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Technical Support - Jun 9, 2020
Tenacious Tech Support | By Roger
Tech Support solved intractable problem with alarms not ringing in Deja Calendar - Tech Support spent untold hours and came up with a work around. In decades of using different applications on numerous platforms, I've never encountered such support.

Thanks, Guys.

DejaCloud - Jun 9, 2020
Best Sync Method! | By Joe S
DejaCloud made syncing so much easier!
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 25, 2020
Great Customer Service | By Andrea P
Renee C. was very helpful and took time to follow up with me after our call to ensure my issue was resolved
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 21, 2020
Support | By Joe Carreno
Thank you Renee for taking the time to troubleshoot the problem I was having and for your support and eagerness to help. The link with the update you sent me did the trick to resolve the issue with the linking between Outlook & Google.
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 20, 2020
Excellent Support | By Blanca M G
I have CompanionLink for many years, once in a while I run into some small problems mainly because I am not savvy in computer matters. When this happens I call for support and immediately get taken care of. Today I dealt with Renee who helped me out to a point that she had to refer me to Amy who in no time resolved my problem. Thanks CompanionLink for your help, patience and wonderful service.
DejaOffice (Android) - May 13, 2020
Superb Support Experience | By Kaz k
I have been happy with DejaOffice and CompanionLink for years. Main features are Calendar and Memo. But When I started using Tasks months ago, I found some difficulties, specially syncing with Outlook. These were related to I18N.
I made a contact to Support of DejaOffice. Thomas M, who was in charge of my queries, were patient and performed quick and appropriate problem determination. He kept in touch until the troubles were fixed. The result was complete and I am moved to the quality of the support.
Thanks to him and all the staff of DejaOffice for their support!
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 11, 2020
Excellent Customer Service | By Richard C
My company owns a Support Desk Center so we understand great customer service. Renee C at Companionlink is a prime example of just that. She consistently got right back to me, she is kind and compassionate, she is knowledgable and she helped me quicly resolve my problem.

Kudos to Renee C and the CompanionLink Support Team!
CompanionLink for - May 8, 2020
Superlative support from Renee | By Howard G
It's so nice to receive support for a product, that is quick and helpful.
Renee answered my support question within 24 hrs (I live in Aus). CompanionLink had been stopping/crashing consistently! Turns out that it was an Outlook problem, even though Outlook appeared to be working ok.

Most support these days involves having to answer endless inane questions, not so with Renee, who "cuts to the chase" and has the problem solved quickly.

Now all is well, thanks again, Renee
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 8, 2020
Thanks, Renee | By Stephen W
I've been using CompanionLink for many years with very few problems. When a problem came up a few days ago I called them and reached Renee. In lightening-fast time she fixed the problem and everything is fine again. As a bonus she also sent me a link to download the latest release.

Thank you, Renee.
Technical Support - May 8, 2020
Great support from Renee | By IAN W
Recently had trouble syncing my DejaOffice contacts with my native contacts so emailed support. Renee responded quickly and accurately. Problem solved with minimal fuss. Thank you Renee