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CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 22, 2021
Problems | By Tony C
I cannot believe that i have been using this product for several years now and it always gives me problems. I pay for upgrades and it still gives me problems.. I find the product so unreliable and would love it if Microsoft provided an easy solution rather than have to deal with third parties that provide limited support with the base product purchase price.

We are sorry to hear of your experience with WI-Fi Sync. We recommend Dejacloud Sync. I see you have a ticket open. Our techs will call to help you configure your phone that will make the sync dependable
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 14, 2021
Awesome Help from Michael K today | By Fiona F
Micheal got all my problems sorted out, set me up again and ensured that I know what to do going forward. He has the patience of a saint!
Technical Support - Jul 11, 2021
Great Customer Service by Conley H. | By Judy G.
Conley helped me to clean up data records on my iPhone and iPad that did not delete during the DejaCloud sync process even though they were no longer in my primary database (Outlook). He walked me through the process, followed through to make sure it all worked and then called me back at a time I was available to complete the last step of syncing with Apple contacts.
I would really like a written process accessible online, but Conley was extremely helpful.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 10, 2021
Excellent service done by Tiffany D. !!! | By Richard
I was not able to synchronize my Outlook calendar via DejaOffice to my Android phone.
In a very short response time I got an excellent description/to do list and after operating this my problem was solved on a perfect level.
Big compliment to Tiffany personally and best regards from Munich/Germany to the entire support team :-)
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 7, 2021
Great tech support from Tiffany D | By Mark S
I had a difficult issue that was finally resolved by doing a 'Repair' on 'Microsoft 365'. It was a patient tech indeed that worked through 45 minutes!
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Jul 6, 2021
Just purchased! | By Wilkin S
I have been looking for a platform that I can organize all my contact information and access readily from my phone, outlook and PC. From the trial, I think I found it in DejaOffice.
Technical Support - Jun 30, 2021
Outstanding Technical Support from Michael K. | By Gary

I had a very difficult problem between many devices. He solved my problems I had created with my devices and software. If you are lucky enough to get Michael as your technical advisor you will have no problem getting your problem fixed.

DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Jun 25, 2021
Good concept, sync disappointing though | By Christian Baumgartner
I like the simple concept of the CRM, but I'm disappointed with the unstable implementation of USB-sync which behaves erratically and doesn't live up to my expectations. I will uninstall the software and head back to Outlook
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 23, 2021
Conley H. Rocks | By Roger M.
Every time I need technical support I wind up with this guy, and I'm glad that I do. He never fails to fix the problem, and he does it in minutes.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Jun 15, 2021
Issues with my sync | By Nancy C
Conley H. was a great help!! He walked me through sync on my new phone and my old tablet. I was having problems but he helped me through it. I have had the program for a long time and have loved it. Whenever I have purchased a new tablet or phone they have walked me through the sync. Thank you for the product and the help!!