Call me anytime, Sr. Manager!