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CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 28, 2016
Incredible support! Impressive! | By James R - Palm Springs
Thomas was such a terrific help setting up my Sync between my BlackBerry Priv and Outlook 2013 Desktop. Knowledgeable and concise with directions. Patient (which I really appreciate!) Terrific followup - I am impressed so far! What an easy and relatively inexpensive solution to something I had been struggling with for hours! Thank you Thomas and CompanionLink!
DejaOffice (Android) - Jul 27, 2016
Great support and a SOLUTION every time! | By KristnaE
I love DejaOffice and Companionlink is a great option (though I wish they'd make DejaOffice for desktops as well!). And any time I have a problem - usually created by myself - they always pick the phone right up and know how to fix my problems.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 26, 2016
Outstanding software and support!!! | By Claude A
For about four years I searched for a product that would allow me to synchronize my Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and memos with my Android devices, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and S6. I could not find a product to do this until I came across CompanionLink's DejaOffice.

Setup is easy. The software works flawlessly. Support is phenomenal! I was struggling with an issue today, getting a sync to work with my newly installed Outlook 2016. After three or four e-mails, Thomas M from CompanionLink called, connected to my computer, and resolved the problem.

As an IT professional who has managed a help desk, I expect a lot. These folk have more than met my expectations.
DejaOffice (Android) - Jul 22, 2016
Heaven sent! | By June H
I experienced alot of anxiety when I learned I would need to replace my faithful Palm phone with a new model. I have all my information, calendar, address book on a Palm program installed on my PC. My old phone and the PC could easily sync and I felt very comfortable and safe using both of them. I was afraid I would have to start all over again with the new phone, install new software on my PC and re-enter everything in order for it to sync with my new phone. We didn't want to have to store everything on the cloud because we are concerned about security issues. I was absolutely delighted when I found CompanionLink! Danielle could not have been more helpful and patient!! She walked me through the entire process and before I knew it, my Palm program on the PC was working flawlessly and connects to my new cell phone and synced with no problems at all. I am SO relieved to have this done and so grateful to Danielle and CompanionLink for their outstanding service.
DejaOffice (Android) - Jul 20, 2016
The Best All Around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | By Michael S.
Danielle walked me through the process, found my lost data, and reinstalled everything. She's great!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 18, 2016
Wish all support was this good. | By Robert S.
Thomas M. did a truly outstanding job working me through problems with calendar syncing across two PCs and an iPhone. He was fast, complete, understandable and dogged in making sure everything worked exactly right. Pleasure working with him.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 15, 2016
great program, better support!!! | By Lesley A.
Whatever they're paying Thomas isn't enough!! He came on told me what to do, and then resolved my issues.
Can't ask for more than that!!
Companionlink is a great program, and they're on target with even better support!!!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 14, 2016
After many years I still love this program | By Terry K
Not only is this a wonderful program but on the few occasions that I have needed support, Companionlink has been responsive, cheerful and on point. A big thumbs up for the program and the tech support!
Technical Support - Jul 14, 2016
Top Notch Technical Support | By Dan B.
Thomas did an amazing job assisting me with Companionlink initial sync settings. He is fast, but thorough, and knows how to set everything up just the way you want it.

CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 12, 2016
Love the program, hate, fear tech support | By Steve Gross
Sometimes, the program does not do exactly what I hope and think it will do and I need to call tech support for help and set-up. That's when I'm treated as an idiot, extremely rude to me, he was distracted, not focused on my needs and I was condescended too, I could tell the tech was in a bad mood, had a bad day, did not want to help me or even talk to me and he took his bad mood out on me. I love this program and I need this program but, I pray I never need to call tech support ever again. Was a horrible experience.