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CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 5, 2018
I vote Thomas M to be employee of the month | By Graham L
Having bought a new computer I needed to transfer many pieces of software including Companion Link and MS Office 2010 from my old computer. I did all the necessary transfers and re-installations but I couldn't get the Outlook sync to work. I logged a support call and remarkably quickly got a telephone call (and I am in the UK!) and under his instruction we reset the necessary files and sync'ing is now perfect. Magnificent support - highly competent, very good rapport, patient, committed to solve problem, etc etc. I will have no hesitation in buying further CL product and recommending same to everyone. Thank you.
Technical Support - Nov 29, 2018
Tech Support By Michael | By Ted R.
I worked in Tech Support for a bank for 10 years & know a thing or two about the job. Today Michael helped me resolve an unusual issue. He listened without interrupting. He asked questions that were right on point. He was humble & sought help from others on his team when needed. He knew his Companionlink & DejaOffice products very well. He also knew enough about MS Outlook version to spot a problem with Dell's setup of Outlook on my PC. During the remote access process, Michael made no changes without explaining the need for them and first getting my permission to proceed. Michael is what ALL tech support people should aspire to be like. A+ for you, Michael, and THANK YOU!
Technical Support - Nov 27, 2018
Outstanding Customer and Technical Service | By Richard P
I am a long time CompanionLink/Deja Office User and Andre and Michael provided Outstanding Technical Assistance and Service in my effort to migrate my Deja Office from my old Droid Turbo to my new Pixel 3. It was a very challenging migration due to the size and scope of my existing Data Base but these guys (a asexual Midwestern Term) were outstanding and met my every request. Best service I have every gotten from a Software Vendor. Thanks again!

CompanionLink for Outlook - Nov 27, 2018
Matt's assistance | By Paul L
I am taking a few moments to share my appreciation for the assistance
and with the courtesy and degree of expertise I experienced today while
working with Matt in resolving several issues that had arisen in my software
recently. He remotely connected into my PC and walked me through the steps
to work out the problems with my 2 phones. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran
an d a long time satisfied user of your product. I have told so many people
I know about it they are beginning to wonder if I am an employee.
CompanionLink for Google - Oct 31, 2018
Outlook 2016 to Google Calendar & Android Pie | By Darren S.
This CompanionLink for Google software is working quite well for me. I can add an event to my Android phone calendar (DigiCal) and it updates on my Google Calendar on the web as well as my Outlook 2016 calendar client. And vis-versa. It happens really fast, too. Really the only problem I've seen so far is getting the colors to sync properly. If I add a yellow event on my phone it doesn't show up as yellow in Outlook. Otherwise, really happy with the performance of this solution! And I think the price is very reasonable.
Technical Support - Oct 31, 2018
michael - the one and only | By camille s.
great support person. quick and complete. nothing like fixing a problem with easy. thank you Michael.
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Oct 24, 2018
Outstanding Support | By Angela W.
This is the best technical assistance I have ever gotten. Thomas M. responded to my email with a phone call, which is something that never happened in all my experience in dealing with technical support from other companies. He was able to pinpoint my problem very quickly and give me the proper instructions to solve my problem with ease. Such reliable technical support is an asset to a company offering great, unique products. I've been using CompanionLink for Palm Desktop for years and will also purchase new products from this company with confidence.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 23, 2018
Great Support! | By Raymond P
I had the pleasure of working with your Conley H. in Tech Support he did an excellent job in guiding me thru a technical problem I was having with the CompanionLink product. He was very easy to speak with so a big than you to him. I feel it is important for you to be aware of his fine effort!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 19, 2018
Excellent Support | By Ron C
CompanionLink Express - Oct 12, 2018
Awesome | By John K.
great software…great support… Love it Bros!