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CompanionLink for Outlook - May 5, 2017
Julie Hochberg Office Manager | By Julie
Thomas was very helpful and took considerable time to solve our issue of duplicates. he followed up and made sure we were all set. thank you so much!
CompanionLink for Google - May 4, 2017
THOMAS M IS DA MAAAAAAN!!!!!! | By Richard S
Will you guys make him a supervisor... or at least give him a WELL DESERVED raise?!?!?! :-)

Any time I need help, I go to him and he's an ABSOLUTE STAR!!!!

Software is great; customer support is great, price is great. What more could I want?

Many, many thanks for a fine product and support team.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 28, 2017
Thank you for great tech support by Thomas M | By Annelie W.
WOW, you never disappoint. I have been trying for days to synch my Iphone and was not able, even though I went to your support pages. Thomas M. had me syncing in less than an hour. In addition, his patience was so much appreciated as was his technical knowledge and offer for further assistance once he signed off. Made my day! Thanks Thomas M. for the help.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 19, 2017
Sync Phone to Outlook | By Harry H
Quick response. Kevin was a great help.
Great service.
CompanionLink Express - Apr 14, 2017
Outlook limited sync to Act | By Harvey T
Thomas M was fabulous!!! I can not say enough great things about how on top of the situation he was.
He understood my goals, knew what had to be done and ultimately jumped onto my computer remotely to make sure it was done and working correctly.
Over the years I worked with Act technical support and it NEVER worked and cost me dozens of hours to correct the screw up that they caused.
The cost of Companion Link has returned dividends many times over from this experience alone.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Thomas!!
Harvey T.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 12, 2017
HTC to Outlook - Great!! | By Lee S.
I've been a customer for 10+ years. Somehow I lost portions of my contact data. It took the tech, Thomas 45 minutes to resolve a very complicated problem which involved several variables. But he did a first class job. Thomas is a Rockstar!!. While I was ecstatic to get everything back, I was most impressed with Thomas's ability to resolve multi-faceted problem very efficiently. Thank you, Thank you
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 9, 2017
Sync phone to Outlook | By Evans S
Quick and easy! Kevin S knew exactly what to do and had me working great. I waited a couple of days before doing this just to be sure it was working and so far, so good. Thanks Kevin!
Technical Support - Apr 6, 2017
Nick G. | By Nick G.
The tech Thomas was very quick with responding to my issue and he was very friendly. He knew exactly what error I was receiving and helped me fix it immediately. A tech who is able to help fix things AND is very friendly is hard to find. Please hire more people like him and less people like Amy. She's rude and really doesn't know what she's doing!
CompanionLink Express - Mar 22, 2017
Great! | By Rob B
Talked with Thomas to remedy a sync issue with ACT. Thomas was very thorough and got my issues resolved in short order. Great job!
CompanionLink Professional - Mar 8, 2017
Tech Support Does It Again | By Guy B
I've been using CompanionLink Professional for several years (Outlook & Android). Being in Sales and Marketing I LIVE by my contacts and calendar so when something goes KABLOOEY I am totally messed up!

Tech Support has always come through (I'm a total non-techie) solved my problems in a very reasonable time, and they don't stop until the problem is totally resolved.

Really good people who care about their product, reputation, and customers.