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CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 5, 2020
SERVICE | By Carole K
The Service is the BEST! I had a glitch and was assisted until I was able to understand and then it all fell into place.

When using Outlook this is the best way to link my laptop to my android Samsung cell!
DejaCloud - Feb 5, 2020
Renee C. | By Brian L.
I got new computers and my Android phone was having problems syncing with the new computer. After finally getting the syncing issues fixed Renee was able to get all of my other questions answered in setting up the phone and computer to work the way I wanted. At least that is so far. We'll see with time how everything works. Thanks Renee.
DejaCloud - Feb 3, 2020
Renee C. did it ! | By Marla M
My syncing was only working one way. My android was not syncing to my Outlook. With only a few questions, Renee C was able to fix it and upgraded me as well.
DejaOffice PC CRM Pro - Jan 31, 2020
Great Dynamic CRM with Excellent Support | By ALAN R.
I needed a replacement for my old CRM and immediately thought of checking out who else synchs through CompanionLink. Well, what a pleasant surprise that they initiated their own multi-PC and Android synch product last year.
And due to some features I have found are more dynamic than my old CRM that are too numerous to list all of them here (like automatic continuous synch and all notes being in one record), I am very happy with the DejaOffice PC CRM. For one thing, the ongoing DejaCloud synch relieves me of the burden of remembering to synch machines before I head out to meetings. Very nice.
Yet most of all, the tech support has been outstanding. The natural serial issues which occur during any major CRM transition along with direction on the program have been excellent... basically cleared up every key concern in just 3 days, which I consider excellent. Thanks to the support folks for rapid email responses and very good direct contact when necessary.
Also an honorable mention to Matthew in Sales who spent quite a bit of time exploring the product with me. He also had the smarts to turn me over to tech support once my questions spilled over into the stuff only they could address.
Very impressed all around.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 29, 2020
Does exactly what I want in seconds, no error | By K.C. C.
I use Outlook desktop and only needed an app that uploads my calendar to my Android, without duplicating anything. I tried other apps and they were a mess. CompanionLink for Outlook does exactly what I need. It literally takes 2 seconds to update the DejaOffice calendar on my Andriod phone. Even copies to color coding for each apppointment. I love it. The only thing I had to get used to was using the DejaOffice Calendar instead of the one that came with the phone, which was easy.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 28, 2020
Above and beyond! | By Roger S
I attempted to install a CompanionLink free upgrade and really screwed it up. As a last resort I contacted Tech Support and those folks were so tatally supportive that I was astounded. Even after I gave up midway through, they contacted me and insisted that we continue. They resolved the problem,got me back on-line and I've been enjoying the new link with the ACT program in my Android phone. I cannot heap enough praise on these talented folks.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 23, 2020
Excellent, Timely Tech Support | By Sharon G
After emailing a ticket summary of several problems i was having syncing Outlook with DejaCloud to my phone, Renee emailed a detailed, step-by-step solution that was easy to follow. For the first time in 10 years, my 1,104 Outlook contacts ync via Cloud with my new Android phone perfectly. Not once in the past 10 years has this happened. Many thanks to Renee for written solutions that I'll keep for the future. And also for calling attention to an upgrade that i needed.
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Jan 22, 2020
New Software | By J C
Very happy with Deja Office for Android, would like more seamless integration with PC
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Jan 22, 2020
A Change for me | By M M
The Palm program I was using crashed. The DejaOffice program is similar and better.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 22, 2020
Great support from Renee | By Valerie T
It seemed that all of a sudden, all of my contacts weren't syncing. Renee sent me clear instructions, but I noticed that not everything in Companion Link was exactly as she had described. She quickly realized I was working with a very old version. An update solved the problem immediately