Troubleshooting Information Isn't Syncing

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No records synchronizing at all

The most common reason for no records synchronizing is that the wrong database is named in CompanionLink Settings. It is common for people to move or rename their current database. If CompanionLink points to an older version, it will only synchronize data from that older version.

Open your PC Database. Check the exact file location, and exact user name.

Open CompanionLink. Be sure the file name and exact path is the same. If CompanionLink takes a user name be sure it is correctly spelled including nicknames, abbreviations and punctuation.

Check CompanionLink settings that your sync is set to move both ways. If the sync settings are to move the data only from PC to Device, or Device to PC, then the data will not move the opposite way.

Try adding data on the device and see if it moves to the PC database.

In general, unless an error message displays during Sync, the data is moving without error. The key is to find exactly where the data is moving.

See Configuring your Contact Manager for settings specific to your contact manager.

Records synchronize but data is missing on each record

For Contacts missing phone numbers, please check field mapping, and also that the same phone numbers exist on both PC and the device. Some PC databases allow multiple mappings; like three "Work" phone numbers. Not all devices allow this mapping, so only the first one will synchronize.

Android and iPhone - Check DejaOffice

Many popular phones use DejaOffice to synchronize via USB, Wi-Fi and Hosted Wirelesss. For these phones, DejaOffice is used to receive and store the data. So check DejaContacts and DejaCalendar first. If the data appears there but is not moved to the onboard phone databases, then it is a DejaOffice setting that needs adjustment. If the data does not appear in DejaOffice, the adjustment will be on the PC.