Troubleshooting Direct USB (Mass Storage mode) with Android - Nothing happens when I press sync in DejaOffice

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NOTE: This troubleshooting guide is for Mass Storage Mode USB Sync. If you are using ADB Mode, please see the Troubleshooting guide for DejaConnect USB.

If you haven't already done so, please refer to our setup guide to ensure you are following the proper steps to begin a sync. Then, if the sync still does not engage when you tap Sync within DejaOffice, please check each of the following steps.

Make sure CompanionLink is running on the PC when you initiate the sync

CompanionLink must be running on the PC when you tap sync within DejaOffice. Make sure CompanionLink is running in the Windows System Tray (usually in the bottom right corner of your screen, near the clock). You can also try and initiate a sync with CompanionLink open in the foreground.

CompanionLink Tray Icon

Start the sync on the device only, not the PC

For Direct USB, the sync must always be started on the device and never on the PC. Starting the sync on the PC will result in a message with instructions to start the sync on the device.

Ensure the correct USB connection mode is being used on the device

For Android 6.0 Marshmallow users, the USB connection mode must be changed before every sync because the connection mode defaults to "Charge Only."

You may be prompted with a message that says "Allow access to device data" when you plug in your phone. Tap "Allow" on this message to sync if you see it; this ensures you're using the correct USB connection mode.

If you aren't prompted with "Allow access to device data," pull down the overlay menu by dragging your finger from the top of the screen down, then locate a message that says "Connected as charging" or "USB charging." Tap that, then look at your options -- you want to select either File Transfer or Media Transfer. Once you do that, wait about 30 seconds and the sync should start on the PC.

For earlier versions of Android, you may still need to change the USB connection type. Each Android device operates differently. Please check special USB connection instructions for your specific device - Android USB Device Specific Notes.

Make sure your phone is visible in the File Explorer

Be sure your phone is connected with the correct USB connection type before proceeding.

1. Connect your device to the PC, open DejaOffice, and tap the Sync icon.
2. Wait for the message "Press OK when the PC sync is complete".
3. At this point, synchronization should begin on the PC. If not, continue to the next step.
4. Check "Computer" or "My Computer" to see if DejaOffice has mounted your device - look for a drive labeled "Removable Disk" or the name/model number of your phone. If there are no removable drives that contain a folder named "clusb", Windows is most likely not automatically mounting your device.

Unplug your phone when the sync completes

It is recommended that after every sync, you unplug your phone before running another sync. If you need to charge your phone after a sync, unplug the phone, click "File" then "Exit" on CompanionLink, and then plug it back in to charge.

Check your hardware

Try the sync with a different USB cable or USB port. If connecting to a USB hub, unplug the cable from the hub and plug it into the computer directly. Unplug any other USB drives. Try the sync after each of these steps.

Disable anti-virus

In some cases, anti-virus software can prevent CompanionLink from accessing the removable memory on your device. Please disable your anti-virus software and try again.

Contact Support

If you are still unable to initiate a sync, please contact tech support. You may also want to try synchronizing using a different sync method, such as local Wi-Fi sync.