Planning To Start Your Own Business? Here’s Some Important Advice

There are many reasons to start a business. You might be an entrepreneur, or you may want more control over your own life and destiny. Perhaps you have a great idea for a new product or service that can make the world a better place. Whatever your motivation, if you’re thinking about setting up your own company then it’s crucial that you find out as much as possible about what is involved in starting and running one successfully before making any decisions. In this article, we’ll tell you all the essentials of what you need to do if you plan to run your own business.

1) Register Your Business

There are some services that offer paperless company incorporation, which may be more convenient for some people. If this is you, you can click here to learn more about setting up your own business online. Besides a company name, address, and fees, you will also need to provide information about shareholders and directors as well.

The first step is to register your business. This can be done through your local council, and you will need to provide details such as the company name, registered address, and contact information. You may also need to pay a fee. However, this can also be done online.

2) Choose A Business Structure

There are several choices when it comes to forming your business. You can be a sole trader, which means that you are the only person in charge of the business. Alternatively, you could form a limited company. In this case, you would be an employee of the business, not its owner. You could also form a partnership or a co-operative, but this is less common. To decide which is best for you, consult your solicitor and accountant. You can also find more information about the various business structures online, so make sure to do your research before deciding on one option. Once you have chosen a structure, you will need to decide on how to fund your business and what roles employees will play in it.

3) Write A Business Plan

This is an important step that should not be skipped. A business plan will help you to outline your business goals, strategies, and how you plan to achieve them. It should also include a financial forecast so you can see how much money you will need to make your business a success. This document can be used to present to potential investors or creditors if you need to raise money for your business. Your solicitor will be able to help you if you have never written a business plan before.

4) Find Funding For Your Business

In order to start your own company, it is necessary that you secure funding for it. This may be through loans from the bank or local authority, or from potential investors. You will also need to budget for initial costs such as legal fees, accountancy costs, and marketing expenses. Again, your solicitor can help you with this process and advise you on the best way to go about obtaining funding. Make sure that you keep accurate accounts for your business and that you don’t spend more than is necessary. Some companies also offer consultancy services, which will be able to guide you towards the best business decisions.

5) Get A Website

This is one of the most important parts of your business. Your website will be visited by potential customers and investors, so it must stand out and look professional. Also, provide information about your products and services as well as contact details and any other relevant information. Make sure that you constantly update your site with new content, whilst keeping old content to a minimum. You can also use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your business and interact with customers.

6) Market Your Business

Once you launch your company, it is important to make sure that you promote it successfully. This includes hiring marketing professionals if necessary and using a variety of marketing channels to get your company’s name out there. You could hold events, send out press releases, or even create a marketing campaign. Make sure that you track the results of your marketing efforts so you can see which ones are most successful. It is crucial to take steps which will improve your metrics on the long run and which will keep them effectively growing your traffic, this is where SEO link building strategies come handy.

The advice in this article can be used by anyone who is planning to start their own company. Whether you’re starting a sole trader, limited company, partnership or co-operative, the information provided here will help you make informed decisions about how best to go about securing funding for your business and setting up an online presence with a website that looks professional. It’s also important to market your new venture successfully, it may require investment on behalf of marketing professionals if necessary but there are several channels available including social media sites like Twitter and Facebook which could prove effective. If you follow these steps carefully, then launching your very own successful company should not be too difficult!

Best Locksmith in Chicago IL for your Home, Auto and Business

When you own a business, you want to ensure that all of your assets are secure. You must get the best business door locks and ensure that they are fitted correctly. Installation, maintenance, and repair of business locks, including security lock kinds, will be performed by a professional locksmith. If you lose or misplace keys, you may rely on them to handle business lockouts. If you live in Chicago, Illinois, you can count on a quality helper like M&N Locksmith to arrive within 20 minutes with a fully equipped van ready to assist you.

If you choose inferior door locks, they will most likely fail fast or be easy to pick. One of the many reasons you should constantly look for the finest door locks Chicago provides is because of this. However, choosing the finest door locks in Chicago is a difficult task, and many people give up and buy the first one they come across. Many shops advertise that their door locks are the finest. To ensure the highest quality, a company like M&N in Chicago can provide the best advice.

You can be sure that if you come to their store, you will find the best door locks Chicago has ever seen. People concerned with security buy their locks or any related products at the M&N Locksmith Chicago store because they are of excellent quality and are sure they are getting the best in the market. They are sure that they will provide you with the best door locks Chicago has because we only use high-quality materials and test every lock they sell.

It does not matter which type of lock you are looking for. The best door locks in Chicago have come in very different models and types so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. So, if you are looking for a store that will be capable of giving you the best door locks Chicago, IL has ever seen, you should come to this unique store.

Speedy Unlock Service

Locking yourself out of your car, house, or place of work is inconvenient, especially if you have a tight schedule. It may happen to the most seasoned of individuals. The best approach to deal with a scenario like this is to be cool and call a professional locksmith. In the Chicago, IL region, M&N will provide emergency lockout services. They are the experts to call whether you need an emergency vehicle locksmith or someone to help you with a house lockout. M&N provides a 24-hour lock service 365 days a year since they understand that crises can strike at any time.  Call them at (773)668-0883.

Is Your Key Running Smoothly?

One of the most common problems you could have with your keys and one that many people have is that their keys are not running as smoothly as they did in their lock. If it ever happened to you that your key used to run more smoothly, but now it gets stuck in your lock, you must know how annoying that problem can be. If you recently did a key replacement, then it is probable that the store didn’t give you an excellent key copy, and due to that, your key is not working as it should.

Many businesses hurry their work and will not provide you with a flawless performance or goods. It might be aggravating when a replacement key fails to function properly, but you should replace your keys as soon as possible. You should replace them because if the key does not operate smoothly, it may break the lock, resulting in a more difficult problem to resolve. If this has occurred to you, the best place to call is M&N!

M&N supplies the most secure front door locks in Chicago. They are experts who can deal with anything. It is harder to fix door locks than to make a new key copy. Instead of changing the whole lock, you can come to their store. You will be getting the best front door locks Chicago, IL has to offer, and they will give you a brand-new key that will work perfectly fine with your old lock.

If your lock is broken, M&N can repair it at your convenience. They can reset the lock and make you a new key, and this is a specialty. So, if you ever notice that your key is not working as smoothly as it used to, maybe it is time to consider changing it. When contacting M&N, you will be getting the best door locks Chicago replacement services!

Accessories for Your Keys

One fundamental thing that every good locksmith store in the city should provide you is accessories for your keys. Keys are one of the most used objects, and you probably take them everywhere, so it wouldn’t be unlikely for them to get lost. Luckily, there is a straightforward solution to this problem, making it harder for you to lose the key. Getting a key fob is one of the easiest ways to make your keys harder to lose.

They have great news for you if you are unsure where you can get a fob for your keys. M&N Locksmith in Chicago will be capable of bringing you a brand-new key fob. They have a great variety of key fobs, and you can choose the one you like the most. A key fob says a lot about the owner, so you should get one that you want. You will probably take it with you everywhere.

Besides providing excellent service and the best door locks, Chicago has M&N Locksmith to provide you with a perfect padlock. Padlocks are very useful for a significant number of situations, for example keeping your bicycle safe. It is always instrumental in having a padlock around your house, just in case you need it. There are also many different padlocks, and you can get any of them in their store. So, if you need accessories for your keys, like a key fob or a padlock, you can come to their store, and M&N will provide them to you.

Choose the Store Wisely

They have already talked about the many things M&N can help you with if you have trouble with your lock or key. We said they could provide you with the best door locks in Chicago.  They supply key fobs, padlocks, and much more.

When you plan to engage a locksmith, you must be confident that they will do a decent job. M&N provides excellent customer service and will go out of its way to make your experience enjoyable and effortless. You’re in excellent hands with M&N! You may rest assured that M&N Locksmith Chicago will not disappoint you. They are the finest alternative if you have a lock problem, and they have a track record of providing excellent customer care. Don’t miss out on Chicago’s top locksmith service!

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6 Tips That Can Help Improve Your Gaming Skills

Gaming was for years considered a children’s thing, but no longer are those times. And you too can take part in gaming as much as any child with a console. Games are also quite popular today; you can access various games through various devices.

If you are looking to improve your gaming skills, there are various tips that you can follow. These tips will enhance your gaming and also give you an edge when you play multi-player games. Here are some tips that will help improve your gaming skills. 


Like everything else, practice makes perfect, and the words aren’t any truer than in this case. If you are to improve your gaming skills, you need to practice a lot. You need to have the right gadgets for this – you can hire or borrow if you can’t afford it. 

When you aren’t playing against anyone, you need to spend most of your time practicing various games. One thing you need to do is to ensure you don’t overdo it, even while you practice. Games can be pretty frustrating – but don’t lose sleep over any game, regardless of its quality. 

While you practice, you also need to consider the good that sleep can do for you. You will be fresher when you wake up, and your brain will handle your next sessions quite easily. And you will grasp the last moves better than you did before you rested. 

Boost Your Gaming Accounts

Your gaming accounts can be boosted if you have the means to. Games are pretty interesting when you can still climb up the various levels of the game. It will get to a point where you are no longer motivated, or the game is quite frustrating, and you need boosters. 

When levels are becoming increasingly frustrating, boosters will get you a long way. If you would, like some people, call them ‘cheats.’ These are some of the best boosters that you can use to get your gaming accounts booster, and they are available for most games. One of the ways you can use it to get your account boosted is through IWantCheats for gaming. Here, you have several Aimbots, cheats, and hacks to help you get through various levels with little ease. Some games will ban your account if they figure out you have used this software. 


If you are to get any better at these games, you need to better invest in equipment. Better equipment gives you a better chance to improve your gaming skills. For example, if you are racing a car, you are better off with a steering wheel. 

You need to invest in the right equipment for any game to improve vastly. The equipment makes the game comfortable to play – even if it’s just a gaming mouse or a keyboard. If you are comfortable, you will play better, and your desire, too, will increase. 

Most gamers think they need to get the top of the line gaming equipment to improve their skills – you don’t. You can even get second-hand equipment, and you will still vastly improve your gaming. You only need to ensure that the equipment fits your various gaming needs. 

What you need includes a gamer keyboard, headset, controller, mouse, and so on. Most of them don’t feel great at first, but you will get to enjoy the various benefits they bring after a while. Ask for advice online from other gamers if you have no idea where you can get this equipment. 

Watch and Learn

Have you ever come across a gamer video online? How was your attitude towards the video? Most people think of these videos as useless, but you shouldn’t if you want to improve your gaming skills – you need to watch and learn. 

Don’t simply take the videos as mere entertainment; you need to learn how they set up the games and how they play. Even if you are using PC Aimbots, you need to know how others are using them. In fact, before you use the PC Aimbots, take your time to learn from various videos about them. 

One of the places you can get videos is YouTube – the ones with cheats too. These videos will give you access to some of the best gamers you can find. But you also need to try and retry most of the moves on your own to get better – your way may be better. 

Play Multiple Games

To get better, you need to play various games – not just your favorite games. With multiple games, you can test yourself against various challenges. With a single game, you may get bored after a while doing the same thing over again. 

You will also get to improve your skillsets for various levels of the games. For example, you will improve your reflexes in some games better than you would with others. This also includes your aim and vision too – you won‘t lack much when it comes to general games. 

It will also be good to get out of your comfort zone and explore different gaming styles. The good thing about this is that you can be trash at the various games but still enjoy them. Forget focusing only on the games that you’re good at – this is your comfort zone. 

Optimize Controls

One thing you don’t want to take lightly is the power of optimizing the controls to fit your style. It would help if you learned how to play with different controls, making it easy to determine your best control features. Once you understand your best, always set the controls the way you like. 

For example, different buttons or analogs can be set to fit your style when playing with consoles. Before you get going with any game, you need to select the controls to your liking. Please don’t copy what others are doing when it comes to this; try different controls to find what works for you. 

If you are looking to improve your gaming skills, you need to have the right tips. Here are some tips that you can implement today to improve your skills. Each of them will only help you get better at the games you are playing. 

Will Metaverse Help Facebook Stock to Go Up

Mark Zuckerberg announced during Facebook’s annual conference (also called Facebook Connect) about changing the company name from “Facebook” to “Meta”. He emphasized that Facebook isn’t fully justifying what the company is doing right now and where it wants to head in the future. Besides the name change, Zuckerberg also narrated the future of the company in the “Metaverse”. Since then, we can see a lot of debate around metaverse on the internet. So, will metaverse be a key to letting Meta stock go up? Let’s find out with the current information we have on this matter.

Metaverse – Brief Overview

Before we start discussing the impacts of the metaverse and other details, let’s first clear out our viewpoint around metaverse.

Metaverse is like a combination of virtual spaces that you can explore or create with others that are not in the same physical space. So, you will be able to virtually interact with friends or colleagues, play games, hold meetings, do shopping, and perform many other things. 

Metaverse is possible by combining aspects of virtual reality, augmented reality, social media, cryptocurrency, and the internet. By using VR/AR headsets, smart glasses, or any other immersive hardware, you will be able to access metaverse. It seems a fancy concept, but metaverse becoming mainstream still requires a couple of years or a decade.

Meta Current Investment on Metaverse

Meta (formerly Facebook) has been investing in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology for many years, which also includes acquiring companies like Oculus. However, now it has become aggressive around metaverse technology. Just in the year 2021, Meta spending around metaverse research is expected to exceed $10 billion. It also plans to hire around 10,000 new employees in Europe in the next five years to increase its research around metaverse technology. So, Meta is on an aggressive mode to take the lead in metaverse technology.

Other than the fact that metaverse is a game-changing technology, it is also vital for Meta because the company needs something new, innovative, and big to sustain the revenue flow in the future. The company already sees a minor decline in ads revenue. Its 2021 third quarter ads revenue rose to $29.01 billion, which is a little down from analysts’ estimates of $29.57 billion. Meta blames Apple iOS 14 privacy changes as a major factor in the decline. Moreover, Meta is also struggling to attract young adults, as young adults are actively opting for other platforms, such as TikTok.

Metaverse & Meta Stock

Mark Zuckerberg projects metaverse to become a realistic technology in the next 5-10 years period, but many think that it’s at least a decade away. So, whether metaverse will help the Meta stock to go up demands on how quickly the company can release the early version of the metaverse. As per Bank of America research, Meta’s metaverse project can assist greatly in long-term growth and help drive the stock price to 22% upside potential. There are some other factors that can influence Meta stock with metaverse technology. Two of the leading factors in this perspective are listed below:

1. The Race to Metaverse

There is a race going on among tech giants to become the first one to offer metaverse. Other than Meta, the tech giants, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, Epic Games, and many others are actively spending millions in metaverse technology. Whichever succeeds in offering the first realistic version of metaverse will lead the race. But why is becoming the first one that important?

Tech giants are believing metaverse to be the next “big” thing after smartphones. In fact, many Metaverse investing funds have emerged shortly after Facebook put this concept in the spotlight. The avatar-based gaming apps, such as Fortnite and Roblox, are already successful in grabbing millions of users. The concept of digital avatar is becoming popular, so that’s one indication that how consumers are going to respond when they will get to experience a virtual interactable world. So, whoever manages to lead the race will instantly grab consumers’ attention and investors’ money.

Meta didn’t manage to get involved in the smartphone industry and now it has to follow the privacy changes made by Apple and other platforms. Therefore, it is important for Meta to lead the metaverse race. So, the stock price of Meta can witness a prominent surge if we get to hear any realistic product release by the company.

2. Who Adopts Metaverse First: Businesses or Consumers?

Other than becoming the first one, the next concerning factor is that who is going to adopt metaverse first? Whether it would be businesses or consumers? If you recall, businesses were the first ones to adopt PC compared to consumers. However, the opposite trend was seen with smartphones. If we look at Meta’s Oculus brand, then consumers are dominating in the purchases of VR devices. So, it seems consumers will be the first ones to adopt metaverse, but the opposite can also be true.

On the other hand, Microsoft is focusing on VR and AR from a different angle. Microsoft has focused its strategy around VR and AR to business-related high-value use cases, like construction and engineering. So, if Mark Zuckerberg is right that people want metaverse to meet and interact virtually, then Microsoft seems a potential favorite considering its top-notch product “Teams” and enterprise-centric approach. Microsoft could integrate metaverse into Teams and use the personal profiles and data it possesses already to offer valuable service. If that happens and businesses become the early adopters of the metaverse, then Meta might have to face serious competition.

Final Thoughts

It is a bit early to guess how the Meta stock will respond to its metaverse project. If the company fails to achieve the targeted goals or someone else, like Apple or Microsoft, manages to offer before it, then we might witness a significant drop in Meta stock price.

However, Meta is doing its best to lead the race. The company is building multiple generations of AR and VR products at the same time, working on a new OS and development model, content studios, digital commerce platform, etc. In a nutshell, we just have to wait and watch how this metaverse battle shapes itself in the coming years, which is also going to reflect who is going to lead the stock market.

Top 8 Applications that the Healthcare Industry Can Use

Global healthcare grows to become a concern as a consequence of the unprecedented growth in the number of elderly people and the need for physicians and medical professionals.

And, while technology is making a move into almost every industry to revolutionize the way data is processed and services are provided, healthcare is the next in line.

The integration of the healthcare industry and technological advancements is predicted to bring the most needed changes in the world; it is likely to improve the healthcare service provision to people even in the remotest areas.

While several android and iOS app development companies are looking for ideas to provide tech-friendly health solutions, investors and financiers are nowhere behind.

However, when it comes to choosing the right idea and making the right move, mobile app development is the optimal option.

Subsequently, here are 8 best mobile application ideas you can use to tap into the tech health industry;

  1. Telemedicine app
  2. Fitness and wellbeing app
  3. Meditation app
  4. Medical Research software
  5. Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  6. Wearable Sensors
  7. mHealth Applications
  8. Healthcare Booking

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to the details of what these are and how they can help in improving healthcare services provision.

1. Telemedicine App

Telemedicine or telehealth apps are mobile platforms that allow patients and physicians to connect without the need to be at the same place.

One of the primary implementations of this application is that it enables easy medical consultation and allows patients to seek medical advice during the covid times remotely.

Also, with a telemedicine app, it becomes easy for physicians and doctors to bridge the healthcare gap by enabling services to even the remotest areas.

A telemedicine app can help doctors to provide medical diagnoses, treat a health issue, and offer consultation with a proper prescription.

Investing in a telemedicine app can help physicians and healthcare institutes to ensure consistent availability of medical services and reduce the morbidity and mortality rate.

2. Fitness App

Staying fit and healthy both physically and mentally is a primary need for everyone.

So, investing in a fitness app that offers exercises, diet plans, lifestyle changes, and other essentials to be at their best is always a good option.

A fitness app has several categories such as activity and fitness tracker app, diet and nutrition apps, and workout apps, etc.; it helps in managing and monitoring health changes, vital signs, and more regularly.

Also, the number of app downloads has been growing without precedent and are expected to grow further, providing a lucrative opportunity for investors and financiers.

3. Meditation App

Meditation and relaxation apps have made their mark in the global market alongside fitness applications.

Providing people an optimal solution to stay mindful and relaxed to have a productive lifestyle, make assertive decisions, and sustain healthy relationships.

Since everything is subject to mental health and well being, meditation and relaxation apps provide an optimal way to stay happy and fit.

As per reports, one in every five US adults experience mental illness, making up to 51.5 million cases annually; opting for a meditation app can be helpful to combat such situations.

A well-developed feature-packed meditation app can help you cut down on anxiety, improve mental stability, help make better decisions, and more.

4. Medical Research Software

Another noteworthy healthcare app development idea can be developing medical research software.

An MRS is usually used for two primary reasons; education and curriculum updates and research and development in the medical community.

Medical research software is commonly used to train medical personnel about essential and healthcare concepts and support diagnosis with relevant and research-backed clinical cases.

5. Electronic Health Record

A commonly used app in hospitals and clinics, an electronic health record allows medical professionals to collect and process the information on patients to provide a better diagnosis.

An EHR consists of information and documents like doctor’s recommendation, medical prescription, any procedures they have undergone previously, consultation history, medical records, and more.

There are two commonly used types of electronic health records;

  • Electronic patient record software (EPR) is used by hospitals and clinics internally to collect, store, and process patient information.
  • Electronic medical record software is used to store important data like medical history, prescriptions, dosage, etc.

6. Wearable Sensors

Primarily used for fitness applications, wearable sensors and devices bring together healthcare and wearable technology.

Used to track the number of steps taken in a day or monitor heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, wearable devices have a prospective future in improving healthcare service provision.

The data generated can help patients to stay aware of their daily health condition and how effective exercising is; it can help physicians to keep track of health changes and update medication accordingly.

7. mHealth Applications

mHealth or mobile health is a commonly used term for handheld and other wireless devices that help patients access information and other important services.

mHealth applications are primarily used to educate consumers and patients about how to prevent healthcare severities and improve healthcare security through mobile phones.

following are some of the primary benefits of using mHealth Applications;

  • Simple access to professional medical health
  • Accessible treatment compliance
  • Reduced human interaction with lesser risk of contracting infections
  • Better data collection and management
  • Multiple monetization options

In addition to this, syncing mHealth apps to wearable devices can enable patients to maintain their logs and keep track of their physical activities.

8. Clinical Decision Support

Software for medical professionals, clinical decision support is an IT health component that consists of different tools to help make better decisions.

A clinical decision support software also consists of reminder functionality to help patients, care providers with clinical guidelines.

Also, it also enables medical experts and patients with important person-specific information and education on related healthcare issues.

Wrap Up

The Healthcare industry is one of the vastly growing and advancing industries to be technologically powered to ensure patients are served well globally.

With the global need for professional medical services is increasing, the need to have tech-supportive options to provide robust services is essential.

The list of applications mentioned above can play an important part in enabling such services and improving healthcare performances globally.

And, medical professionals, financiers, and app development companies in Chicago, Washington DC, Dubai, and different part of the world has a major role to play in it.  

Three Unique Tips for Launching a Brand in 2022 Written by Industry Experts

Make no mistake: a well-known and well-loved brand is one of the most precious assets a company can have. According to a survey by Nielson, 59% of customers prefer to purchase new products from companies they’re familiar with.

As an entrepreneur running a small business that’s going to face strong competition from large corporations with loyal customers and immense marketing resources, you’d need every advantage that’d help you stand out.

And the best advantage you can get would come from not only building a business but by establishing a solid brand. Building your brand will propel your business to new heights and attract countless adoring customers.

So how do you create a solid brand? Come with us.

Three Unique Tips to Launching a Great Brand in 2022

1. Know Your Customers and Treat Them Like Kings and Queens

Although everyone understands that no business can thrive without a strong brand identity and a loyal client base, you’d be surprised how many founders launch their dream brands without first considering their target audience demographic and the impact their products will have on them.

And, no matter how hard these founders try, they invariably make two significant errors. One of them is that they spend a lot of money on social media ads that aren’t tailored to address the desires of their target audience.

The other is that they fail to see that their most devoted customers, no matter how few, have the purchasing power that their business requires.

And because these founders abandoned their loyal clients, their brand does nothing but spray and pray, hoping for the best but always receiving disappointing results.

So, if you want your business to flourish, make sure you thoroughly understand the desires of your audience, their financial capability, and trends that appeal to them, because this will help you establish a brand with an attractive personality and tone that perfectly suits your audience demographics.

2. Create a Strong Brand Identity and Promote it Actively on Social Media

Creating a solid brand identity will not be a simple undertaking. And the same way you spend a lot of time and effort planning and fiddling with your product until you achieve the finest outcome possible, you must also put in a lot of effort to create an appealing brand identity.

Your brand’s identity is more than your logo, slogan, colors, and cutting-edge product design. It is the personality of your brand, how you sell your products, the ideals your business stands for, how you connect with people on social media, and even the emotions your consumers feel when they view or purchase your products.

And, if you want your brand’s identity to extend beyond your company’s personality, you’ll need to do everything you can to make your brand’s identity a compelling promise to your customers, just like how Gucci guarantees their customers high-quality craftsmanship as well as imaginative and daring design.

3. Find a Powerful Brand Name for Your Fashion Business

Finding a great brand name is critical if you want to develop an engaging brand identity for your company, increase its social media presence, and maintain a steady stream of loyal customers.

And when it comes to finding a great name, two of the most simple and trusted strategies are brainstorming and using a reputable company name generator.

However, before you begin brainstorming, make sure you’ve gathered all of the required information about your company, like its niche, product, consumer demographics, rivals, and future roadmap. This information will be crucial in assisting you in developing a distinct and appealing brand name.Many entrepreneurs, even those with vast experience, struggle to generate intriguing brand name ideas for their businesses. So, if you ever run out of ideas when brainstorming, don’t be afraid to seek help from a reliable company name generator. Nothing good comes easily, and creating a powerful brand will take a lot of time and effort, but with these three practical steps, you can rapidly create an excellent brand that will appeal to people all over the world.

Author Bio

Grant Polachek is the Head of Branding at Inc 500 company, the world’s #1 naming platform, with 30,000+ customers from early-stage startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation. Get inspired by exploring these winning business name ideas.

How Profitable is Bitcoin Mining at Normal Electricity Cost?

Cryptocurrency and energy consumption are two words we are hearing a lot recently. With the popularity of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin soaring to epic heights, there has been a prominent increase in Bitcoin miners who have entered this profession. Hence, more power-hungry machines and computers are being operated than ever before by miners to achieve a small profit from every Bitcoin transaction that goes through.

Nevertheless, with rising electricity charges and the occasional fluctuation of the value of Bitcoin, is mining Bitcoin just as profitable as it is made out to be? In this blog, we will closely look at the profitability aspects of Bitcoin mining at normal electricity cost.

Why Are We Focusing on Energy Consumption?

Bitcoin mining incurs three major costs:

  1. The cost of energy that is being consumed due to mining;
  2. Expenses such as overheads incurred for the maintenance of a crypto farm or a single rig;
  3. The cost incurred of purchasing, replacing, and renewing the mining hardware.

Out of these three, the cost of energy consumed is the primary element that is focused on. The reason for this is that energy is the only cost whose value can be accurately calculated with some approximation. Moreover, carefully analyzing the impact of Bitcoin mining on energy resources provides an overview of the growth of the industry.

In comparison, maintenance costs and overheads cannot be estimated precisely because they vary depending on the size, the location, and at what scale the crypto farm is operating. Furthermore, such details are not always available to the public either. Thus, an accurate cost analysis regarding this element cannot be calculated.

Similarly, at the rapid rate of technological development, even relatively recent mining hardware is becoming obsolete. However, it is not plausible that the Bitcoin mining industry purchases or renews their already existing hardware to the upgraded novel hardware. Hence, it would be more feasible to assume that there is a healthy mix of recent and old hardware systems coinciding within the Bitcoin network. Moreover, with the fluctuating progress of the development of the mining hardware industry, the market share cannot be ascertained. Thereby, it cannot provide a precise value for the cost analysis of Bitcoin mining.

How Much Electricity Does Bitcoin Mining Consume?

According to the University of Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, researchers state that Bitcoin mining consumes approximately 84.31 terawatt-hours (tWh) annually. For comparison, this amount of electricity consumption is more than what the countries of Argentina or Finland consume annually.

The above information provides more clarity to the phrase when we speak of power-hungry machines that run 24/7, which assist in cracking complex algorithms to validate Bitcoin transactions. These hefty computer rigs are expensive to run, and thus the electricity expense that is derived from it is the most significant cost Bitcoin mining farms have to bear. So, is bitcoin mining profitable at average electricity costs?

Is it Profitable to Mine Bitcoin at the Average Electricity Cost?

Back in 2009 when cryptocurrency and Bitcoin were still a novelty, its mining operations were being run by a few Bitcoin miners on their personalized computers. Thus, the scope to earn a profit back then was much higher because there were practically no equipment costs, and the algorithms that needed to be solved were fairly easier than they are now. Additionally, although the electricity cost varied from country to country, it did not impact the profitability of Bitcoin mining to discourage them from the profession.

However, in recent years, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips have revolutionized cryptocurrency mining. ASICs are implemented in powerful crypto farms and mining rigs. But the cost of running these power-intensive units has decreased the level of profit. Furthermore, with the introduction of ASICs, the difficulty level of mining has heightened that further restraining the level of profit that can be achieved.

In regards to energy, the average cost of electricity nowadays is anywhere between $0.05/kWh to $0.13/kWh. Up until last year, the maximum cost of electricity fell at $0.03/kWh, and the possibility of mining operative costs increased over $0.04/kWh the following year.

To complete one Bitcoin transaction, 1702.85 kWh of electricity is consumed, which is enough energy to power the average US household for approximately 58.37 days.

Now since electricity cost is directly associated with the income that is earned by a miner, it can be confidently said that the higher the revenue of the mining operation, the more powerful machines can be supported. Hence, increasing the electricity consumption level.

Moreover, as mining happens more on an industrial level rather than a residential or personal level, the revenue earned from mining can now finance for more kWh than before, despite mining revenues being nowhere near as high as they once were. With Quantum Flash you can use AI to assist you make your trading quick and efficient.

Furthermore, statistics by the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index show that the annual income of mining revenues totaled $14,119,197,457 (taking into consideration the fee and mining rewards). In comparison, the annual electricity cost incurred is $7,477,566,860 while assuming that there is no fluctuation in the electricity rates and that the cost is fixed at USD 0.05/kWh. These figures illustrate that the approximate ratio of electricity cost to the miner income is 52.96%.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index created a mathematical model assuming the price of electricity fixed at USD 0.05/kWh. This model illustrates that the profitability level of Bitcoin mining is at a threshold of 0.33 J/Gh as of August 2021. This has been the highest threshold Bitcoin has reached since the past year, mostly assisted by the increase in the price of the Bitcoin that leads to an increase in profitability. However, this is predicted to be rectified soon and its effects to be canceled out because of the increasing total hash rate.

The Answer

The above statistics present the profitability ratio of Bitcoin against electricity cost, but do we really find Bitcoin mining profitable at normal electricity cost?

Well, the answer to that question is yes, Bitcoin mining is profitable at normal electricity cost if the cost is at a reasonable level. Although, the energy to mine Bitcoin is significant, its increasing value aids to its profitability. Additionally, in the past 10 years, even though Bitcoin mining activity has increased by 10 billion, the ratio between the cost of mining and the transaction cost has remained the same.

However, in order to increase your mining efficiency, it is advised to negotiate terms with your energy provider on your electricity contracts to ensure that the cost is below $0.05/kWh. Alternatively, you can opt for Dogecoin and Litecoin mining, as they require a fractional amount of power compared to what Bitcoin mining demands.

3 Things To Look For In NPO Friendly Software

NPO or non-profit software is software used by non-profit charity organizations to help them handle various operations like payroll, accounting, fundraising, and managing donor data and relations. There are two options that you can choose from when purchasing an NPO software; a stand-alone tool that will offer very few features or a suite that will offer various options which will enable you to run your charity organization smoothly. If you are new to the world of NPO software then you probably want to find the best one with the most helpful tools to help you manage and organize your process.  In this article, we are going to help you by giving you the three most important features to look for in NPO-friendly software.

Managing Donor Database

One of the most important aspects that you need to look for in NPO software is a donor management database. The database will enable you to better engage with your donors and keep all of their information stored on a cloud-based system. Additionally, donor database management will make it easy for your charity organization to track all of your campaigns and view their success rate, and monitor donors’ donations and observe if they are still engaging with your organization or not. 

Having a donor database will give you the chance to establish strong and beneficial relationships with your donors. You can also get in touch with potential donors to inform them of your mission to grow your fundraising. 


Another feature that you need to look for is accounting. Accounting will make it easy for you to manage your funds and track all of your organization’s transactions, profits, and expenses. According to reviews on Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software, an accounting feature will help you recognize your income tax-deductible, manage sponsorships, and easily track all forms of your organization’s income. This feature is essential in order to keep accurate records of your finances. As a non-profit organization, you will need to report your financial transactions to the government without any mistakes or you will lose your non-profit status.

Scheduling and Planning Events

Most donations depend on fundraising events, therefore, you will need NPO software that provides you with features that will make it easy for you to schedule and plan events for your charity. Additionally, you can use this feature to contact the people who will attend the event, market it, and handle registration.

Fundraisers attract donors and help you collect donations as well. However, these events can be overwhelming at times which is why you will need an event management feature in your NPO software that will make your job much easier and enable you to throw a fundraiser efficiently. Fundraising software can greatly aid this process by providing specialized tools for managing and executing successful fundraising events.

Running a non-profit charity organization isn’t easy. There are many things that you need to take care of like donations, attracting donors, keeping track of your finances, and throwing fundraisers. Human error is possible in any of these cases and can have serious consequences. Opting for NPO-friendly software will guarantee that all operations will run smoothly without any glitches. Additionally, the software will handle tax deductions for your organization so you won’t face any legal problems.

Is Augmented Reality the Future of Publishing and Should You be Using It?

Over the past few decades, the publishing industry has seen a lot of major changes. The most important release change right now is the shift from pure printing to integrating digital and print publishing.

Augmented reality (AR) technology is a new development strategy that has taken the publishing industry by storm. Its use will bring massive opportunities for authors and publishers. 

But many people still question whether this new technology really offers many benefits to publishing, or if it’s simply a marketing ploy designed to help authors and publishers generate more revenue.

If you are unsure of the answer, then read on to discover more about augmented reality, what it could mean for the future of publishing, and whether or not you should be using it.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)? 

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to overlay digital images in the physical world. 

With it, creators can add engaging multimedia content to traditional paper content, bringing about a true merging of digital publishing and traditional publishing.

Readers can download an app or use their tablets or smartphones to scan the page. Then, in addition to the content on the page, readers will see pop-up content, which includes 3D images, video content, audio, social media and web links, and more.

Why Should You Be Using AR in Publishing?

AR in publishing brings benefits for everyone – authors, publishers, and readers alike. Below are a few of the major advantages of using this technology right now. 

  • Take Your Brand Beyond The Screen: The importance of using web design tools to create a stunning and responsive web design cannot be understated. However, combining these tools with AR can take your brand to the next level by properling itself from a two-dimensional screen into three-dimensional reality.
  • Reach a Wider Audience: Publishers can reach broader audiences since traditionalists can enjoy books in print form while fans of technology can download the app to get the AR experience.
  • Enhanced Story Elements: The app improves different elements of the story, such as images and text, and adds extra features like 3D characters and animation which makes for an enhanced reader experience.
  • Improved Customer Relationships: Authors and publishers can gain insight into readers buying their books as the apps generate valuable customer data and provide opportunities for follow-up marketing activity and improved future campaigns.
  • More Experential Classes: Building online courses using AR technology is a way to make the lessons much more experiential, engaging, and interactive for your students. Instead of just learning from a screen and microphone, they can interact with the material being taught.

Keep in mind that this change in the publishing industry is still relatively new, and no doubt more benefits will reveal themselves in time – especially with the rise in 5G.

How is AR Different from Virtual Reality (VR)?

Augmented reality is often confused with virtual reality. However, the two concepts are very different and it’s important to make the correct distinction from the start. 

Virtual reality is the creation of a simulated environment through the use of computer technology. This simulated experience can be similar to, or totally different from the real world. 

Applications of this technology include business, education, and entertainment, among others.

The distinction between AR and VR comes down to the experience itself, as well as the devices required to use the technology. 

Here is a short summary of the differences between AR and VR: 

  • AR uses real-world settings whereas VR is completely virtual
  • AR can be accessed with a tablet or smartphone, whereas VR requires a headset device
  • AR enhances the real world and virtual reality whereas VR only enhances fictional reality

Examples of AR Technologies in the Market

There are already a ton of incredible examples of AR technology in the market right now. Many of them promise to totally revolutionize the way people interact with the world. 

Some examples of AR technology include: 

  • Nintendo’s Pokemon Go App: It would be hard to have an augmented reality discussion without talking about the 2016 smash hit, Pokemon Go, which allowed users to find and catch Pokemons that were superimposed on the real world and visible through users’ smartphones.
  • Disney’s Coloring Book: Disney used AR to come up with a unique way for children to experience their favorite characters in 3D. The app projects the images from coloring books into 3D renderings when viewed on a mobile phone, offering an exciting new way for children to explore their imagination.
  • IKEA Mobile App: IKEA is among the first companies to embrace augmented technology. Since 2012, the giant retailer has been helping shoppers see how various pieces of furniture would look in their house through the use of a simple app. 

Currently, customers can use the IKEA Place app to select items from the store’s catalog and see how they would look to scale anywhere in their house.

The publishing industry, in particular, is set to benefit a lot from the enormous potential of AR.

AR As a Publishing Tool

When used as a publishing tool, AR technology can help readers use the devices to discover more content, gain context, and engage with content in a more fun and meaningful way.  

Digital content is more engaging, and AR can help to make books, magazines, and other publications come alive. 

Readers will see dynamic content, videos, sounds, 3D characters animations, etc. – all of which will be very vivid and certainly more memorable.

Below are a few examples of AR being used as a publishing tool. 

First, we will look at the companies that are embracing AR, and then examples of books, magazines, and other publications that are enjoying the many benefits offered by this technology.

Companies Embracing AR

  • Onirix: An online studio for creating, customizing, and sharing no-code augmented reality experiences. 
  • Overly App: A free DIY online platform to help you bring your augmented reality ideas to life.
  • Devar: A family-friendly augmented reality (AR) platform for books, toys, and education for kids and adults.

These are just a few of the many companies that have embraced AR as a publishing tool. 

But, since the focus of this article is on whether or not you should be using augmented reality, let’s take a look at a few examples of AR publications so you can see how other authors and publishers are making use of this exciting new technology.

Examples of AR Publications

1. AR Book: Magic Painting

This AR children’s book was published by the New Third Board and is a great example of how AR brings digital and traditional publishing together in a wonderful way. 

Children reading the book can see vivid 3D images of the piglet. They can also hear both the English and Chinese pronunciation of the pig, which will undoubtedly improve their learning results.

2. AR Magazine: ZERNO Magazine

ZERNO is a Ukrainian magazine with an AR app that displays interactive content and brings features to life. 

In essence, the use of this technology in printed products like this publication and others including newspapers, simple brochures, etc. removes the restrictions that come with having only text and allows readers to see superimposed virtual products against a real-world background.

This can be particularly helpful for publications that cover vast topics like climate change, and AR can help readers to more easily picture different realities within their familiar surroundings.

In such an instance, AR-driven content can be extremely engaging, and the apps can add real value to the story.

3. Coloring Book: Quiver

The Quiver coloring book app allows kids to print out pages after they’ve colored them in so they can bring them to life through AR. 

Quiver, Bic, and other brands are using this technology to instill customer loyalty from an early age by partnering with children’s book authors to create interactive, fun stories and encourage children to create their own art with special effects.

These are just a few examples of authors and digital publishers that have embraced AR technology, but hopefully, they are enough to show you the scope of AR usage in the publishing industry.

Benefits and Negatives of AR Technology

As with all other technologies, AR comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

Before you decide whether or not you should use augmented reality in publishing, take a look at the benefits and challenges of the technology.


  • Increased interactivity: Interactivity is crucial for learning as it helps to increase involvement and commitment, as well as make the material more memorable for learners. This ultimately improves the quality of the learning outcome.
  • Ability to reach children more easily: The app provides a richer and more engaging experience for readers (particularly children), which leads to higher retention and provides extra enjoyment.
  • Competitive advantages: Compared to publishers not using AR, those who do experience a distinct competitive edge, and this allows them to improve the results they get from their marketing and sales efforts. 
  • Create New Revenue Streams: There many ways to make money on a blog or website from affiliate marketing to display ads to online courses and much more. However, the introduction of AR into the publishing spaces is creating new revenue streams for bloggers, web designers, developers, and publishers of all types while allowing new ways increase the ROI with existing revenue streams.


  • Costs to be incurred: Not all companies have the budget to create their own AR apps, and so this technology may not be accessible to all.
  • New technologies that must be deployed: Another drawback to using augmented reality in publishing is that it requires new technologies to be deployed, which significantly raises the barrier to entry.
  • Troubleshooting for unknown errors: Since this is a new technology, a lot of companies may face great challenges in troubleshooting for unknown errors.


AR has something for everyone, in every industry. I hope by now you understand the role of augmented reality in publishing, and whether or not you should be using it to improve your results and help you meet your objectives.

A lot of businesses are incorporating AR technologies into their service offering so they can enhance customer interaction, and build more meaningful connections with their audience by providing tailored products and services. 

This is something that is becoming indispensable in today’s information age and it can help publishers and authors stand out from the competition.

Do you think you stand to benefit from using augmented reality in publishing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Ron Stefanski is an online entrepreneur and professor who has a passion for helping people create and market their own online business.  You can learn more from him by visiting You can also connect with him on YouTube or Linkedin.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Becoming A Professional Fitness Instructor

You’ve been working out for years, and you know the ins and outs of fitness. Now, you want to take your knowledge to the next level by becoming a professional fitness instructor. If this is the case, read on for some dos and don’ts that will help you get there faster.

Do Your Research and Find a Certification Program That Fits With Your Goals

One of the primary things that you need to do when you’re thinking about becoming a fitness instructor is research. There are many different types of certifications, and some might be better for your specific goals than others. For instance, you may want to be certified in personal training, group exercise instruction, or even both. Do your research and find a certification program that fits with your goals so you can be sure to get the most out of it. Alongside this, make sure that you also get personal trainer liability insurance because this will provide you with the peace of mind that you’re covered in case of any accidents. This way, you can focus on your clients and not be worried.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Continuing Education

One thing that’s important to keep in mind when becoming a fitness instructor is that you never stop learning. The field changes every day, and if you want to stay on top of your game, it can be necessary to take courses regularly as well as attend conferences or workshops from time to time. It’s also a good idea to read up on the latest fitness news, so you can stay informed about new trends and breakthroughs that might impact your future students.

Do Take Care of Yourself Too

Make sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy food throughout the day so you have the energy to give your best performance. And, along with this, make sure that you take care of yourself physically as well because it can be all too easy for instructors to neglect their health in favor of helping others, which is not good over time.

Hence, schedule regular workouts for yourself and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. You can check 24 hour gym classes in Camberwell online to find time to exercise even with your busy time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started 

One of the biggest things that can hold people back from becoming fitness instructors is fear. They may feel like they’re not good enough or that they don’t have the experience necessary. However, remember that everyone has to start somewhere. The best way to become better is to get out there and start teaching. As you gain more experience, your confidence will increase along with it. Don’t be afraid of the unknown because by just doing what you love, everything else will fall into place.

You have to remember that more often than not, fitness instructors are often judged by their appearance. It’s important not only to focus on your teaching but also how you’re presenting yourself in front of students with low self-esteem or body image issues. Dress for success! When it comes time to find clients, consider starting small and building up your experience at the gym or community center before setting out into unknown territory alone. Don’t be afraid to start slow so you can build up your skills as an instructor. All of these are geared towards ensuring that you will be a successful professional fitness trainer.