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Technical Support - Apr 14, 2020
Customer service | By Chris L
Conley H. provided some of the best customer support that I have ever encountered; lucid and fast. I am very impressed.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 13, 2020
Great product, great service | By Ariel L
I just switched from an Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone and wanted to ensure that I could still sync my Outlook to my phone as I did before. CompanionLink is a very good route for this purpose. I did have some problems with the setup, but Renee C provided me with a detailed list to things to do to remedy my specific problems. So not only is the product great, but the service is first-rate!
DejaCloud - Apr 5, 2020
Outstanding support | By Phillip L
Customer support at CompanionLink gets a 12/10 from me – it has been a pleasure to deal with Renee C who has been so patient and determined to solve the problem I experienced, which she has. I know first-hand about looking after clients – I too have worked in a service business for the last 40 years. BIG thank you Renee!!
Technical Support - Apr 1, 2020
Excellent support | By vicki h
I received a fast response and a fix that worked perfectly. Thanks so much Renee for being cheerful, polite, and caring.
DejaOffice (Android) - Apr 1, 2020
The Way Customer Support Should Work | By Ricky C
Even under difficult cirmcumstances, my call was answered quickly. After explaining my situation, Renee walked me through what I needed to do and my problem was fixed much faster than I expected. As a former PalmPilot junkie, DejaOffice is the only comprable product in terms of ease of use, and I am thankful for the support they offer.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Mar 30, 2020
Tech Support rocks! | By Sandra J.
Renee from Tech Support answered my question fairly quickly. Her suggestions worked and got DejaOffice working on my phone the way it should. A very big thanks for a great product and excellent support.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Mar 27, 2020
Issue resolved quickly! | By Nicole V
Renee was wonderful to work with! Very knowledgeable & helpful. I greatly appreciate your assistance!
DejaOffice (Android) - Mar 26, 2020
Great support - issue resolved! | By Diane B
So happy to have my issue with DejaOffice resolved by Renee C. Besides the technical support, it was a pleasure talking with her during this stressful time.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Mar 26, 2020
Outstanding Customer Service! | By Paul A
My session today with Renee was an exceptionally helpful, informative and pleasant experience. Renee is most knowledgeable, patient and easy to converse with on technical matters which is often not the case in similar scenarios. This kind of customer support is rare today and will keep me as a Companionlink customer. She also introduced me to Companionlink/DejaOffice PC CRM which I intend to purchase in the near future.
Technical Support - Mar 25, 2020
Excellent Customer Service | By Susan D
Renee C. has been the most helpful, computer related, customer service rep with any company I have ever dealt with! She is knowledgeable and doesn't jump in with answers before hearing what I need to know. I know she will get me through the change and adjustment to using Deja Office/Companionlink with Office 365. Email is a longer process than using the phone, but due to hearing loss - this seems to be the best solution. Thanks again Renee. I am a work in progress!