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DejaCloud - Apr 10, 2024
I've been using DejaCloud for... Ten Years? | By Jorge G
It's the best way I found to sinchronize Outlook with my Android device. Very few issues over the years.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Mar 22, 2024
My Brain | By Silvio R.
I used a Palm device for years. I kept everything in it that could be of use. When Palm retired, I was left adrift. Until Deja and Companion Link saved the day. I was able to import 10 years of Palm data and restore "my brain".

WiFi sync was not good, but no that good. Then I discovered the Bluetooth sync and it has been downwind ever since.

Thank you guys and gals. You have been there when I have needed it.
DejaCloud - Feb 18, 2024
Best calendar app I have found | By Edard J
Best calendar app I have found. I keep coming back to Deja. I check out other calendar apps just for comparison and I just can't find anything that compares. Thanks for the great job.
CompanionLink Express - Feb 12, 2024
Best Software Investment | By Ron Schumacher
I have been using CompanionLink Express (CLX) since 2016, to sync between ACT! Premium and Outlook. CLX has been and continues to be one of my best software investments. Over all those years and through many changes with ACT! I have had only one service issue and it was swiftly resolved. I highly recommend CLX for your ACT! integration to Outlook.
Technical Support - Feb 9, 2024
Too Many Issues | By Doug G
Our office has been using this software for years and there are too many issues that have appeared over the years.

The first, in a long line of problems, is the constant duplicate entries. There are many times where the calendar will show up with duplicate entries even though they have been deleted. For a program that should be able to automatically delete in real time, there is more time spent having to manually delete things ourselves.

Then the program itself just changes the settings that we leave programmed without any notification that it is done. This creates more issues as then there will be whole entries missing that we have to, once again, manually correct on the supposed real time running program.

The worst of all though has been the complete absence of entries appearing on the calendar. The program itself will fail to sync with Google even when the calendar itself has no issues. It has now happened on more than one occasion and nearly caused issues in my line of work.

The program itself needs a complete overhaul, otherwise, our team will just need to find a new third party software for our calendars.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Feb 7, 2024
Bon organisateur | By Michel MONTAGNE
J'ai commencé avec Palm Desktop, puis ai utilisé Companion Link et maintenant DejaOffice. C'est un changement important pour moi : les données peuvent être cryptées et l'application est très complète et intuitive. Merci.
CompanionLink for Google - Jan 10, 2024
Service/Support - Response to Request | By Dennis O'B
I've been a Companion Link software user for close to 7 years now. I don't subscribe to many software companies, largely because my own experience has been that a response, any response, to a web-generated request for support/service is woeful if one comes at all. Not so with CLink. Each time I reach out to them I get a response within several hours or even less. Equally important the service/support people actually read what is submitted and they respond with good/helpful advice. I was in touch with Tiffany today and she exemplified the high quality CLink Support/Service I have always experienced with this company any time I contact them. Thank-you!
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Dec 6, 2023
Excellent Planner | By Ed M.
I was an avid fan of the electronic Franklin-Covey planner back in the day and then they quit supporting it. Since then, I have been struck with Outlook, which I strongly dislike but is at least free, because the other planners I tried did not cut the mustard (and they were expensive).

In the new Outlook, Microsoft has made it clear they will no longer support the few features I prefer so I was motivated to start looking. Having used DejaOffice/CompanionLink software for years with excellent success and support, the PC CRM Standalone seemed worth the time to try.

Boy, am I happy! This Franklin-Covey style planner works better than I had hoped. The setup was very easy and successfully transferred all my data without issues. It is a pleasure to use. Best of all, it is a one-time expense.
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Oct 29, 2023
Came back to it after a hiatus | By John
Really really improved. Ease of use, support, integrity. Works flawless.

Happy I came back to it.
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Sep 27, 2023
Top notch | By Judd D
I started I don't even know how many years ago with Deja for Palm. I loved my Palm and was native to its CRM. It was working fine through Windows 10 but I had a little hiccup moving to Windows 11. When I called support Tiffany was amazing. I received some great recommendations and decided instead of updating to the latest Deja Palm version to move to Deja Standalone CRM. Tiffany stayed on the call with me to ease my transition and guided me on how to get it synced and setup for the first time. Thank you for the great product and support!