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CompanionLink Express - Sep 13, 2016
Keeping My Technology Up to Date | By Jim C
Kevin was very helpful in getting the bugs out of my system. I use the ACT! Contact Management System and was upgrading from the newest version of ACT! to a new Samsung Galaxy S7. Companionlink was very patient and helped me go through the setting until everything was syncing very easily. I have used this product before and have been extremely happy with its consistency and ease of use. They also followed up to make sure things were going well.

I really appreciate the great customer service!
CompanionLink Express - Sep 8, 2016
Upgrading my Samsung S3 to S7 | By John C
I was having a few struggles getting CampanionLink to sync ACT with DejaOffice on my new Samsung S7 phone (as it had with my old S3). Tech support was terrific: helped me out, quick & painless. Thank you very much!
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Aug 24, 2016
For some of us who go back to Palm Pilot, it is indeed a remarkable feat to be able to continue using Palm Desktop 4.4 with all its glorious colors.
Regrettably HP bought out Palm and forced the use of Palm Desktop 6.
But CompanionLink saved the day.
I use Samsung S3.
Thomas M. got my S3 to work with Palm Desktop 4.4 on Win 10 64 bit, with wireless Sync!
You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. BRAVO.
DejaCloud - Aug 22, 2016
Outstanding Support | By Michael R
Thomas M. is a classic example of how top notch customer service is provided. Although I was a little hesitant making the move from manually syncing CompanionLink (since 2009) to using Dejacloud instead, Thomas got me up and happily running with DejaCloud. Thanks again for another wonderful CompanionLink experience.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 18, 2016
Companionlnk help | By Piet van Zyl
Thomas M premium support helped me get all my calendar and contacts data back from Google and did a new clean installation with Outlook - fantastic support than you Thomas
CompanionLink for Google - Aug 10, 2016
Love this app! | By Sofia L.
I can't function without this app! Thanks Thomas for helping me reinstall it after my computer was updated to Windows 10. I can now sync my Outlook with my Android via Google again. Thomas M. is very knowledgeable, kind, great tone and presence on phone. Very patient and easily walked me through the steps to resolve the issue.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 2, 2016
Support | By John
Kevin was great!
CompanionLink Professional - Aug 2, 2016
Terrific Support | By Richard S
Fantastic support, very knowledgeable staff, quick response and really nice on top of it all. Been with these folks for over 6 years and watched as they've evolved from a great idea to a very sophisticated and polished product. Congrats you guys!! You're doing a wonderful job.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 28, 2016
Incredible support! Impressive! | By James R - Palm Springs
Thomas was such a terrific help setting up my Sync between my BlackBerry Priv and Outlook 2013 Desktop. Knowledgeable and concise with directions. Patient (which I really appreciate!) Terrific followup - I am impressed so far! What an easy and relatively inexpensive solution to something I had been struggling with for hours! Thank you Thomas and CompanionLink!
DejaOffice (Android) - Jul 27, 2016
Great support and a SOLUTION every time! | By KristnaE
I love DejaOffice and Companionlink is a great option (though I wish they'd make DejaOffice for desktops as well!). And any time I have a problem - usually created by myself - they always pick the phone right up and know how to fix my problems.