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DejaOffice (Android) - Sep 24, 2020
trouble with synch | By Annmarie N
Conley helped me downloading the beta version as I had an older Samsung android. He called me back the next day and was able to solve my issues.
Thank you so much
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Sep 23, 2020
Best of the Best | By Wagner Navac
I used others apps, but Dejavu is the best. The customer support is excellent and I would like to thank Thomas M. for the best service ever. Super thanks
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 18, 2020
Customer service | By David R.
I've been using Companion Link for a very long time; So long I can't remember how long. I find your company's customer service to be far above any other company's efforts. That is something to be very proud of. I know that I will get a return phone call or email and the best efforts of the person I'm speaking to. Renee's follow up email is a perfect example.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Sep 18, 2020
Quick and easy Support | By Matt
Renee was was patient and helpful, walking me through the process and looking for a solution to my issue.
Follow-up email to make sure everything is working properly is appreciated.
CompanionLink for - Sep 15, 2020
Excellent service | By Perry S
After implementing an update of Microsoft 365, I discovered that CompanionLink wouldn't sync. I had envisioned hours on the phone with Microsoft, but Renee was quick to identify what was going on and offered a quick resolution. Great work, Renee!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 14, 2020
Excellent! | By Cheryle Y.
CompanionLink Express - Sep 14, 2020
Love Companionlink | By Bob C
They are always very nice and always have the answer
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 14, 2020
Project Manager | By Steve A
Renee gave me concise instructions to help me get the settings correct on a new laptop that I was setting up. I have been a CompanionLink customer for a number of years. I am most satisfied with the service. Thank you Renee and CompanionLink. I also appreciated the email from Nathan.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 10, 2020
I rely on it! | By Cassandra L Madison
Even though the bumps, it overall is the best data sync application. Thanks
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 10, 2020
Saved by CompanionLink for Outlook! | By Allen D
When my laptop's hard drive failed, it took a month to get a new laptop because of the backlog of laptop orders for on-line classes during the pandemic. Fortunately with my CLO synced iPhone, I could function with my contacts, calendar, and task list. When the new laptop arrived, I found out that my Outlook file in my File History was corrupt, and the newest version I could recover was 5 months old. But with the help of Thomas M., I was able to sync my iPhone to it, fully recovering my contacts, appointments, and task list. Glad to have CompanionLink with the friendly, dedicated help of Thomas M.!